Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer soon come !!!

Well i had ta run this shot of the ladies ha ha ha this is what happens when boy's pimp their bikes out in OZ !!! Cheers Greg (his 20" has d yellow t shirt on d bars) i'm sure ya put the $50 ya got ta good use & got well baked ha ha !!!!
so yeah theres not alot going on around here (wanaka) at the moment so i guess i wont be postin much news!!! an will be focusing all of the spare time to diggin in the WOODS,yep time to go bush an dig like a demon !!!!!! Stoney hill trails in duds are running real sweet at the mo as Henry D & the boys have been gettin loads of winter maintennce done an the lines are gettin bigger i hear !!!
it seems that the wanaka jump park has stopped progressing in construction , so open day is a by the look of things gonna be a bit late , but there has been alot of rain an that has slowed it all down for em oh yeah & the snow park has opened so i guess it's time to play in the clean white stuff for a bit !!!!! not me tho i like it dirty brown, i'll be putin up some new vids & a little news over the rest of winter !!!!
have a sick dirty dirt filled winter fellaz !!!! Summer soon come !!!

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