Thursday, December 31, 2009

full moon a rising!

Happy new years to ya all! Here's a photo i took in Wanaka, fullmoon new years eve... rock on 2010!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trails montage featuring Justin Inman, GJ, Brennon Britton, Darin Read, Jackson Allen and more....just so dam rad...Ho ho ho ho

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dig for victory always

Well our summer has really just kicked in & all the boys trails up north are under snow, but dam they had a sweet summer in the UK by the look of this vid. I seen it up on deluxe & god dam they love their trails! till next year! Ride on, roast it & dig for victory!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

snakey's high speed frang'in!

Lil D give's Snakey the thumb's up!

400 meters behind my yard is Lismore, yup Wanaka's public jump park, Dan rebuilt the whole dam basin area, props to ya everyone's lov'in it & it's fun. I've been dailing in a nice traily old line that run's into the new stuff "Snakey" no peddling, chill as, 3 freshly dialed berms, roller, step down, roller, bombhole, big 'ol transfer'in tranny, nice 'ol step up rocket launcher & a small'ish step up to finish on.... oh boy it's a fun line! Free flights, fun as carv'in speedy radness to frang it out on! Ya Dig? Oh yeah have dam good merry dam christmas & a baterated loose new years everyone....see ya 2010! BOOM!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

fuck'in about with shovels!

hahha i found this little gem doing the old search for some trails action this morn'in over a coffee & crumpet, we throw our gumboots in NZ, but this looks way more fun! I'm hooked hahha it's gonna be the new way to waste time while digg'in i think, an i thought talk'in shit on shit was bad enough! It'll become another new sub-culture with in BMX.

Digger "what 'd ya do today". Fuckabouta "oh i built a giant dartboard out dirt & got the high score". Digger " WTF? what about the trails mang?". Fuckabouta " the what, nah this is way more fun". Digger "fuck off....can i play too, please, boy have i gotta shovel..a real beauty". Balance, weight & grind those shovels mang, killer precision will be yours! Dig trails & don't fuck about......unless ya board that is & don't line up ya buddies, a shovel in the head would hurt a bit, right!

Brian Miller slingin' shovels for Team Viper Racing. This footage was not manipulated or doctored in anyway; only blood, sweat, and tears went into this production. WE DID IT FIRST

Saturday, December 19, 2009

welcome to jefferson state..Abe

This is the first section in Welcome To Jefferson State. The rider in this one is Abe Rowland, ''Abe parties Abe likes to party", Cheers Marcus!

Friday, December 18, 2009


i'm so dig'n the message here, hit a monster & read some terrible freakyness......cheers Joe.
speaking of wierd freakyness i think this takes it almost & i thought us kiwi's
spent to much time around sheep, nice one Guiri.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

up in smoke!

rad Robbo footy @ Villij for the 1st 1:47 min's & heaps more sweet shrdding from Dan Lacey, Ben Wallace, Scott Ditchburn, Josh Bedford, Mark Love, Ben Basford, Levi Rogers, Niki Croft, Owain Clegg, Bas Keep and Matt Roe.....enjoy!

P.O.W. - welcome to Jefferson state tease!

get a copy of this radness some how thru these dude's at P.O.W. or hold tight as each section from the vid is gonna get loaded up to the net........stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

you got soul & what's go'in down!

Jared Carter... can TABO!!!!!!!!!!!
Pic stolen from Backbone BMX....yup, psyched on dig'in trails!

If ya ain't heard of soul bmx mag, well ya have now! Issue #63 is out! It's dope, it's French & comes with a sweet free dvd (check teaser below!!). The last free dvd was good so no doubt the new one kicks ass too!! Ben from Soul will be here early next year on bit of a way down under NZ trip, he's pretty psyched on the trails down here, might be keen to get a few shots & run a sweet 'ol bunch a words on the NZ trail scene. Ben's mostly keen to just chill, ride trails & check out our amazing country side! Here's what a few local Wanaka kids are upto.

