Thursday, May 29, 2008

The new Fly Bikes web site is all finished an lookin real nice!!!

check it out

the tree is a nice touch !!!! Love trees !!!! Hug 'em daily !!!!

the boys at fly are workin on a cassette hub, an i'd say with Guiri on d job it'll be more reliable than a profile cassette (yes i hav one it's 3 months old an acting wierd), did i just say that ha ha

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Just a reminder for all you trail heads this if ya dig'in the photo of P.O.S.H. to ya left then ya better not miss this!! Saturday night 31st May NZ premier of the new PA WOODS dvd "Save the Woods" Revolver Bar, Queenstown (NZ) 6pm !!! gold coin or more entry, as i'm raisin $$$
4 the new sk8 park & gorge rd jumps!!!!!

SAVE THE WOODS-TRAILS P.O.S.H. CATTY- Brian Foster, Punjab, ,Russell Brindly, Brain Yeagle, Tony Cardrona, Tom 'Robbo' Robinson, Tables, Geoff Slatery, Boosts, Big 3's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have copies of the dvd on sale for $20 the $$$ from these sales is gonna to be sent back ta Chris Janis (he filmed it) @ !!!! strickly limited supply only 20 of em in NZ !!! if ya can't make the pemier an ya want a copy you could try ya luck at but they only got sent 30 copies, an they'll be almost gone!!!! NEW ZEALAND orders only !! send $25 ($5 will cover postage) in a envelope with ya address on it to trubmx P.O. Box 784 WANAKA NZ !!! (trubmx@ ) sounds dodgy but hey you have my word i'll hook you up with the best trails dvd ever!!!! take a risk it'll pay off OH YEAH !!!!

Big ups & respect ta all the diggers out there !!!! keep on diggin !!! TRAILS 4 LIFE !!!!!!


The Red Bull Dirt Pipe - OZ

Donges lookback well above the pipe!!!

Hunt stylin , red dirt mmmm.
O my do i miss the red dirt of OZ!!! An Red Bull love going big don't they, 6 years of planing an the Dirt Pipe event held on the weekend (23/24/25 may 08) near Mt Beauty, is another fine example of what is possible with lovly filthy dirt!!!! check d footage out at pedal power.
Respect to the brains behind this beauty set up!!!!!! Cheers fa d tip off G, you lucky lucky boy you where there writing for !!!! Check d pic's & Ryusty's words on the gig at . You won't be dissapointed !!!
mmm i'd like ta spend a few days ridin the dirt pipe oh yes !!!
It's always good ta see mates rippin, Dermo (from Berowra trails??R.I.P.) & Tom Booreman who has soo much style , i remember Tom taking Adam & me to a real sketchy rusted up half pipe with massive holes in the flat bottom in sydney somewhere near a big swimming pool, Tom just laughed about the holes in the ramp, put his helmet & signature elbow pad on !! an got his boost on !!!! hell on wheels alright Newtown's (Skidney) evilest wheels store!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hidaz new ride !!

Hids & his new 20" settin d table.

wanaka park has a very nice view oh YEAH.

Hidz & new Subrosa Trails.

one of the twins, nice eh!!!

Hidz needed new cranks, an asked his gran to buy him some, he must have used his manners as Gran hooked him up wit a complete Subrosa trails, what a choice Gran aye!!! she nows what up !!! Hidz is as local as they come in wanaka an the kids got talent, i gota watch out ha ha !!

I had ta chuck a shot of one of the twins ripping his sk8 up, some of the kids around here so full of talent,not too caught up with fashion ha ha !!! An then theres the dumb ass's that think there famous ( yeah in wanaka ha ha ) an try an snake everyone, what happened to park etiquette!! We all hate slaming yeah & using ya eyes can help out aye!!! sk8ters are brakless & so are 20's these days so come on lets use our noodles abit more aye !!! I dig watching peeps rippin on what ever !!! as long as were all having fun & getting along !!! Peace

Each to their own duhduh !! I personaly find no brakes helps with ya flow, makes ya ride smoother & an improves ya control!! Don't kick it until yav try'd it !!! It ain't fashion or a trend cos when ya havin a good ride an ya brakes die, who's realy gona stop riding, ya just adapt!!! an if ya like it ya run it!! It's personal choice an not a safty issue at all !!! brakes at the trails ( if ya need 'em & no brakes for everything else)

It's winter again.

view from d roof at home today 25th may.

up near the dirt 1/4 yesterday 24 may.

I just gotta put these views up for ya all, was just doing a bit of shaping at the dirt 1/4 an had my handy kodak an just started snappin away. This is one of the reasons why ya got come ta NZ to ride & just take in the beautiful views. I love this little patch of earth called Wanaka , it's just so inspiring lookin out the window!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lands End Trails Wanaka NZ !!! soon come.

Fly trails R.I.P. dec 06-jan 07

The line from d 1'st landing. Fly trails R.I.P.

3 hot as sold months of diggin, time 4 a kodak moment ha ha !! Fly trails R.I.P.

Guiri (Spain), Nico (Germany) & James (NZ) fly trails R.I.P.

