Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dirty Eastside

dam this vids a treat, enjoy! You Eastside boys sure have got it going on! Yeeeeeow!

This was one of the first few times I had the opportunity to film some BMX with the T2i. The lines filmed were Main Line, Tropic Thunder and Speed Ball. Featuring a lot of the East Side locals like Matty, Draper, Mark, Clint, Chris and D. Also featuring a few out of towners.

Where the hell is Kenny Garth?!?!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Compression' goodness

Here's more raddness from ler french fry'in trails roast'in Jem's, if ya don't have or didn't get yaself a copy of Compression....arn't ya just lucky that Jems keeps dropping sections from his sweet as dvd, here's what Jems has to say.

"hey guys here is (a bit late) the time to drop the Neighbourhood Belgium part on the web which has been filmed and put together by Had Picard, our mate @ SoulBMX mag. Hope you'll like it !!

On a local front we had a dam sweet as session at the Gorge on Friday just gone, believe it or not were still roast'in d Gorge, this time last year they were under tarps due to shitty wether & shut down for the season so we'vebeen treating every session we have latley like it's our last. All it'll take is one dam shitty weather front to shut 'em down for the season. Fingers crossed that winters cold wet frozen grip does not come for a bit yet. Big up's to Nath, Dingo, Lowell & Cam for a dam good friday roast up! I'll put some fresh autumn Gorge pic's up shortly until then, go ride trails like ya should yeeeeeeeeeeeow!

here be some lose footy of Florida's Casselberry trails get'in well slayed, enjoy!
check out Here for kicks & Wasted Youth, for insane trails antics & just plan old wild dudes getting loose!

Deco's Mat Olson Broke up the Colorado cold and stayed in a tent at the Casselberry Trails house for a week in Florida. This is part 1 of 3 edits coming out. Stay tuned.

Rolezinho com um churrasquinhooo, um i don't understand but this vid is pretty sweet they've sure got some nice dirt in South America man...gonna have to get down there one day, so many places to wanna get to PA 1st, Austin, France,UK.........few if only money grew on tree's aye HA!

Friday, April 15, 2011

in a land way down under....

yes this vid is good, enjoy. Thanks UNIT......on a far deeper than deep farm full a sheep & clay nestled deep with in the deep southern main land (south island) of NZ this recently went down, yup someone gave Kelly the mic, whoops. Kiwi shredder/beast/digger Paul "Lang(a banga)lands of Cambridge claimed another win, 2nd year in a row, Langas kills it hands down one of NZ's most consistent trail slayers for sure, dig on man! Motueka's Jake Prebble roasted in at 2nd (Go see Brad an build trails, russle a crew), Anthony Napolitan 3rd (Anthony was seen hanging out at the "Deep South Ice Cream" truck plenty) and Jed Mildon 4th.

With 2 lines to play on, the line full of hips was definitely sesh'd harder hard both days, while the 2nd line a run of big straight hits & a big ol dirt quarter pipe to finish on was not so seshed, big big floaters. The day before the farm jam was a beauty also & practice day, so with the only chore of erecting a massive Redbull tent for the Frew's, it left us with nothing better to do than chill & ride some. We had a sweet time, we didn't light any fires & camped out with everyone who'd turn't up early, so thanks to all who made it happen, more lines next year? Who knows, with all the space down on that farm i hope so!

Cheers to Dan & Brett Frew. And the rest of these boys all ripped it up at the Farm Jam Dane Searls, Dean, Cam Pianta, Anthony Napolitan, Paul Langlands, Jed Mildon, Jake Prebble, the Bolter Twins, Cam MaCall and more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kooks Trails R.I.P.

I was givin some bad news today from a buddy over the tas ditch that the dam bulldozers have flattened yet another rad set trails in Sydney, R.I.P. KOOKS TRAILS! So so dam lame to be honest as these boys have to start over after all their hard work (some of us know this feeling). No doubt you boys have already found or have in mind a new well hidden spot! Don't tell kno one, underground is best! So after all the goodtimes, roast'in, dig sessions, beers, BBQ's & BMX nudity...KOOKS is gone! A bunch of the KOOKS locals came over to the Stony Hills Jam back in early 2010, they hung around a few days then left b4 the jam on their gypsy roady mission around NZ & to get back to thier woods.

