Friday, March 25, 2011

Texan SEKT roast'in

The SEKT boys styl'in shit up in Austin, hell of a sweet vid to get ya well psyched, if ya not already psyched on trails! Around here the leaves are going yellow & autums well an truly in the air @ the Gorge, so enjoy'n the last days of trail season is what it's all about!
dig 'n roast! LIVE YA LIFE!

the trail slayers are Jason Sunday, Ed Cardiff, Matty Aquizap, James Nutter, Clint Reynolds, Liam Eltham, Adam Johnson. Filmed and Edited by Douglas Foulke Jr.

If ya wanna get some SEKT gear here in New Zealand hit up Mike Cottle @ Wasted Youth

Chris Janis (PA WOODS) & Adam Aloise roast'in some a PA's finest mmmm mmmm
nuff said, enjoy!

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