Thursday, March 31, 2011


OH yeah this is rad! As the great northern mother land of trails (PA) winds up for another sweet season of slaying trails, so to come out the edits we all love, more radness from SEKT man! Enjoy, our land down way under season for slaying trails ain't over just yet! But dam winters grip is upon us ...almost.

Slayers: Pat Juliff, Rosshead, Robbo, Eric Jensen, Kyle Keck, Joe Hulette, Jaybone, Young Sam, Brian Foster, Ed Krashniak, Clint Reynolds. Filmed and Edited by Douglas Foulke Jr

Compressional inspirational

if ya ain't got Compression yet, ya missing out man! Jems has been droppping sections from his sweet as dvd on the net now for a while, Compression came out with a sweet as trails issue of SOUL BMX, big up's to Ben for giving me a copy of it while he & the Lituel crew were in QT, apart for Ben's balls hanging out as he sunbathed at the Gorge on our picnic table, it was rad to meet them all & holy shit Ben, Alex & Phyphy's womenizing antics were sooo hilairious. If your in Paris hook up with them Pipeline trails dudes ie Liteul Crew an no doubt you'll be in for a treat & a crazy few nights hit'in up ler frenchie pub's & ler clubs on de hunt fer ler ladies undies? So here's the word from Jems "hey chaps pretty proud this week to introduce the "Provence" part from the DVD's deals about the southern east side of the french trails scene.

hope you'll like it!! Sad saad robot!!! Jems here's a bunch more sections from one hell of a rad french (little UK) trail scene!

if ya wana see more hit up Jems @ Compression BMX dig trails yo! ps 3 annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton"......November/December 2011 more info as it comes, acid cat lives on! Arrrhhhhhh!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Texan SEKT roast'in

The SEKT boys styl'in shit up in Austin, hell of a sweet vid to get ya well psyched, if ya not already psyched on trails! Around here the leaves are going yellow & autums well an truly in the air @ the Gorge, so enjoy'n the last days of trail season is what it's all about!
dig 'n roast! LIVE YA LIFE!

the trail slayers are Jason Sunday, Ed Cardiff, Matty Aquizap, James Nutter, Clint Reynolds, Liam Eltham, Adam Johnson. Filmed and Edited by Douglas Foulke Jr.

If ya wanna get some SEKT gear here in New Zealand hit up Mike Cottle @ Wasted Youth

Chris Janis (PA WOODS) & Adam Aloise roast'in some a PA's finest mmmm mmmm
nuff said, enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gorge Jam 2011 update 1

here's few shot's our buddy Big Chris has sent thru from the jam. I'll get bunch more up over the next couple a days. Langer Banger owned the big line the whole day of the jam & cleaned up. Local digger Lowell Diggity cleaned up with "best trails style".......more to come! Dig trails & slay'em to bits!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

i wanna ride too.....

Dam Caleb, ya woods r looking so dam good... as George roasts Siligna up! Dig on digger!

This is Cam McCaul of NZ he rides mtb too, we'll blame his DH'n girl for the corruption haha!

Satan get'n all chain saw harry on us like no other! He's a restless beast, respect!
this woody is fun & a little diff, keep life interesting man! So try log wrestling NOW!

stumbled up on this spot in Wales "Moo's Place" looks pretty dam sweet mm mm clay! I just wounder if ol mate Sion has been captured by the locals there since he's a beast of a digger!

stumbling around vimeo is found these, not sure where this spot is, UK somewhere no doubt.
the vid below's got a make any winter digger feel humble man!

i can imagine this new Mars trail set up in Canberra somewhere is gona expand with time, look out for little green men! Back on earth a big ups & thanks goes out to Rhysty @ Backbone BMX for their support with this years Gorge Road Jam. Another massive big ups & thanks goes out to Mark Noble @ DELUXE BMX for being so dam supportive also with loot for the Gorge Jam! Big up's also to Mike Daily @ KICKASS BMX for sending the DELUXE loot Which reminds me i'll get a shit load of pic's from the Farm Jam (666 flic book pics here) & Gorge Jam over the next few days! In the meantime there's a few pic's up on the Queenstown MTB Club's site, big up's go out to the club for all there hard work & support! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THE 2011 GORGE JAM possible, you kno who you are!

A BIG GET WELL GOES OUT TO ALL THE GORGE LOCALS (who help dig) the Gorge loves us & she sure can beat us up some if you give her a chance! Summers not over yet.......there's trails to ROAST! I WANNA RIDE TOO!.....but were all paying our dues hahaha!

dig or it up!