Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gorge

holy mother of trailsgod, i've been in Qtown since friday last week, lots a sun, help'in build the mother of all berms (part of the new rad line at the Gorge) with Satan an his dirty devil's WHOA an a few fun rolls thru the panteon a lines to choose from, tran'sfervania is of the hook! HA no pic's just yet....even tho Cam & I started getting all arty farty with the gold last night hahaha! So roll on the evening sessions & the goodtimes that'll be had by all who'll be enjoy'n THE GORGE'ous trails slaying season to come yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

PENN STATE trail slayers!

Robbo in PA from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Robbo spent 2 weeks in the fall to enjoy the trail mecca.

tunes: The Swirlies - Tall Ships

by now most of ya would have watched/seen this radness of Robbo stylin it up in PA's finest woods religiously like i have been 4 the past few days! PSYCHED! Big up's to SEKT man, love ya work Doug sick vid yes yes & well Robbo's riding say's it all! SO INSPIRATIONAL MAN! BIG UP'S & RESPECT goes out to all of PA's finest trail loving diggers, expect more KIWI's in PA 2011, Caleb's hooked on PA, how could you not BE! I'm coming to visit the mother land of TRAILS! (i will bring beers, tools, more beers, 1 bmx & bourbon?) Vid happily poached of those loyal Backbone'in'diggin' rats! who poached it of MUTINY. More sweet trail slayin @ PAWOODS

Filmed and edited by Douglas Foulke @ Cacoon in PA.

Brian Wizmerski, Kyle Keck, Steve Eister, Meho Kasprzak, Adam Aloise, Keith Terra, Chris Stauffer has plenty to offer, DEAD MEMORY

tunes by "Good Old War"
"That's Some Dream". Sergent House Records

On the NZ trails front it looks like there's a trail scene on the rise in good 'ol Spank land ie hobbitton ie the shire ie Matamata hahaha (yes they filmed lord of the ringpiece there) dig on Ross & all you trail loving matamata youngbloods! were are yo big hairy feet at? hobbits! Ya gotta give youngbloods the credit they deserve, especially when their get'in it done! Stack it up & have fun lads!

matamata bmx track dirt jumps, boys sending it!

ENJOY TRAILS, DIG can't beat the feeling!

(coca cola piss off & stop buy'in up New Zealands water supply ie springs, hands off NEW ZEALAND)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Gorge'ous Cam has a sweet blog up "Blazeatrailnz" check it out & get down to roast'in it up this summer down under! Big ups to Nath, Lowell, Dingo, Cam & everyone else who's put in the time behind a shovel this spring & got the Gorge, as always looking as dailed as it is! Let the days of summer roll on, i kno where i'l be, i even heard of this place called Stony down by the sea.

dammmm a kicked out Dingo floating thru the air, never.

this ill get ya psyched, more goodies @ BSD

random woods vid 2010 from woods on Vimeo.


..........i just wish the DAM wind would go AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

just a reminder to all users of Lismore Public Jump Park there is a whole bunch of jumps/features under repair/dialing so please respect "the diggers" that put the time & effort in an do all this hard work free of charge, yes that's right we do it purely for the love off it. The reward for all this had work yup as you guessed it, is getting to ride/roast away the days of summer! So please do not remove any safety tape and/or tarps/carpet as this would pose to be a serious safety hazard an you might eat shit/slam in the process, OUCH!

KEEP OFF THE 1/4 PIPE thanks! Once it's in place after the bowl/new kicker you can ride it as she needs some propping & the scaffolding/platform behind it, paitence.

A few saftey issues/hazards have been addressed/raised with the QLDC (local council) so right now the process of geting the out of date signage at Lismore amended to cover things such as:



CHILDREN MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES, yup kids just love climbing all over the jumps even when where riding them, safe, so what ever you read sprayed on to anything in lismore, just think about the message in those words!


stop wasting ya time reading this stuff man, go ride or even better GO DIG!
YOU WILL ALWAYS DIG MORE THAN YOU RIDE (that's only if you understand trails etiquette, respect!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

this is a discrace! Bin ya trash or even better take it home with you & recycle it some. Don't let me catch you, bin it.

we had a rippin wild helloween party @ Petes pad in QT i even had a cage to bang out the tunes from & a hang over from hell hahha!