Check out kick ass if ya want find a copy or where to get it from in NZ! Also gotta say Big up's to Mark Noble @ deluxe, psyched your on board for the Stony Hills Trail Jam, we gona have to get that loot sorted soon, only 9ish weeks till the jam...were did the year go!.....dig trails & frang it out mang, Jared Carter loves bertha to see why check the dribble @ backbone bmx.... god dam insane! And don't forget all you shredders out their "THE MONTH OF MAYHEM" 2010, it all starts in Wanaka (NZ) on the 20th Feb with the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton"...Tim Hales (R.I.P's) wills always be rip'in & shredding it, from high above!

Big thanks & a merry 'ol christmass goes out to all the sponsors involved with all the jams during THE MONTH OF MAYHEM! Bring on the new year! Get those flights booked boys & see ya soon! where the hell did that fake ass Henry D imposter'in drive way tack'in fool go? You never did man up dude, yes you are a no body or maybe you just wised up in fear of bad karma, HA! What goes around comes around!

goodtimes &......

Dirt + bikes = filthy brown socks

Monday, December 14, 2009

Marley Keane bike check.....

Marley's sure psyched!

Kid's like Marley are the future of BMX, it's a pretty rad feel'in hang'in, diggin & riding with your son, i'm sure some of you know that feeling & some of ya will haha! It's priceless! What's more fun is dialing in their rides! Right now Marley's super psyched with his new set up. He'll be rock'in a fresh 16" shortly! Plus i'm building him up a dialed raw Campillo, cheers for that Mikey!

Frame: 12.25 Giant mx10"
Bars: T1 -mediums
Grips: Fly Bikes fino
Bar ends: McNeil Ti
Fork: gi-rectors
Stem & head set: chrome will get ya home!
Cranks: chrome chrome chrome 110mm
Pedals: yup
Sprocket: Fly Bikes 33, custom files to fit one piece cranks.
Chain: kmc
Seat/Post: giant combo
Hubs: more chrome
Rims: Chrome
Tyres: kenda comp 3 copies
Brake: coaster "so i can skid lots, dad"

here's what Marley's got to say "James (my dad) dialed my ride in some more with some real sweet T1 bars & Fly Bikes parts! Now my bmx feels like a real bmx oh yeah! Thanks heaps Guiri, Lowell & my dad for help'in me out!! Bmx rules!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

trails is scream'in .......

Sleaze Steeze
JJ x'd 3
1/4 & step up...?
philthy green lushness

JJ sent threw a few fresh pics of their trails in Blenheim (NZ) on the top of the dirty south Island's east coast, home to miles of vines for that nectar called Wine, girls drink wine & these boys like beers, yup they've been busy so i'm confused as to why they call them selves Sweet fuck All (SFA) when they should be called DFA (don't fuck about). I'd be guess'in they'll be having a jam at these trails sometime soon! So good to see the trails scene here in NZ on lock down in the growing threw out NZ

NZ's had trails for years, would be cool to work out what trails in NZ are the oldest now that i think of it, Stony's been here since '95. Trails here are getting loads more exposure now plus the trends in BMX say it's cool again to ride trails ha Trails 4 Life,! Yet there's still alot a boy's that whinge, moan, are dam lazy, only wana ride street/parks ride, don't wanna dig & ride there bikes as slow as a snail sprints! Don't get me wrong i ride parks & a minuscule amount of street, but personally i just can't think of anything better than roast'in trails with ya mates enjoy'in ya hard work!!!) & not having to deal with anyone else other than the peeps that wanna be at the trails!

Caleb's got his woods dialed up north, Kieran's got his trails, Paul's yard is growing, PMP's rad for the westies & i hear there's a few new spots beginning! Dig & roast 'em up you slaves to the shovel!

summers over up north.....

couple of days at the trails.

....... this is what went on in the nice 'ol Epson woods over summer, goodtimes & Rock'n'roll!