I've been looking forward to roast'in ya woods some in June this year, but not in bare feet. I'll help dig @ ya new spot instead. These pic's are all pretty much from the last ever trail slaying session d Kooks locals will ever have in their woods! I feel ya pain diggers, I've seen a bunch a trails go while i lived in Skidney, an watched more arise from the ashes! The man ie babylon shitstem can't keep a good digger down! Much respect to Tim, Sam, Karl, Kirtan, Dave, Spyridon, Eddy, Luke, Tom & thanks to Samuel for the pic's.

Trails Riders United, Rise up & Dig on!


rad dude....
same rad dude nude.



Redbull George shoot?

I'm seeing double trouble B(MX)

Nath making 'em grow! If only it was as easy as water'in 'em!

As ya can see the Gorge kicks ass! You'd have be stupid to disagree right or just gay maybe "This place has gottah be one of the raddest sets a public trails on earth man"( i quote Clint Miller of Colony), yes that's right PUBLIC trails but that don't mean you can leave ya trails etiquette up ya ass, do bring it along or you will get heckled beyond repair! Like all good trails the Gorge is a team effort like every other set a trails on Earth should be!

The Gorge is located on the real land way the fuck down under up in the mountain's "The Southern Alps" yup in NZ for those dumb asses out there way outta touch like me! "The Land of the Long Sweet As Trails" or "the land of the long white cloud aka Aotearoa! Redbull have had their hand in with the Gorge & have helped out loads with the Gorge over the years by throwing down $$$ 4 the jams & loads of that over stimulating, intoxicating fluid that Lowell Diggity loves to consume, even i nock one back when needed the next day (after too many pints at Atlas)

so as my rant goes on your the biggest sucker for sitting in front of ya screen reading this all, so unless it's pissing down out side or to dark to ride trails only then can you justify reading this rant, on a random tip as i am manic man after all. Head over to DELUXE who also jumped on board for this years Gorge Jam (i will do an update soon, sorry) & threw down some rad prizes. There's some insight into the life of the one of the UK's best trails slayers Stephen Murray, dam good interview, makes you think hard & long about just how quick what we all take for granted can be taken away, so play safe out there OK! STAY STRONG Stephen Murray! Back to the Gorge then & thank you so much to REDBULL for all the support over the years, keep it coming!

So you know when it comes to thanks the biggest thanks go out to Nath (aka Satan) of PHATLINES for his completely obsessively dedicated behaviour when it comes to taking care of the Gorge, then there is the loyal local diggity diggers, Lowell, Jarod (Dingo) Chris & Cam (i'm the new boy on the block so i'm almost local haha) any diggers i forgot you kno who you are, big ups to ya all! Let's not forget the Queenstown MTB Club, big up's go out to LB & his crew also. Arrrhhhh dam it this is like a farewell to trail slaying season as winter kicks in! I'm having major withdrawal issues cos i ain't been at the Gorge for over 2 weeks, dam it i miss you all! Roast 'em up some for my lamo ass, i'm still in Wanaka an nothing here has got anything on Gorge....yet?

I almost forgot the fact that Redbull did a sweet day'n'night shoot at the Gorge with the Bolter twins & Jayden Leeming, that's what this post is about after all, i sure was kicking myself hard for being way to busy to check any of the action out! And from what i have seen you boys got some bangers for sure, catch ya next time boys. Cheers for the redbull & vodka's, i heard no one slept that night hahaha Redbull it keeps you UP, so you can perform!

the evil twins aka The Bolter's slumming it easy.
Check out more sweet pic's Tim Pierce shot!

Lowell bluring outa focus roost'in

Atlas mayhem yeeeeoooww!

after plenty a redbull & vodka's let d pirate antic's begin, aarrgghhhh! Most of these pic's were stolen from George Bolter's face crack page, cheers facewaste'incrackbook, winter's upon us, so get stackin!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

gorgous autumn

Thanks to Big Chris 4 sending thru all these cold as autumn shots from d Gorge & Brewster Glacier. A big farwell goes out to Ian, psyched as on Chris draggin your ass up Mt. Brewster & it was good hanging with ya Wing Chung chilling self, all the best on ya travels dude, have a great summer back in d UK, happy digging in ya woods....dam it your going back to spring aaarrrhhh so biggie plenty a digs to do over winter here in NZ any way!

an here's the latest from Jems @ Compression, enjoy an get diggin this winter in the land way down under!

"Here is the Interlude part from the DVD body. It's certainly the most representative section of the "Compression spirit". Cheers to all the guys who helped out at filming (especially Stephane Lafitte for the "tarps animation clip") and thanks a lot to all the diggers! music: "G67" by Calibistrixe