Monday, June 30, 2008

updated PA WOODS "save the woods" dvd info

new pocket jump @ Catty trails is lookin insane, i'm buildin one as soon as more clay is found!!

logpile ha ha back of the landing!!!! now ya can build one too!!! get diggin diggaz!!

Yo if anyone wants a copy of the sickest trails dvd ever!! fa real it's off the hook an a must have if ya dig or just love trails. As of the 1 July 08 (tomorrow) it's crucial to include the new 4 digit post codes.

So please send $25 this includes $5 postage (just put d $$$ in the envelope, no money order's/cheques/credit card sales, sounds dodge but it just saves alot of time & MAKE SURE YOUR OWN ADDRESS IS ON THE BACK OF D ENVELOPE SO I CAN POST YA DVD TO YA!!!!)

Hopefuly Revolutionz in christchurch the south islands newest BMX/SK8 shop & online shop, might be keen ta stock the dvd also as i'm sendin Sam & Nate at the store couple a copies for their viewing pleasure !!! I'll keep ya posted on how that all goes !!!! i'm d mean time check them out !!!! keep it local !!! an also check out these boys are designing some nice parts their stems are dope ( i don't have one but Brad Greenslad's EDH stem is very nice) & bars are soon to come, all the info is on thier site!!!

Oh yeah here's that address : trubmx P.O Box 784 , WANAKA 9343 , OTAGO

dig trails !!!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

REBELYELL BMX MAGAZINE is soo good man !!

The COVER - Rick Hayward - tuck nohander fakie tree ride

INSIDE- Sion Rodgers - 180 wheelchair ramp rail hop - Melborne

MMMM DIRT - Daniel Donges -big ol tuck boost @ the Cam Jam - Canberra

The new REBELYELL is out & it's a photo issue, i got flowed a copy from Sion & Jess cheers Ratties ha ha !!! After haggin out in Wanaka for over a year Sion got back on the streets (not much street in wee ol wanaka) an has a nice shot in the mag beastin it on the mean Melborne streets ( for the record Sion & Daniel's photos on this blog are me takin photos of the mag i hav, so there not as clear as the real shot in d mag, so get a copy NOW an you'll be well impressed on just how crisp these photos are).

This mag is full of all the goods ya want ta see in a BMX mag, boys shredding, big glossy pages, amazing photo's, no politic's, a bit a quality reading & bugger all ad's !!! the best BMX mag ever, Chris Polack photographer/editor still uses medium format, chris's shotz are soo crisp they capture all the action & god dam this man has skillz!! RESPECT !!!
lets not forget it's a Melbourne based mag & full of shredders from all over down under !!! There's a mean as shot of NZ's Tim Hales boostin it over a dam high fence out of a banked ditch (i try'd load'n the photo Chris sent me but i just would'nt let me, i'll sort soon )!!! REBEYELL is avalible in NZ thru revolutionnz an only $10 plus postage, Christchurch's new BMX / SK8 shop & NZ's best online shop fa 20" goodies check them out
I can't wait but i'm gonna have to for the next issue , the troll aka Greg Barnes was sent ta the Red Bull dirt pipe ta write some words on about what he saw, it should be a good laugh!!! along with loads of mean photo's & a few good words aye!!
check out , Chris is still workin on the wed site, as REBELYELL bmx mag has been running for little over a year & 1/2 , an life's busy & travelin around shootin amazing photos mos defnatly takes up abit a time, but it's there an should be fully up an loaded with goodness by the end of july. SO CHECK IT OUT !!!!! no politics, no bullshit, all 20"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CHRIS "turbo" vid

it's good ta see another old buddy from Auzzie still shreddin as all ways, last time i saw Turbo was @ the Grove Trails, Seaforth (R.I.P) just b4 i moved bac 2 NZ a couple a years ago , Nice to see some sweet footage of Red Hill Trails an they looking nice an now there all legit cheers to some good deeds by the local diggers & some good church going christians, cheers to everyone for that epic mish, good dam i miss all the sydney trails, gonna have ta mish bac for a month or two some time soon i think!!! enjoy the vid an the full pipe is ....... well i know where !!!! the only good thing about a drought is dam's are pretty much empty you just gotta now where they are.

The Blood Pit

it don't get better than this Pete, Sion & James Wanaka NZ.

blood pit roll in.

Pete in d pit.

as always assholes like throwing bottles in d blood pit, good sweepin Pete.

yeah bring back d vert oh yeah.

i stumbled upon these snaps in my computer i think Greg Barnes took'em last summer while on a roady around the south island. The mornington bowl up the top of high street (good steep road ta bomb) Dunedin if ya woundering where it is, the blood pit to the locals, there's also a cool old snake run ,spine , pyramid & a couple of rails , an i've only ever seen one person shredding this place an that was an easy 10 years ago Clinton Smith & man can he ride 13 foot airs (length ways) tailwhips,no foot cans,540's, massive fakies all over ten feet!! an on a GT race frame !! respect ta ya Clinton as you the man that inspired me big time !!! Where is that boy these day's??? Mosgiel in think i need ta look him up next time in Dunedin, an give him me old Pantera & get him back into shredding once again!!!! i'll try find some old photo's
Cheer ta the Daggers (local sk8 crew) for the mean paint job big up's Nigel Roberts !!! an dam i remeber Dave Johnson's psyhco cycle day he put on back in the 90's an Sarge sk8'n the pit in bare feet !! Check out SHOOSH CYCLES if ya in Dunedin or ya need ta get sumpin fixed on ya ride!!!!