Here's what John Dye has to say "I found a tape of trail footage from the summer, this is what came from it. your average day at Epsom featuring Ashley Charles, Jon Robinson, Ross Head, Jimmy Rushmore, Glendour Rushmore, Kye Forte, Smithy, Fids, Dexy's midnight Simon, Cong and others...Remember the summer?"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gorge Rd Jam

super Kane O'roasted

Lowell tabo'd it!

Flip'n' dog piss.

a Remarkable view home bound!

the fin berm jump thang is rad!

Gorge rd (Transfervania), Queenstown, New Zealand! One epic public jump park!

The Gorge welcomed us all back yesterday & no time was wasted watering, the rain took care of that, by lunch time it was a blue bird, the wind came an went & we were all hungry for some dirt, come 1pm we got some, everyone had a rad day roast'in, kids of all ages were styling it up! I got into the transfer game an had a few interesting moments, Nath was boost'in, Lowell's tabo's were sweet both ways, Cam thru a few clicked turndown's, I visited transfervania, Fu attacked a couple a raty kids who were tormenting him, Kane O'Hagan spun around mid flight while tailwhiping twice, 7'd the 2nd on the big line & the trains were epic! I only took a couple a pic's but facebook always provides Cheers to Jasmine Allen! I did get a little footy i'll get a wee vid up sometime soon. Greg was there shooting away so i'd expect to see some even doper shot's in a few days!

Cheers heaps to Nath & his loyal diggers for all the free air, Queenstown MTB club, Revolver for the tunes ( less eighties pop hits please hahha), QLDC & all the sponsors that gave the loot Nath so eagerly threw at all the kids (they were like vultures all over the free stuff), Stony Hills update soon come! Dig & roast 'em trails.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

why play golf ?

i can't think of any reason what so eva...except for this maybe, what a gem! enjoy tits ahoy arrhhhh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Parisi showed my this sweet vid while he was here on the Sekt site, well nice Texan roast up! Look'in forward to get'in my hands on some a those do we get sekt in NZ? If any one kno's how hola!


This is my first edit. Don't expect too much on quality. I dont have a G 1000 or whatever those are. Expect tons more edits with partying, riding, and all american shit.....check d P.O.W. out, get it here!


dam i hav'nt seen this for a long long time, classic PA/NJ trail footy, enjoy!

so-cal roast up! Braaauuup!

cheer's for d link Sam, here's some well good footy of's what they say -"We like to get together on the weekends and see how many turndowns we can do in a couple hours" we noticed hahha! Freedom 40. sasquatch canyon. Filmed by Mike and Jackson
Riders: Dusty, Mike, Jackson, Brian Miller, Jason Chapman

woods & fungi.....the Flemish way where's all the smurf's at!

Mikey, condor'in flemish soil!

Mikey's hooked on NZ, tagged for life!.....commitment, ink by Tony @ dig a tatoo, dunedin.

Flemish woods in action!

new digs.

more new digs....

were the Flemish live, i see why ya like it here so much Mikey, the view's are better aye, loving the rainbow tho bro!

Mikey sent me thru a few pic's of his new trail spot in Belgium. He's way to busy work'in his ass off (saving to get back to NZ) & diggin to answer the trail's etiquette Q&A's.......actions speak louder than words, yes Mikey digs, yes Mikey has a shovel (ob V) yes Mikey shredsaton! Yes yes! It's winter in his woods so i guess by summer they'll be roast'in all those fungi ladden tranny's a heap! See ya next year dude! Keep diggin & stack it high mang!!! Dig trails! An wear the Mikey grin!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gorge Road Jam 12th December 2009

click on flyer to go big!

