Friday, April 16, 2010


JJ from SFABMX mentioned they were gonna have a jam soon & here's the date Saturday 24th April if ya don't all ready kno! I have no idea were they are except Blenhiem somewhere, but we'll sniff 'em out aye. Fingers crossed for good weather.... so it's a roady west coast via Reefton. Here's the footy from last years jam to get ya psyched!

an a bit lower on the mainland CHCH's Sam Minnell's got a sweet web site Sam Minnell Photography i had a nosey thru it last night, look'in good dude good luck with it all! Sam's had a few pic's in those Ozzie BMX mags' 20/20 & Rebelyell so here's a tease if ya ain't seen his money shots hahha!

click on the pic's if you wanna kno who they are, captions are over done!

an over the ditch in OZ there be a couple a vids from the 666 melbs 2 brizy trip, there's some trails action in both vids & a heap a park'n'street going on! The shredders: Ryan Sher, Hoang Tran, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Tom Fordyce, Macca, Matt Lawton, Jase Bann, Scott Greentree, Chris Harti, Cam Pianta, Mike Cz and more.

Scott Greentree keeps it Natural mang!

an this is real dam nice from derelict BMX you can even be a fan on facecrack!

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