The Spank

here's a few pic's Hunter & I took the other day of some local lads, goodtimes oh yeah!
I thought i should do an update here since it's been a few weeks since the last one haha. So inbetween the bullshit politics, plastic smiles, epic hosing & sweaping sessions @ lismare (lismore), some of us have found time & busted our ass's off to repair, dail in & keep shit safe for everyone to enjoy at lismore! Yup Lismore's running dam sweet, but the wind & heat sure do fuck lismore over, the wind keeps ya grounded most days, ya might get a hour or so at sun down with no wind, if ya lucky. You have to hose her down soooo much, so don't run the lips dry or they wil fall apart DUH! The hose is there for a reason, same goes for everything else thanks everyone ie lismare locals if ya riding
"The Lismore Jam" is not happening sorry folks till a much later date due to some crazy shit going on right now in my life & also because the 3rd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton 2011" is gonna be going down on the same weekend in early 2011 shredders & roasters out there!
An a MASSIVE BIG "THANKS HEAPS" goes out to Rhysty & crew @ BACKBONE BMX cheers for the jam prizes man! BIG BIG THANKS to all those who support our scene and to everyone else who hasn't abandoned lismore yet because it's summer again, those loyal diggers who help dig & get shit done, hard work allways pays off....... into the woods over summer, fuck yeah! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesw!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

sunny busy days

right oh sorry bout the lack of updates all, ridings more fun than the intrudernet thats for sure, sweet summer out door living, crazy times & busy busy busy. The date for the 1st LDP- "lismore dirt jam" is now the 27th november 2010, so lock that in dudes! Flyer out very soon! If your a local we need to have a few work bee's over the next 4 weeks just to re-lip some tranny's & have a dam good general tidy up. This Saturday 23rd Oct come down help out, ride 10am onward till dark, bring a broom if ya can. In the mean time check this out, we did bit off a photo shoot for Rebelyell's next book the "Trails Issue" hit this to see a few pic's all the bangers tho have been sent to chris tho hahaha an dam they look good! Camilla Stoddart is dam good with her camera oh yes.

And holy shit the Gorge is looking soooo sweet after a wet wild winter. I just got back from QT an had a good walk around The Gorge drooling like a dog on heat. No pic's HA! Big up's to the whole Queenstown/Gorge Road dirtfarming cartel you boys kno your shit! Respect! THE GORGE IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC JUST YET THO DO NOT RIDE! There's a chain up so ya can't jump the gun & sneak any rolls (it's not worth the risk if Nath catches ya lookout) so hold tight ya dirty trails junkies out there you'll kno when it's open for summer roast'in...soon come.

here's a rad site i seen up on deluxe the 9th street crew have been running for a bit, a new name i think & a classic vid have a nosey, look for "slap that lip" some inspiration man for you young bloods out there, watch, listen & get ya slap on! Ha the voice over is great hahaha arh arh trailpirates

get involved, dig trails & reap what ya sow!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monty's yard is...

digging always pays off as Monty has found out, so good to see a local kid get it done pretty much solo well he had a little help from a couple a friends. Either way monty's yard is fun & he rules it! Dig 'em, water 'em, slap'em & roast'em up.....trails trails trails!

Lil vid of Monty's winter efforts in his front yard @ fat Alberttown. Nice work Monty, how many yards around here have this sort of set up, goodtimes! Dig Trails...get involved! You reap what you sow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

lucky 2 ride...

today 12:23pm it was snow'in some, oh how we wait to roast some more.
a few of the boys i'm living with now & me got lucky over the past week with some fine weather. Oh yeah we got to hang in the woods, dig a little & mostly ride our white pasty asses off some. Right now it's soooo dam shitty, weather wise. So the Gorge road crew in QT have started dailing their dubs in for summer roast'in, cheers for the pic's Lowell "DIG TIME" yeeeeeeeeew. I spoke with Al Heiny (fox shox, Troy Lee, commoncial, intense, foes) last night an he's in on the LDP dirt jams i'm running over summer to raise $$$ for more dirt/digger hire to buildnew lines next winter, shit winters not even over & were planning next winter already hahaha that's the trails life is guess, ya just can't stop yaself wanting more lines to roast.
Cheers heaps to Mike, Ollie, Jo & John Marc for putting me up over the past 4 weeks with out you guys i'd be sleep'in at Lismore in the hut, respect 2 u all! Cheers also go out to MIke, Ollie, Elmo & Kevin for bang'in off a few photo's. Oh an all you dudes getting the dirty video overload when ya log on to trubmx, just "PAUSE" the vids man hahahhahaha or do it like I.P. Man does it "kick some ass"...........right now tho all we can do is wait for this shitty weather to piss off! Get involved & DIG TRAILS!!!
ps enjoy the chessy captions you caption haters hahha!

