Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spring is in the air...

as autunm kicks on the north side of earth. summer will be in full swing in a few months down under on the Dirty South Island of NZ yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! Sweet catty action with a flat head & a few local catty roasters roast'in it up! Vid by your's truly PA WOODS! Yup inspirational stuff man, time to really get on the dig buzz as it's the first day a spring today & it's soooo sunny here right now, but the dam wind is starting to blow as it always does around this time of the year. Fingers crossed tho it don't blow for 3-4 months hahaha! Dan & jamie started the little kids BMX track at lismore over the weekend just gone, the little dudes & dude'ettes will be all over it hopefuly with in a month, they'll be a local little open day thang also an if all goes well Plunket & Kahu Youth will be at it as it's all about the little dudes ie the future young bloods man!

Right the 1st LDP "Trails Jam" is going down on the Saturday 30th October 2010 @ Lismore, WANAKA! $15 entry gets ya a membership to LDP - Lismore Dirt Park, a LDP sticker for ya lid/bike plus entry in the jam OR $10 enters ya into the Jam. LDP stickers only come with membership to LDP! The jam will be open format 12-5pm, lots a prizes, no age groups & all bikes welcome NO DH tho hahha! all entry fee's go into the LDP fund ie to help pay for diggers, clay & upkeep of Lismore!...poster soon come!

an dam Nath & the Gorge crew in QT are busy at it dialing in the gorge for summer.....there's a new line get'in built to the left of the big line hell yeah. After chatting to Nath about it it's gonna be super fun man....get involved, dig trails & reap the rewards...ROAST'in SEASON IS ON IT'S WAY!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

west + east = frang'in rad woods

fresh footy of the boys from Dialed 603 Trails, cheers for the tip off Jono such a rad place! An dam Chertsey is looking rad as always, check 'em out! Get into the woods, stack it up & reap what ya sow! Goodtimes & roastalicous frang'in yeeeeeeeeeeew!

on a local front me & a few boys from QT ie Nath G, Jared, John, Cam & a few more had a sweet roll on sunday just gone MOTO is not far of being dialed right in & the 2nd to last is RAD, hold all ya speed & roast the shit outa it, soooo fun. Even tho a few spots on MOTO are a little damp & slow we had a dam goodtime. I hope ya all good Jared, shaken but not deterd right! Sorry no pics, no time for 'em just riding hahah! Spring is in the air, all the trees are budding up & new live begins, i love this time a the year...lets just hope the spring winds stay the fuck away cos they suck big time! DIG TRAILS!

ps after 14 weeks a dealing with a court case to fight the charge of "disorderly behaviour likly to cause violence to start" I WON !!!!!! I fought the law & i WON!!! Lawers are stupid, cost to much & can't get shit right! I defended myself, saved $1000 a dollars & WON yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! F.T.P. t-shirts out soon! HA! So thank you to everyone who was behind my me thru this, i owe you all much love to you...you kno who you are, have a beer/spliff for me as i've gone straight edge no booze, weed...nothing just 100% DIRT in my veins!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

rainy daze misty haze

Mikey sent me thru a bunch a pic's of what he's been up to in those Flemish woods this summer, hell yeah man looks like last winters solid digs are pay'in off yeeeeeeeeeeew you reap what you sow alright, so psyched for ya dude! Can't wait to come visit ya some day man, trails 4 life!

This is RAD as!Segment Clothing welcomes Mat Burton onto its team. All filmed at a session at his own trails. Welcome Matty B.

Searlie is a beast, yup some nextlevel shit for sure! RESPECT!
(if this don't load or ya only get half the screen hit this)

there's not a lot going on around Wanaka, Lismore's well wet....4 weekends worth a rain, drizzle & monsoon down pours..... it's still raining as i type! The tarps are all over Moto & some are on the smaller stuff in Lismore. Bit digging & drainage has been sorted out some more.

L.D.P. aka Lismore Dirt Park is about to be birthed Dan, Jamie, Triston & me are gonna be pretty much running it all ie up keep/new projects @ Lismore. Basically it'll be the club/co-op running Lismore. We'll be tied in with Bike Wanaka (Lake Wanaka Cycling Inc.) as a subsidiary which will help us out with applying for future funding for new lines. More on L.D.P. & how to join soon, L.D.P.stickers out soon when ya join up!

dudsville ink gunner & street slayer Tony Shearer sent this thru, looks wild as hell hahaha date is to come........stay tuned, so give blood daily ride street?

since Loui left Wanaka i see he's take'n up hunting for his dinner, he's got a small deer on his back & dam dude is ya gun big enough hahaha i guess silencers must help out some yeah?

mmmmmm sexy deluxe gooseneck on Bimar's tech 2 beast.

Langer Banger (Paul Langlands) has been blast'n & roast'in around the US some with a few kiwi lads Kane & Jed rep'in NZ hard at all those mad dub jump comps. So while in Cali they set up camp & hit up Savvedra's rad spot Blue Bench for some chill rides haha does Paul kno what a chill ride is with a bag a stunts & tricks that big well he's out control. Paul's also another kiwi dirt fiend who's on the blog'in buzz soo check it out HERE!

sweet ass eight pack HA!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Robbo radsquatch

oh yeah Robbo rules it...so much style

sasquatch canyon looks sooooooo rad! Where is the Yeti? ie Squatchyet HA!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

it's dirty world

Dane Searls aka Searlie does not fuck about by the look of this! Feeding his dirt loads a steroids, some nextlevel full throttle fly or die monsters to roast & only 60 & 50 ft. serious shit! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUP UUP UUUUUP into orbit man! Looking forward to seeing these ozzy monsters bossing some brave lads around it'll be well entertaining. No doubt Searlie will show 'em who's in charge! Don't forget ya parachute when ya test 'em.....don't case as that could hurt just a little hahaha! RESPECT! Poached off Karl's brizzy based biz Private Distro

after hooking Turnando up with a long lost friend by pure chance, he sent a couple a pics thru, load up that barrow, make those muscles huge (who needs gyms haha) & get wild at the trails, TX woods are RAD!

