Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012


 Will stylin, while this wee dude enjoys a beer?


Gorge local an legit stylrecat Lowell "diggity". Photo: Miles Holden

Gorge diggin crew Satan aka Nath Greenwood, Lowell  Diggity, Jimmy Keane, Adam Butterworth, Benjamin Hastings, CamRad & Will Herman

It's been a while since i posted anything cause i hit my head, lucky i had a helmet on or i'd most likely be dead, were a helmetthey work, right! Busy busy busy with life & al that! I've got loads more pic's i took of the Gorge Road from the Roast It back in Feb & from over summer slayin season 2011/12 so stay tuned for more. Winters grip is back an it's dam cold down under! New trails are beginning & more to startaround the Wanaka/Queenstown region which is so rad cos it just keeps ya focused on want'in to roast trails com spring! So it only seems right to post a wild vid of the Gorge get'in slayed by a buch of Auzzie's! Enjoy..... i think i'll try'n keep post'in vid's as i find them! Oh yeah check this out more Gorge radness, enjoy! 

...............dig trails!