here's one for you all you fags out there ha ha !!!

ha ha i think this has got to be the best vid eva ha ha ha NOT !!! anyway it mos def takes balls ta run it nude at ya trails !!!! ha ha ha !!! GAIDS (the worst kind of aids) ha ha !!!! funny shit !! does any one kno what felchin is ha ha !!! go get naked fools ha!!! this one i dedicate to Sion, Greg & Pete cheers for the good times an why didn't we all get naked at d Gorge trails QT ha ha ha !!! next time ya bac in NZ aye oooohhhhh!! Bwaahhaaaaahhhaaa

Pull shapes from Aversion bmx on Vimeo.

FBM madness street trails park & d rest ha ha !!

FBM Spring 2008 Promo from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Brazil waterjumping fun oh yeah!!!

ha ha bring back summer!!! ah water jumpin is always sweet as fun there must be trails in Brazil somewhere an by the look of the lip their boostin they'll be well nice !!! enjoy

Maranguape from Shitfuck bmx on Vimeo.

Area 51 trails have changed abit !!!

these trails remind me of the Gully trails in Berowra, well the big line anyway, cheers for all the good times Phil, Dammo, Limey & Jared i'll always remember the brown snake's ha ha scary shit oh & the ozzie blood suckin mozzie's ha ha , an i also heard there gone now ??? is that true ?? R.I.P ??? Gully Trails i hope not !!!

staff BMX area 51 edit from Staff BMX on Vimeo.

Vinyl BMX "best of both worlds" soon come screenin @ Revolver Bar !!!

yep gona post the date as soon as the goods get here !!! nuthing like a big screen full of Trails & Park Hell yeah !!!!! see ya there ,so while ya waitin check d wee teaser out!!! the from Guiri @ fly bikes is that this vid is mostly full of trails, it seems trails are the new Black again ????

Vinyl_Woozy_Promo from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

Aversion BMX uk stylee

Aversion BMX: Dagger from streetphire on Vimeo.

Dylan Smith's Luna ad

nice wee vid 9th st Austin TX

Dylan's Luna ad from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Washington trails (R.I.P)

Washington Trails BMX from anchors bmx on Vimeo.

Jersy barriers are fun ta sesh an these boy's found a even better use for one, enjoy !!!!!

wanaka jump not open yet !!!!

the jumps arn't open yet girls calm down !!! pads are always good tho!!!

Yeah those fellaz buildin the mountain bike jump park are either over it, playin in the snow or makin DH trax in clyde ? Not much has been going on in the park except the wind blown all d carpet around. So i guess it means the jump park won't be opening as earlier predicted at the end of june ( it has been raining abit), but hey it doesn't mean that ya can't have a roll on a hip or two, ha ha nuthin like a sneaky cheeky roll ta stretch ya legs aye and the big left hip on the big line after the first s berm feels real nice !!!! It's a public park an if ya pay ya taxes who can realy stop ya from rollin the lines aye !! Security ?? bwaahhaa !!! there ain't no goons around that i've seen, just a fool with a ruben tread mark on his face ha ha it's a long story.
oh ya might wana stay off the obvious soft & boggy stuff as you'll only rut it out (the big line was built first an is hard & sweet ta roll but i didn't say that did i ha ha ) an don't get busted ridin the place (watch out for narks) as there are signs everywhere sayin ''Closed to public" & "Keep off " etc etc, the parks not gonna get hurt ( there are loads of cracks starting to appear & it's not cos the place is dryin out either tho it's cos as d dirt settles an subsides or should i say shit is starting slip abit as was maybe abit rushed ?? what do i kno tho ha ha) if ya hurt yaself it's ya own stupid fault fellaz!!!! Hopfuly the snow all melts an they finish the jump park by the end of july !!! but don't hold ya breath tho !!! an watch out for those bitch ass pine cones all over the lines their dodgy & will easily make ya eat shit hard !!
I'm gonna get hasseled about this post maybe, what eva it's a free country ha ha ha ! Some people need ta just chill out an not be so serious all the time man, Trails are fun !!! nuff said.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the dayz of dig dig dig diggin in d woods are back !!!

this hottie wanted ta dig , she even had her own shovel !!! i'd jump dd girl oh yeah !!!

so there's a few vids to keep ya all happy (an me) when ya get home from a daily dose of diggin in ya woods !!!!!! i'll just keep loadin up loads of trail vids catch ya summer time at the trails !!!!!!!! had a mean dig an have welcomed back those friendly callouses & new blisters mmmm ya can't beat the feeling DIRT !!! just dig it ha ha ha !!!!! photos' to come when it's all lookin photogenic !!!!! digging is the physio, can't wait ta start rollin the new lines!!!!