OH yeah Mikey tuck'in it.......Trail slaying season is nearly upon us way down under in our land of wounder, the Gorge Road Jumps in Queenstown, New Zealand will be officially opened for there 2nd season of roast'in as of the 12th December 2009, 1pm blast off & free bike parking? hahha psyched as, it's so rad to welcome back summer days roast'in this slice a heaven with a good 'ol jam, be there man - raffles, prizes & help raise funds for the best god dam public jump park on earth! 100% pure dirt! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Hands Off NZ's National Parks!

click on the pic & sign up to help prevent & stop " mining in Mt. Aspiring National Park" - in fact any national park in NZ - if it starts with Aspiring what's the next area to mine on the list National have drawn up, National will go down i history for doing the most environmental damage to this country EVER if it all goes ahead, such beautiful priceless irreplaceable awe inspiring parts of New Zealand wilderness (some of these parks are even World Heritage listed) must not be raped/mined & destroyed for profit/short term profit at that, it will not help our economyone bit as all the profits from the mining will go offshore.....all "NZ's national parks" are under threat if "schedule 4" with in the "NZ mining act" is removed/altered to suit our government's greed/short sightedness. All conservation areas within our national parks are worth so much more left as they are, for all humans to enjoy with their eyes, ears, noses, feet & hands ie leave only foot prints behind!

GET INFORMED NOW!...think of the future generations to u really want to only be able to show ya kids & grandkids photos of what our national parks USED to look like? Hell NO! All gone like the pink & white terraces near Tarawera, but wait that was nature that destroyed them ie volcano........ this is man were talk'in about this time and we're supposed to be intelligent ie have a brain! We gotta preserve it ALL! Power to the people! Hit this link an print of the petition, get it signed & post it back to the Greens


Sunday, December 6, 2009

remember this.....CREAM any one?

yup you've seen it....cause ya have it's a old issue, you gotta love d Cream cover's! delicious...the pantera man not the girl come on!

Yeah psyched for ya Issac, shredding Paris up no doubt indeed!...... it's all in the latest cream

i don't kno who this but i'm sure he help build it! French roaster roost'in mmm looks so dam fun! So why would ya not want to dig trails when ya can build/stack up anything you can dream of....get dig'n, lifes a roller coaster, live it UP!......more @ Banos

mmm mm Cream's other mag will get you home man! Nothing like a good 'ol polish to brighten ya day! OHHHHH!

rr rrrr slacker saturday's so terrible?

If ya ain't sing'd up for random T1 freakyness or slackness get to it, do you need a terrible ride!! mmmmmmm this is soo dam terrible! How's the drop in Garret does, sick as F*#K! Garret is the man & i'm sure i got this vid on VHS some where hahhaa! Isaac the traveling gypsy is also dam terrible, nice to see bro (when ya back in NZ dude?).....& what's ya theory, Cream has got it, so dam juicy! Here's what Joe has to say 'bout d vid:

Damn, watching this sure does bring back some memories. Different times for sure. This was the very first edit I did after learning the editing basics of Final Cut. I had a string of injuries that began at the end of 2000 and ran the course of almost 2 years. Learning about video editing. The very first clip in this was so insane. Garrett Byrnes is one amazing dude! You have no idea. Not only the actual dropping in part, but the amount of work it took to find this place. Amazing to say the least. Hope y'all enjoy this little piece of T1's past. Cheers !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Robbo rules it!

Chase ain't FIT no more!

pretty sweet footy, i heard the rest of the new Stay FIT dvd is pretty shocking tho....Foster & Innman's sections must rule, right? It's a matter of opinion.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

there here!

you know it! you really need more convincing that you Need this! Help Catty out!

i love rainy days when a load of the fresh'est most inspiring trail dvd's turn up in the mail! Fuck yeah Janis & big ups goes out to all the PA diggers who have helped over the years. RESPECT!...keep stackin it high, an ya'll always fly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! This dvd is last in a long series of PA raddness so it's so sweet this dvd contains footage from all the PA WOODS vids, dope bonus section & 30 min of fresh roasting footy from the 09 summer & fall!! 10 years worth a roast'in & digging trails @ CATTY, POSH, NAM, MINERSVILLE, PIPELINE, Bobby Digits backyard & back to '99 (Stauffer footy!) So those who have paid for a copy it'll be in the post this arvo, an those who want a copy it's $20 so e-mail me with ya address:
If ya in the North Island e-mail Caleb (siligna woods) for a copy!