I've got a new helmet an boy it's a beauty.

i think Ollie's stoked look at that face.

Jimmy braaaaup'in moto

Ollie gettin his ass out for the ladies.

Ollie boost'in like a.

an i thought one Monty was enough now there's 3 of him holy shit, lock up ya daughters fools.

don't forget to help the ladies out lads, we all love boobs so get those pink bits on ya bike, i've got mine!

desperate times in Austin, twisty blaz'in? Reign Green Cult will help you man hahhaha!

shirtless winter roast'in in Wanaka

Mike's into it & so's his girl Jo

Jo's been getting on Mike's ride & she's loving it, Jo even donated a nice patch a skin to lismore.

Here's a couple a pic's i took of Pete shred'in it some @ A-town....mean while Lowell takes a load off on his sweet new raw Deluxe tech sexy piece a 4130

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the diggest

Thibaut from ler land of frenchies hooked me up with this lil sweet vid & dam it's flimed way better than anything i've ever made hahaha good to see Lilian getting it done! Check out the diggest for more rad digginest inspiration! Oh by the way DELUXE BMX is in on the L.D.P./Bike Wanaka "Jump Jams" oh yeah thanks heaps to Mark Noble & Mike @ Kickass for your support of our local trails scene! RESPECT! Support those who support US!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

rain sunshine rain inspiration

oh yeah these vids r RAD as mang! hahah bit of a sound clash just pause 'em all till they load or ya'll go MAD! Sorry about the lack of updates these days everyone, live is very hectic & full of stressful maddness, so getting to ride & hang with the kids is such a treat at the mo, such a good way to clear the mind & focus on what's important in life LIVING IT UP! Well it's that time a the year again & the spring rains are non stop, all good tho as the shitty spring winds are holding off phew....they'll come tho god dam it!. The little kids bmx track @ Lismore is shaping up real sweet thanks to Dan, Jamie, Foley & a few PD workers. Pic's soon. The L.D.P. "Dirt jam" is locked in for the 30th October 2010, so far Backbone BMX, Outside Sports, Thunder Bikes, TRUBMX, Kipor, Fox shox (Al Hiney an goods) are all onboard. Hopefully Kahu youth will also be there on the day running a BBQ more on all this & poster out soon.

so i'll try an get some dates soon for the Gorge Road jams also. Nath & the QT diggers will be get'n there frang'in trails up an rolling again for summer real soon, respect to the diggers hell yes!!!! Summers coming trails heads out there...keep on digging, stack'in it up & dreaming about the sweet days o summer to come yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

RY 9 music issue in NZ news agents NOW

the word from the man in charge at rebelyell is that you can now get here in NZ soooooooooooo good! Hit your news agent up for it NOW!!!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spring is in the air...

as autunm kicks on the north side of earth. summer will be in full swing in a few months down under on the Dirty South Island of NZ yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Sweet catty action with a flat head & a few local catty roasters roast'in it up! Vid by your's truly PA WOODS! Yup inspirational stuff man, time to really get on the dig buzz as it's the first day a spring today & it's soooo sunny here right now, but the dam wind is starting to blow as it always does around this time of the year. Fingers crossed tho it don't blow for 3-4 months hahaha! Dan & jamie started the little kids BMX track at lismore over the weekend just gone, the little dudes & dude'ettes will be all over it hopefuly with in a month, they'll be a local little open day thang also an if all goes well Plunket & Kahu Youth will be at it as it's all about the little dudes ie the future young bloods man!

