Sunday, November 30, 2008

REBELYELL - the crap issue

The new REBELYELL is out peeps an by the look of it well it's crap as !! hahaha nope i don't think so , tghere a free dvd & it's bound to be full of dope bangin BMX batteration by the shit load , stills , words , stunts & trix !! Get it at Revolutionnz NOW !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

mmmm Trails .

Fly Bikes trail edit. from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Nice lil trail vid Punjab put together for Fly Bikes , such nice trails in P.A! very Rad ! Dig

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hang'in wit Mikey

mmmm were's a fishy i like fish'n'chips !

send'in it at d 1st Tim Hales Wanaka Shradthon 08

styl'in at Stony !

jamm'in seat grab in middle earht , Frankton mini

Fu realy doesn't know what to think of this guy haha

what can ya say about Mikey , well he loves Wanaka & his van (his home) is now perminantly parked up my drive way , lives on fantastic noodles & fruit , has a load a style on a 20" , his english is entertaining haha , can shred it an just about anything , realy cool with my kids & has a constant smile on his face ! Oh yeah if you know of some work in wanaka he's keen for it !! More on this Belgium cruzier soon !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gorge Road Trails Open 6th December !! dirty party time

An now here's a few new nice phat trannys to shralp, hit d image for a closer look !

An before all d fresh diggin, the old lines & d dirtfarmer in d loader about to get his monster dig on !

The Gorge ! open day is 6th december yes that's right 6th december ! Be there ! Had a yarn to Nath today whilist he was play'in around with his loader & fresh pile of topsoil , the above top photo ain't so fresh a few weeks old , today tho with the fresh cappng of nice topsoil over parts of the trails well it gave me goosebumps !! The Gorge is loookin pretty dam RAD ! Most of the tranys & landings are to be capped with the goodness ie topsoil (unlike the $75,000 !!!! WTF !!! Lismore/wanaka jump park , with free dirt how's it cost $75,000 to build ? LWCI dodgy maybe ? the truth is out there tho haha Lismore is getting abit wierd tho, gaps are gettin shorter ? Trannys gettin bumpier/flatter/rocker along wit d landings, it's still kinda fun aye if ya spend a few hours sweeping gravel of the lines haha or get in there an fix a few things , just adapt to the place an stop changing things everyweek haha build it once, build it right, cap it, dial it in & roll it ! whoops did i just type all that hahha)

So it's gona be a dope day of dirty fun indeed , @ The Gorge Road Trails , Queenstown , it's gona be very silly with loads of trickery & stunting going on i think aye haha , on all sorts of bicycles ya know big & small plus bbq ( snags, patties & Tofu?) , raffles (it's a fundraiser peeps) , tunes ( yeah Revolver Matty bom batty) , beers (BYO) , prizes ( for what ever Nath decides is worthy of one) & bring ya bikini an ya might win the big tranny hop comp haha !! If ya diggin what ya see or have ridin around Queenstown hit Nath up at Phatlines as he'll come build ya dream for ya !!

Stony Hills tease eh !!

d wanaka BMX cartel on d stony roady ! Ida Valley 1/2 way pose.

Henry get 'ol flat in his yard !! Love ya trails bro , ya shralper !

Henry's trail daycare centre , Marley tho just could'nt sleep with all the action go'in on

James not stunt'in over a dirty tranny , just flow'in thru is fun enough eh !

this cowboy shaped , packed , slaped a dirty tranny good then hit it up after his bro Tim broke dis vigin lip in !!

just a wee little tease !! D smiley man Micheal t-bog'in it @ Stony Hills somewhere in another space & time ! Soo... dig trails all you none diggin slackers out there !!

After the shredathon is was down to Stony Hills for some sweet chill time with my brother Tim , Micheal & Marley (my son) along with the Stony massive haha 5 sweet as sunny days , a few good servings of Emersons , coffee , loads of good kai an that demon stuff helps ya get ya dig on to man !! God dam Micheal gave H his slab of Demon he won at the Shredathon.... kinda was a good thang but ya start gettin all twitchy & manic if ya drink to much hhaha !!! So a fun as traily time was had by all d locals , along with us !!! Dig 'em trails man an keep ya life filthy !