...very limited & selling fast! So don't miss out roasters!

OH yeah an on a LOCAL front there's gonna be welcome to trail slaying season @ THE GORGE ROAD TRAILS in QUEENSTOWN 12 december 2009!! 12pm it all kicks off, so get ya ass there, help raise funds for the gnarlyest public jump park on earth & blue groove it up! I'll be there with the remaining copies of the PA WOODS 10yr dvd (if i have any left by then) plus will be throw'in it up on the big screen @ Revolver Bar after the jam!!!

walk about.......

Parisi taking it all on the pic's if ya wanna kno where we at!

Farewell goes out to Mike Parisi, he's back on the road again thumbing it up the dam wet west coast, good luck man, enjoy Welcome Flat hot springs & the Glaciers....chill time, if i wasn't the mummy daddy (home dad! not some weird zombie dude) around here I'd be soaking & rub'in mud in my face with ya! Here's a few pic's from a couple a chill walks in Wanaka's big 'ol adventure playground, an dam ain't it lush.....

just the thought of our dam greedy capitalist National government wanting to start mining for gold, chromium and nickel (yup golds in all our techno gadget's) etc etc in Mt. Aspiring (Tititea) National Park a World Heritage listed, priceless & irreplaceable region is scary, This area is home to the only known carbonatite deposits in NZ.......Karma, it'll bite 'em in the ass so dam hard if they even try to.......paradise is for all to enjoy......not for our Government's to destroy for short term monetary gain! Hands off Mt. Aspiring Nat. Park help the cause & power to the people!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PA WOODS 10yr dvd's are coming!

Sam fall euro'in @ Catty

respect the rules!

Caleb kick'in it @ Catty

I've got a bunch a copies of the new PA WOODS 10 year dvd coming so first in first served, all proceeds go to help pay for insurance & leasing fee's at the now legit Catty trails! So if you've seen any PA WOODS dvd's or web vids ya kno ya in for a rad as treat! So get on to it diggers if ya want a copy (NZ ONLY), if needed i'll get Janis @ PA WOODS to send more, but 1st i'll see just how keen you kiwi trail heads are for some inspiration to dig trails ( an ride 'em ), so if ya want a copy e-mail: & i'll give you my bank account details so ya can pay ya $20, or post $20 in an envelope with ya address on it to:

P.O. Box 784

I've sold a few already so get to it or ya'll miss out!

if ya wanna help out a whole lot more buy a Catty Woods tee to from axlerad they've still got 'em on sale, same deal all proceeds go to the Catty trails fund!

So show ya respects an help these amazing diggers out, talk to Caleb he's been ,roasted, bruised his heals well good & even built some new stuff for 'em at Catty! That's respect & rad trails it's your turn to say "thanks for all the inspiration over the years" an to be inspired to DIG & KEEP TRAILS ALIVE!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Tom @ 1st " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton", don't forget 2nd "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" 20th Feb 2010....the flyer for this is over due i kno....soon come tho!

Hucker @ Catty, dumped Catty & check out the new "PA Woods 10 year dvd" available at backbone & trubmx very soon! hold tight trail loving fiends.

road to nowhere? heading west along Ida Valley NZ

I had to post this, H dwarfed by grassed up lip @ stony hills.

FU camping @ stony, this dog is so lucky to be alive, a few of us watched in horror as his dumb ass tried to bite the front wheel of a large 4x4 & was run over by the rear wheel on sunday @ Danseys pass inn, it's amazing he's still alive! That makes it twice he's been run over, stolen once an i've lost count how many times i've run over him at the trails, he just want's to attack my Ruben rubber.....what's next?.....i think a leadis in order! safty 1st right.