TRAILS-vinylbmx vid

more & more TRAILS GOODNESS !!!!! north east usa styles

Punjab's trails vid - Pittsburgh

Fly Bikes Punjab at home havin fun !!!! for more vids

Washington trails (R.I.P) vid

washington trails (Seattle R.I.P) i just found out that the destroy bmx crew had their trails plowed !!! what is it kill trails year !!! gay!!! they've all found a new spot an diggin has been happining for the past few months now !!! al d best with the new spot !!!!

there's another sick vid at the it's called "washington trails bmx" search dis an you'll be a happy trail head!!! peace

H.U.S.H. final sesh vid (R.I.P)

H.U.S.H. (R.I.P.) is gone an will be sadly missed, good luck to the backbone bmx boys in findin a new super hidden secret spot to start rebuilding!!! RESPECT


more trails for ya, ta help ya see what all the diggings for, keep on diggin fools fuel the PASSION

PA WOODS whoknows shitty vid

CATTY TRAILS heres a small oldy from the woods of penn state !!!! if ya wana copy of the new full length dvd "save the woods" send a $25 in a self addressed envolope to : trubmx P.O. Box 784 Wanaka Otago (nz orders only) this is a sweet as trails dvd the best i've seen for a long time!!! Tom "Robbo" Robinson, Russel "Auzzie Russ" Brindley, Brian Foster, Mark T, Tony Cadrona ,Punjab, Brain Yeagle an heaps more trail dogs shreddin @ Catty & P.O.S.H !!! 90% trails & a bit of ramp,street but it's mos def a trails vid fa real !!!!

The funds from sales of "save the woods" is gonna be sent bac ta Chris Janis (filme/rider/digger @ Catty trails ) but hurry will be sold out soon !!! big up's ta all the diggers out there!!!! keep on diggin the earth man from dirt we come, on dirt we play & back ta dirt we'll all go !!!! PEACE

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer soon come !!!

Well i had ta run this shot of the ladies ha ha ha this is what happens when boy's pimp their bikes out in OZ !!! Cheers Greg (his 20" has d yellow t shirt on d bars) i'm sure ya put the $50 ya got ta good use & got well baked ha ha !!!!
so yeah theres not alot going on around here (wanaka) at the moment so i guess i wont be postin much news!!! an will be focusing all of the spare time to diggin in the WOODS,yep time to go bush an dig like a demon !!!!!! Stoney hill trails in duds are running real sweet at the mo as Henry D & the boys have been gettin loads of winter maintennce done an the lines are gettin bigger i hear !!!
it seems that the wanaka jump park has stopped progressing in construction , so open day is a by the look of things gonna be a bit late , but there has been alot of rain an that has slowed it all down for em oh yeah & the snow park has opened so i guess it's time to play in the clean white stuff for a bit !!!!! not me tho i like it dirty brown, i'll be putin up some new vids & a little news over the rest of winter !!!!
have a sick dirty dirt filled winter fellaz !!!! Summer soon come !!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

trails philosophy

At the edge of the woods Wanaka styles.
Diggin trails is about passion for something that alot of people just don't understand, there are the riders an then there are the riders that dig more than they ride ,well over winter any way an by the time summer comes back theres gona be some nice new bmx trails here in Wanaka !!
Doubles, berms, hips, rollers, a dirt 1/4 or 2, funtimes & a wicked view. An the best thing about the new trails is there on private land so my self & my buddy ( his parents own the land ) say who can ride them & who can't, if ya don't dig ya don't get ta ride these lines !!! No exceptions what so eva !!! any way with the qldc public wanaka jump park nearly finished, i don't think there will be many who realy care about what were up to in our woods, an that suits us realy perfectly !!! just like a decoy!!! what were up to will remain a secret hiddin from peering eyes.

big thanks PA Woods premier & HUSH trails R.I.P

Rhysty- get'n sideways at HUSH (R.I.P)

A big thanks goes out to all that showed up to the PA Woods "save the woods" premier on saturday night, an those boys who did'nt show up, an knew about it SHAME !!! I drove over from Wanaka & they live local SHAME !! what's their excuse "oh i lost a shoe" what the ???? I want a digital projector & a big white screen!!! thanks heaps Jono & Matty @ revolver for help'in out an giving me a venue to show the vid oh yeah thanks fa the beers!!! it's good ta see that there are people living in Queenstown that care about there scene an support it,fundraising for the spots they like to ride !!!! Shit Dan Frew drove all the way up from d frew farm, top effort bro!!!!

Not alot was raised but hey every bit counts !!!!! An there's a few new faces around QT rockin d 20" steez, iT was sad to hear from a HUSH local that HUSH a real cool set of trails that were much loved by the bmx's who dug/built them in Canberra (oz) had been flattened !!! I hope it does'nt stop the local diggers from finding a new spot an staring over again, good luck boys !!! RESPECT !! if ya wana kno more about HUSH check out

Bently- white knuckles @ HUSH (R.I.P) A.C.T.