My son Marley has 2be d youngest digga eva !! (Fly trails R.I.P.)

TRAILS IS TALKING!!!! Yep i've pretty much secured, i just need to finalize a few thing's, but it's on!!!!WINTER DIGGIN IS BACK!!!! A sweet new SECRET spot in the wanaka area to finaly rebuild what was dozed !!!!! TRAILS TRAILS TRAILS sweet beautiful TRAILS, so for those who where lucky enough to roll the Fly Trails or to just go an take a look at them expect the same trail steez when diggin begins an by summer the plan is to have a couple of real nice lines up an rollin...boostin doubles, hips, 1/4's/rollers, berms ya kno all the fun as real 20"traily styles!!!!! more news to come as the diggin begins!!!!!

If 2 diggers were able to build the Fly trails by hand in just 3 months think about what'll get built with 3 diggers over the next 5 months!!! OH YEAH !!!! i hope it rains so much an summer comes late as!!!

Justin Inman brakeless @ SOLAME TRAILS

Justin Inman Solame local/trail boss!!

Just a short one, i'm not enough of a computer geek ta work out how ta put this vid i just found at on me blog!!! hit d link, look fa videostore on the home page an scroll down ya can't miss it."Loteks Justin Inman" is the title. Yeah FIT BIKE's Justin Inman is rollin Solame trails brakeless.

I kno Auzzie Russ rolls Catty trails brakeless, he be boostin the big lines in the new PA WOODS dvd "save the woods", an it's nuts seeing lines this big being hit brakeless RESPECT!! even Chase Hawk puts brakes on to ride Catty or as he said "ha ha you'd die" !!!!! Hola bac Chris Janis how else rolls Catty brakeless??? ,an don't forget this Satuday 31st May if ya in QT come an Check out the NZ premier of PA WOODS "Save the woods" it's got be the best trails vid to date, Trails is talkin !!!! will be a well good night, with Matt Eddy's new Band "BUSHMAN" playin phat natty congo dread Roots rock reggae after the vid!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park - the small stuff

lookin in from d 2nd entry line 2 d basin.
lookin in from d 3rd line entry 2 d basin

on top of the last a step up, it's gota super flat landing??

the end of d 1st, 2nd & 3rd lines u can link up with em after the basin area.

ahh beautiful wet rainy wintery wanaka !!! perfect fa diggin !!!

This how all the small stuff is lookin, the kids are gona love this set up, more of 'em might even nag their folks to buy them a 20" once this is all open to the public ha ha!!! It's good to see a piece of crap land covered in invasive non native trees evolving into what will become like a hub for kids of all ages in wanaka, lets just hope the QLDC puts in some rubbish bins or the place will end up as littered as the wanaka Sk8 park !!!

Even with rubbish bins at the Local Sk8 park so many of the little trendy sk8ter punks just chuk there litter on the ground!!! when asked nicly to put their rubbish in the bin they're like " F*#K OFF, i don't care the coucil will clean it up" or "why don't you pick it up for me ha ha"!!! WHAT THE F*#K !!! What ever happened to the tidy kiwi's of my generation!!! Some of the parents around wanaka need a good kick up the arse for lackin to educate thier kids about keepin NZ clean & green!!!!!! nuff said!!!
Rain drops catch d flash good, that's what all the streaky white dots are!! arty eh!! Bwaahaahaa !

Wanaka Jump Park - big line

from d roll in, d racey 1st stepdown table you shouldn't have ta peddle into this hopefuly.

2nd & 3rd from d 1st table then it's into the berms

outa the berms into d 4th & 5th

there's a racey table double thing (6th) just b4 this big l lefty berm

outta d last lefty berm & couple more tables 7th & 8th.
The big kiddies line so far is lookin fun, the digger in the first shot helps add abit of scale to d project, their all about half the size of the big line at the Frew Farm, it's all settling well an those trany's are feelin hard & lookin just abit on the mellow side tho!! either way it'll still be fun to have something local (300 meters from where i live) ta ride as the Land End Trails (wanaka) are being built (news about these trails later check the pics from the fly trails (RIP) that Guiri & I built, @ in the news "Guiri's update feb 3 07) expect the same well packed mean finish!!! only better & made off clay tho!! big scary doubles, berms,rollers, hips, dirt 1/4's & dirt bowls oh yeah!! mmmm.
It's been raining heaps in the past 3 days an the big line looks well nice all wet & miost mmm!! The falls good as it's lookin well drained, only a few wee puddles on it, more pics later. The supposed expected opening date for these jumps is late June, if the weathers all good that is. The 443 fellaz seem to be getting the job done, an i'm look forward ta having a roll when all the works done, thanks to d QLDC & LWCI for makin it happen!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frew Barn Vid

I finaly got a bit of time while the ratbags were asleep ta sort this vid from a bit of a roady Lowell,Pete & i went on a couple a weeks ago we hit up a tiny as mini mini in lumsden, Gore sk8 prk a fun park ta sesh, it waz completely empty when we hit it!! then it waz to the deep south central wop wops to see our buddy Dan Frew @ the Frew Farm.