Lima eastside frang'in

check this out..."Birth of Big Air" Spike Jones getting it done with a rad as new BMX film, check out Hoffman's "Tribute to Evil" find it, it's a blast with madness like Psycho getting the world record for longest BMX jump to face plant & midgets going BIG hahaha yup nuts..goggle it!

Pompom's sexy new tan Tech 2 Deluxe mm mmm buy one HERE

what's Mikey up to here, his girls numero uno either way! Mikey's woods in Belgium are his new home from what he said "puting fires out at 6am" i guess those strong Flemish beers put ya to sleep aye hahaha dig'n, hang'in, drink'in & riding ya hard work is the best reward..so get involved in ya local trails, ya feel much more welcome if ya help DIG or help in some way at ya trails!

Fly Bikes Guiri flic'd thru a few pics of his new home (were he's parked up the Titanic) in the north west side a Spain, it looks alot like parts of NZ's coast line, if ya can't be in NZ find a place almost like it! See you in NZ sometime soon bro.....surf's up.

Chris Pollack owner/editor/photographer of REBELYELL has a sweet interview up HERE, it gives ya a whole heap a insight into one hell of a rad independent 100% BMX mag, issue 10 out soon...THE TRAILS ISSUE...yeeeeeeeeeeeeeew....cos there's always issues at the trails hahaha! Get it at Backbone

Jason Cousins rules it & wrangled the Backbone crew and friends into the Roadtripz bus for a trip from Hazelbrook trails in the Blue Mountains all the way out to Dubbo in Central NSW...sooo rad to see Hazo still running after all these years! Is Glen Newland still around, he's one of the hazo diggers from the begininng! Respect! Hazo was the 1st ever real trails i got to ride back 2000 ahhh the memories & goodtimes. Since then the OZ trail scene has gone nuts! Keep it underground mang!

get SEKT ... Carter frangs & stacks it up! Wasted Youth has SEKT

Mark T roastin Catty some...so help 'em woods out buy a rad tee for summer yo HERE

FOSTER...Catty bub scrub...every one's seen this shot right?

an on the local Lismore front, people are still cutting thru the safety tape (bad habit someones gonna cause a bad collision soon) & breaking it, please don't that tape ain't cheap $50 for a 1000meters, if i catch ya look out. Just because MOTO/big line is closed it don't mean it's sweet to cut thru, please enter Lismore from the top or very bottom ie return back to top us older boys need to set a good example for the younger users of lismore, it's not rocket science man. So after talking to the Police & Council about the safty issues after last weekends run in with a grumpy drunk'in dad after i told his 2 kids nicley " that they shouldn't be @ Lismore unsupervised or running around & climbing all over MOTO or any jumps when people are riding them or they get seriously hurt or possibly killed, go get your mum or dad then come back with them." It seems right now that barrier/bunting tape is the best we can do with the lack of funding we have!

If you see little kids with out their parents be wary & if you can mention the dangers to the parent do it, don't let them just dump their kids off, lismore ain't no day care centre (i'm talking kids under 16 who think the jumps are a jungle gym...go to the real kids play ground ie dinosaur park etc etc!!)! "Lismore is public land but privately managed by Bike Wanaka aka Lake wanaka Cycling Inc. The council said it's going to look into these safty issues an get back to me in 2 weeks, not good enough to be honest! Hopefully the council will amend the signage we already have to cover this issue in plain english! If you use Lismore an really want to protect it's future we ALL need to really start educating people who don't understand the dangers of standing in the middle of a line like a dodo while a dude doing 30-40 km's & 15 feet in the air, air brakes. nope ya just can't stop mid flight can ya. Plain common sense really is hard to find these days, to many kids lack it!

The clean ups almost done on MOTO, more patching tonight, she'll be good for the weekend if the weather holds off, looks like some more rain coming in from the east on sat/sun but not much...fingers crossed! No one else seems to be sorting the mainline tho @ Lismore i can't do it all man, my free time is precious & i don't really ride it HA!!!!!! If you ride it keep it dialed right! Public spot remember.... Work bee dudes every saturday morning 9-12 remember that, so come on locals ya snow's gone since all that last rain hahaha & the Queenstown boys are making ya look bad by doing a shit load every weekend..... sort it!

Hunter 12 yrs old & a loyal local lismore digger

dirty south west coast sunset..NZ..mmm mmmm beautiful!

Monday, August 2, 2010

after the rain......

saturday as the rain begins.......

melted again.....

Loui check'in out Jarod's shovel work driven by the need for roast'in instead a brak'in got the new 7th bomb hole all finished on saturday & gave the tranny about 4ft more length...then he roasted it! Love ya work dude! The digger is t'd up to pull out those massive rocks & widen it up some this week sometime, call me Kris..chur chur
an people say it don't rain in wanaka duh, i think we had the most rain all year in less than 6 hours! I guess that happens when it's winter aye! Horay for tarps & carpet, some a lismore got messed up but really i thought it all held up to the heavenly beating alright. There's a few boggy water logged patches that'll take a week or 2 to dry out, so more drains are going in, more tarps to buy....digs all week so she's ready for all the weekend warriors haha!

fresh tee's out for Catty woods insurance fund, i've got mine coming, so buy one HERE an help out one of the raddest trails on earth, an rock a sweet axleradical T this summer, PA WOODS fuck yeah!........the mother land!

catty local Marky T
eastside Matty bermage or bowlage? Catty

landing not lip Catty
Hucker dumped at Catty
dumped out....