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon vid

Tim Hales Shredathon 08 from Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

It's been almost 2 weeks since the shredathon went down , $ 640 was raised so the SPCA & the Wanaka skate park are a little bit more $$$ up , an i hav'nt posted a dam thang , what a slacker aye , well NO life's hectic at the mo gettin ready for baby number 3 , some words by Micheal & me (James) for Rebelyell on the jam ( D.I.Y. issue out soon), hang'in wit family , lookin after the kiddes , try'in to ride when i can plus any spare time in between all this madness it's behind the shovel @ the Hideout (trails) which i've been neglecting & planning next years 2nd annual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 09 !
So it's dope to be able to share this vid Tim put together ! And for all the rest of us to either revisit that hella windy dope day or just for those who didn't make it , to get ya hyped for next years 2nd Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 09 !! Biggest hop @ the shredathon went to Tom from Timaz , 40 inchs man !! Yeah & since the shredathon it's been roadys to Stony Hills (trails) , QT, Frankton, Glenorchy & Crompton film'in , ride'in & just get'in into the summer ride'in steeze with a my brother Tim and that dam smiley dude Micheal Lebrevasomething ! The ripper who took out the mens 1st @ the shredathon !! Asher blasted it up to take out 2nd ( along with best slam , but he got up an kept blastin shit RESPECT bro & an Robbie Brown who threw down some dope tech stunts & gaps an got 3rd , everyones a winner in my book man as they were here shred'in it up in a fucked up wind ! The yougest a little 8 year old Bayden ? to the big kid at 37 (Richard Hill , don't hate me bro !! i'm old to 34 hahhahha ) Word up to the Revolutionnz crew & all the CHCH boys, Dudz boys , Timaz boys , QT boys who all rode & showed up , Big ups to the judges Henry D , Simon Hellier & Robbie brown , My brother Tim for helping out all day , the Wanaka Skate club an any one else i forgot , i'm sorry haha ! The sponsers Fly bikes , Rebelyell , Revolutionnz , Anchor BMX , Black Lotus & Demon Energy ! Enjoy , stay super bad & as radical as ya can .... ride on man

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Micheal's land !

Mike (Belgium Micheal) shreds it , Even with gale force winds & gusts bad enough to scare the crap outa ya , more on that in a few days with a nice wee vid from the 1st anunnual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon ! Here's a small vid of Mikes land , an mostly filmed around northern Belgium with his buddies , enjoy ! I realy should give ya some news on what went down at the shredathon , i have no photos tho only vid footage , an i needed a day to chill out , dig & ride , Mike is a mean digger , he just keeps on smiling non stop , even while diggin in darkness & pouring rain hahah !! In the mean time the boys at Revolutionnz & zero's & one's have it covered with some news on the shredathon ! cheers heaps guys , it makes me look real slack aye , hahaha Huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped make the Shredathon one hell of a awesome day !!! One Love to ya all ! cheers ! All the kids loved the prizes , big ups to all the sponsers Fly Bikes , Revolutionnz , REBELYELL , Anchor BMX , Black Lotus & Demon

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Segment ! Trails !

dope Uk trails . Get some here . dig , ride , live !!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Anchor BMX T.H.W.S. prizes prt 5

Chooper Reid an Anchor local ! Harden the fuck up ! A wee tale 'bout me ears !

BMX on d brain @ The Anchor

arh cast off dis morn & hooked me lunch ! Oh ARH rainbow trout fresh out Wanaka lake !

arh found Anchor BMX booty floatin by wit a mermaid , sexy lass she be & arh got some

Wit a bottle rum & belly tum full , it be time for a tale 'bout The Anchor i say ! Twas a rainy day Tazi lad Leigh Giason ( funny as interview in "Open Road" issue of REBELYELL with Leigh , research hahha) left his Island one day , wit none but a $20 BMX , $$$$ & his brains , i say ! He set sail for Melbourne , wrestled a goat on d way , dis boy's gotta play , Land ahoy by golly i say , so anchor was dropped in 'ol melbourne bay ! " what a load of bollocks, on to land to open my shop !! " So to this day The Anchor can be found & sure is a dope BMX shop 100% rider owned & run , full of loads of good booty for ya 20" styles , straight up ! Thanks heaps & Big up's to Leigh & The Anchor crew , Tim will always be watching & haunting The Anchor ! arh , catch that troll , run him threw , before he le eats you !! Horoscopes here ! Stay Fit ! And watch out for strangers
sorry 'bout all the links hahhaa this is what happens when ya find stupid humorously funny maddness online !! Enjoy it !

