Sunday, September 12, 2010

rain sunshine rain inspiration

oh yeah these vids r RAD as mang! hahah bit of a sound clash just pause 'em all till they load or ya'll go MAD! Sorry about the lack of updates these days everyone, live is very hectic & full of stressful maddness, so getting to ride & hang with the kids is such a treat at the mo, such a good way to clear the mind & focus on what's important in life LIVING IT UP! Well it's that time a the year again & the spring rains are non stop, all good tho as the shitty spring winds are holding off phew....they'll come tho god dam it!. The little kids bmx track @ Lismore is shaping up real sweet thanks to Dan, Jamie, Foley & a few PD workers. Pic's soon. The L.D.P. "Dirt jam" is locked in for the 30th October 2010, so far Backbone BMX, Outside Sports, Thunder Bikes, TRUBMX, Kipor, Fox shox (Al Hiney an goods) are all onboard. Hopefully Kahu youth will also be there on the day running a BBQ more on all this & poster out soon.

so i'll try an get some dates soon for the Gorge Road jams also. Nath & the QT diggers will be get'n there frang'in trails up an rolling again for summer real soon, respect to the diggers hell yes!!!! Summers coming trails heads out there...keep on digging, stack'in it up & dreaming about the sweet days o summer to come yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

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