Right the 1st LDP "Trails Jam" is going down on the Saturday 30th October 2010 @ Lismore, WANAKA! $15 entry gets ya a membership to LDP - Lismore Dirt Park, a LDP sticker for ya lid/bike plus entry in the jam OR $10 enters ya into the Jam. LDP stickers only come with membership to LDP! The jam will be open format 12-5pm, lots a prizes, no age groups & all bikes welcome NO DH tho hahha! all entry fee's go into the LDP fund ie to help pay for diggers, clay & upkeep of Lismore!...poster soon come!

an dam Nath & the Gorge crew in QT are busy at it dialing in the gorge for summer.....there's a new line get'in built to the left of the big line hell yeah. After chatting to Nath about it it's gonna be super fun man....get involved, dig trails & reap the rewards...ROAST'in SEASON IS ON IT'S WAY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

west + east = frang'in rad woods

fresh footy of the boys from Dialed 603 Trails, cheers for the tip off Jono such a rad place! An dam Chertsey is looking rad as always, check 'em out! Get into the woods, stack it up & reap what ya sow! Goodtimes & roastalicous frang'in yeeeeeeeeeeew!

on a local front me & a few boys from QT ie Nath G, Jared, John, Cam & a few more had a sweet roll on sunday just gone MOTO is not far of being dialed right in & the 2nd to last is RAD, hold all ya speed & roast the shit outa it, soooo fun. Even tho a few spots on MOTO are a little damp & slow we had a dam goodtime. I hope ya all good Jared, shaken but not deterd right! Sorry no pics, no time for 'em just riding hahah! Spring is in the air, all the trees are budding up & new live begins, i love this time a the year...lets just hope the spring winds stay the fuck away cos they suck big time! DIG TRAILS!

ps after 14 weeks a dealing with a court case to fight the charge of "disorderly behaviour likly to cause violence to start" I WON !!!!!! I fought the law & i WON!!! Lawers are stupid, cost to much & can't get shit right! I defended myself, saved $1000 a dollars & WON yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! F.T.P. t-shirts out soon! HA! So thank you to everyone who was behind my me thru this, i owe you all much love to kno who you are, have a beer/spliff for me as i've gone straight edge no booze, weed...nothing just 100% DIRT in my veins!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

rainy daze misty haze

Mikey sent me thru a bunch a pic's of what he's been up to in those Flemish woods this summer, hell yeah man looks like last winters solid digs are pay'in off yeeeeeeeeeeew you reap what you sow alright, so psyched for ya dude! Can't wait to come visit ya some day man, trails 4 life!

This is RAD as!Segment Clothing welcomes Mat Burton onto its team. All filmed at a session at his own trails. Welcome Matty B.

Searlie is a beast, yup some nextlevel shit for sure! RESPECT!
(if this don't load or ya only get half the screen hit this)

there's not a lot going on around Wanaka, Lismore's well wet....4 weekends worth a rain, drizzle & monsoon down pours..... it's still raining as i type! The tarps are all over Moto & some are on the smaller stuff in Lismore. Bit digging & drainage has been sorted out some more.

L.D.P. aka Lismore Dirt Park is about to be birthed Dan, Jamie, Triston & me are gonna be pretty much running it all ie up keep/new projects @ Lismore. Basically it'll be the club/co-op running Lismore. We'll be tied in with Bike Wanaka (Lake Wanaka Cycling Inc.) as a subsidiary which will help us out with applying for future funding for new lines. More on L.D.P. & how to join soon, L.D.P.stickers out soon when ya join up!

dudsville ink gunner & street slayer Tony Shearer sent this thru, looks wild as hell hahaha date is to come........stay tuned, so give blood daily ride street?

since Loui left Wanaka i see he's take'n up hunting for his dinner, he's got a small deer on his back & dam dude is ya gun big enough hahaha i guess silencers must help out some yeah?

mmmmmm sexy deluxe gooseneck on Bimar's tech 2 beast.

Langer Banger (Paul Langlands) has been blast'n & roast'in around the US some with a few kiwi lads Kane & Jed rep'in NZ hard at all those mad dub jump comps. So while in Cali they set up camp & hit up Savvedra's rad spot Blue Bench for some chill rides haha does Paul kno what a chill ride is with a bag a stunts & tricks that big well he's out control. Paul's also another kiwi dirt fiend who's on the blog'in buzz soo check it out HERE!

sweet ass eight pack HA!