Sunday, November 9, 2008

NEW P.A. Woods radness !!

pawoods summer 08 promo from woods on Vimeo.

i can't wait for tis to come out !! Fresh dope Catty & POSH radness is on it's way soon !! Live to dig , dig to live !! Enjoy !!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunny days in Wanaka !!

took some time out from being a at home dad & diggin yesterday (saturday) for a bit of riding !! shot a few photos with Eddie Spearing ( president of Wanaka Sk8 Club , ex half owner of DIG mag ! Word !) down at the park for a local paper/zine/noticeboard thang "The Messenger" . The Wanaka Sk8 Club , cheers to ABE !! scored the front page ,top work bro , to help promote the 1st annual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon , realy cool for BMX in wee ol Wanaka & the Sk8 park as now i'd be guess'in theres gona be a much bigger crowd watchin the shredathon & giv'in us there $$$$$$ !! Fundraising is fun , cheers to all the sponsers for the dope prizes & the awsome team on the Wanaka Sk8 Club Committee !! BIG UP"S !!! Thank you very much ladies & gents ! See ya all next Saturday 15th November for the 1st annual T.H.W.S. !

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mike Aitken is RAD !

Mike Aitken from Fitbikeco. on Vimeo.

watch this , it's very nice , Get well Mike !!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

BLACK LOTUS T.H.W.S Prizes prt 4

Mr Black Lotus Dan Hunt , blast'in some crazy structure , were are those thangs ?

more dope prizes !!! click d image & buy online !

Retro raaaaddnessss !

I'm lov'in the mailman these days , everyday he brings more prizes for the Shredathon , today all the rad t's from BLACK LOTUS turned up , owned/run/designed by Dan Hunt a shreda outa Canberra (OZ) , it's all about supporting the indie brands as much as possible man ,as we ain't to much into those corp-pirates at all !! BMX is owned by the riders these days , straight up ! BMX'ers know what they need & loads of parts these days that just kick ass are designed/tested by BMX'ers ! So if you want a dope sprocket with NO tight spot BLACK LOTUS has it sorted ! Dan's a engineer an has gotta hold of some darn strong Alumec-89 , stronger than 7075 Alu , Struth ! Get involved man support rider owned BMX brands !! Thanks heaps Dan ,dig that dirt trail lover !! Power in numbers aye !

help'in out d confused ?

Alright peeps heres the flier again , just so ya don't turn up a week early haha , hit the flier if it's not big enough for ya, read it & remember the date haha it's so easy realy , here we go it's the all happening on the 15th November it's a Saturday , right !
See ya'll then !!

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon prizes prt 3

Sam @ Revolutionnz in Christchurch just hit me with a spanking hard Federal " Notorious " 08 frame for the shredathon , it didn't hurt one bit ! The winner of the mens open will walk away with this sexy brake free piece of 4130 !! It's not this weekend boys & girls but next weekend saturday 15th November ! So get ya ass in a seat , get online , oh yeah you already are haha , an show your support for NZ BMX'ers that run a dope shop & an know there shit , get some goodies & dial that beast in ! Check it out Revolutionnz , it's dope , it's online & they send all over NZ !! Forget the Miss's man , hook ya devil machine up ! It'll love ya for it ! ( come on you remember "AGGROMAN" don't ya, hit d link if ya ain't ever seen it man , back to 1989 you'll go ,32 minutes of Eddie Roman's maddness it's so old skool & funny a fuck !)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon Prizes prt 2 !

i'm stoked !

the prizes gettin some sun ?

