Thursday, June 26, 2008

CHRIS "turbo" vid

it's good ta see another old buddy from Auzzie still shreddin as all ways, last time i saw Turbo was @ the Grove Trails, Seaforth (R.I.P) just b4 i moved bac 2 NZ a couple a years ago , Nice to see some sweet footage of Red Hill Trails an they looking nice an now there all legit cheers to some good deeds by the local diggers & some good church going christians, cheers to everyone for that epic mish, good dam i miss all the sydney trails, gonna have ta mish bac for a month or two some time soon i think!!! enjoy the vid an the full pipe is ....... well i know where !!!! the only good thing about a drought is dam's are pretty much empty you just gotta now where they are.

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