Hola amigo's it's a BIG Big ups to Fly Bikes (David & Guiri) & triple six for getting some rad goodies down for the Shredathon !!! There's gona be some hella stoked kid's out there after the shredathon as we got a Sergio Layos signature "Pantera" frame for d 1st place open boys , "Pantera" bars for 2nd , Potencia stem for 3rd & Fino seats , bar ends & stickers gallore . Super stoked on the support from the Spainard amigo's they rule it ! So make sure ya here for the 1st annual " Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon", ya gotta be in to win !!

Help Mikey Jam 13th December 08

all funds raised will be sent to the 50/50 Mike Aitken Fund . If ya wana place to crash for the night let me know at : , all welcome , all ages , all sexes just bring some $$$ for the cause man !!!! Beats provided !! BYO meat/tofu & beer for BBQ !!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gorge Road Phatlines !

Cheers to LB & Corban for the slide show of Gorge road , an dam all the new extensions are lookin off the hook , thanks to Mr Dirtfarmer (Nathan Greenwood- Phatlines)he's been feeding his 3 tonne loader loads of steroids & piling that dirt dam high like 15 feet high man ,there's been loads of shaping , slappin & pack'in goin on, an there's a pump track to get ya back to the start of it all once you've blasted some tranfers & tranny's man , oh yeah no peddling back to the roll in , peddlin's for racing man not trails haha !! Sorry no photo's , respect for Nath , the Gorge is still shut down an can't to be far off being opened again for summer blasting !!

So if you've ever ridin the gorge before basically the whole area to the left of the two original lines is chocka block full of lovley massive tranny's ,landings , berms , rollers etc etc theres gonna be some crazy stunts go down at these trails man , an even TJ Lavin is help'in dig , he's in Queenstown with MTV doin some reality show thang for a month !!! Big up's to all the local QT crew, international crew, QLDC & Queenstown bike club for help'in out !!! Bring on Summer !! Hell yeah !!

Scottish BMX cartel digs !

tough dawg?

no peddling here , just drop in

gotta do sumthang 'bout those poles stickin up aye, safty first lads !

this wall ride is fun , but just don't look at the construction hhaha !
I've been riding abit with some nice Scottish lads Ian (P-Haze) , Corban & Mikey when i'm not diggin my own trails or being a dad . An they hate the wind like most of us who like to get airborne , as Lismore & wanaka sk8 park are both very bad for wind straight up as their both so exposed to the north westerly that blasts thru Wanaka. So they got there dig on an got a couple of down hill doubles , berms & a wall ride goin on , it's abit ghetto ( ie poles stikin up out the front of the landing ) but this G.T.F (ghetto trainin facility) is fun for bit of a sesh & is on the edge of some nice woods with a sweet view !! So now were gona add another landing maybe to the left of the tranny closest to the wall ride ie hip into a nice kicker sending ya outa the woods an into to the air !!! Dig trails

New bike event & ride guide !

Had a coffee & a good chat with Anna Smith from THE MIRROR about the Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon & up an coming BMX events that I'm organising along side the Wanaka Skate Committee in the Wanaka area to help fundraise for the Wanak Sk8 park extentions, it's real cool to see the local paper getting behind the Bike community. It's going to be a fortnightly feature starting on Wednesday 12th November called "Making Tracks" focussing on bikes ya know big & small wheeled beasts along with some of the known spots to ride , products , clubs , groups & even a question & answer section , no doubt they'll be some silly ??? asked. The Mirror circulates about 23,223 papers around Queenstown , Wanaka, Crompton, Alex ,Clyde , Roxburgh , Arrowtown etc etc it'll most definatly get the word out to central Otago about what's happining in ya hood !!! Word UP !!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fly Bikes UK Roady

Fly Bikes UK Roadtrip 2008 from Flybikes on Vimeo. Some nice as trails , a bit of park , always stoked of fresh trail footage , i hope it gets ya ampted to get ya dig on !!! Dope sounds , ya gotta just get down an shake it man , yeahhhhh , the funk !! Get down on it !! Funky fresh, ya dig ! Fly Bikes servin up d goodness !! Thanks man !