It rained a hell of alot then it rained a hellof alot more ha ha !! We couldn't hit the dirt jumps or any of fun shit ta ride out doors, so it was into the Barn ( it's realy a sheep shearing shed that smells real sheepy baaahh!! ) Ben Finny has been workin on 2 1/4's (they join together into 1 1/4) that just make the set up flow real nice!!! abit of hammering an propin, then d 1/4 was sold ,apart from the 1/4 spliting open at the ground what a surprize i got as i ate shit hard!! we all had a fun as sesh.Nuff said check d vid!!! it's my first semi proper vid, i'm still learning all this computer shit but hey i think you'll like it!!! Don't get dizzy bah bah!!!

big up's ta The Frew Farmers fa putin in the time an creating one of NZ's funest spots,expect big things ta come from the deep south in the future!!!!!

test vid load up !!!

Wanaka Jump Park

4th on the big line a nice ol left hip, i can see this from my back door!!
one of the S berms that lead to the basin
1st lip at the top, small lines left & the big line right
lookin from the end of the basin runs, watch out for doggie poo's!!
packing away eh!! 2nd tables in right medium/big basin line
The Wanaka Jump Park is coming along well an lookin alright, it has some fun interesting lines also that could definitely lead to a collision or two with someone on a busy day!!! ha ha !! Transfering /jumping outta berms into other lines is what i'm talkin' about. There's lots of berms, hips & tables !!! If only it was all made of clay like the Frew Farm!! , so horay for water & carpet, with out it these jumps would just perish, gota keep d dirt here moist aye (this is a QLDC public park built & designed by the 26" 443 Crew for riders of all skill levels, if it ain't big enough for ya QT has the Dream, Mini Dream & D Gorge PHATLINES indeed !!ya gota love small town rivalry ha ha ) so it's gotta be safe as well as provide fun for kiddies & the big kiddies. So there's no burly 30ft doubles here there in ya back yard at home if ya lucky!!

The big line the trailest of the lines & (racey table, table, right hip, a mean s berm, left hip, racey roller double , big left berm, table, table) is the only line not leading into the "basin" jump area, it looks like it'll be fun. All the other lines lead via berms, there's a real sk8 prk like 90 degree left hip on one of the lines & a few small tables down to the main 'basin . There are four lines in this "Basin" area (two rows -left -smaller & small on d right-medium/bigger) theres about four tables to each of these lines an then ya can either transfer back out onto the big outside line (get ya street eyes on if ya do this) or chose from a few other lines,an are still.
It looks like d 443 crew (contracted in by the local bike club L.W.C.I.) are at the tuning stage of construction an are still adding jumps to the lines.Boy's are mos def natly rollin it all & fine tuning it all . Once opened it'll be another spot ta roll in the beautiful deep south. The only problem i can see with this park is you can't see all of what's going on from the roll in, an that's a bit dodgy/dangerous!! (maybe over looked by d builders) At most Trails/jump parks ya can see all the action, Safty in other words, if someone slams & K.O's on a line here your gona have ta either hop 'em or hit 'em ?? If ya running no brakes here your gona DIE or hurt a nice big tree!!! ha ha , if ya slam on a 20" or 24" those 26" bikes will just soak ya up with all that travel ha ha !!!
The date for the open day jam a rama can't be to far off , unless it dumps a shit load of snow an the builder's have a powder clause in the building contract!!!

Queenstown park update 2

it's lookin good an not far of being finished, the flat's just gotta be poured an then it's just the wait till open day!!! the Bowl is to be done abit later tho so it's a full street park with, well i could see one small trany(in bottom photo near end of rail) either way it'll be sweet to ride sumthin new!!! The QLDC's claim'in it to be the best park in New Zealand!!! ahh NO that would mos def be Reefton's park big an burly!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Some time with in the next 3-4 weeks Shoosh Cycles & trubmx will be putin "Save the Woods" on the screen at SHOOSH CYCLES!!! the newest, sickest & best indie owned bike shop in dirty ol Dunedin!!! no doubt it'll be a mad night!!!! beers & the rest ha ha!!! If ya kno Sarge (unit man)well enough i'd be careful ha ha!!! i'll post the date soon!!!! Hey Sarge you better bring the "Unitman" movie as well, cos i hav'nt seen it yet!!!! If your in DUNEDIN an ya bust ya bike up shreddin Sarge will dial ya ride for ya, he might even make ya a green tea ooohh!!!! Respect !!!!
i might still have some copies left $15 funds for the Trails !!! Stony Hills OH YEAH!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PA WOODS NZ PREMIER 31st May @ Revolver bar QTown

yo peeps !!! just sorted d date for the PA WOODS 'Save the Woods' premier it's gona be hapnin at Revolver bar in Queenstown on Saturday 31st May 8:30 pm kick off, gold coin entry, there'll also be copies ta give away in a raffle , an for sale $15 ($$$ from vids is for the PA WOODS CREW) all uther funds raised are gona be split 50/50 for the new QT skate park & Gorge road Jumps winter revamp/extensions !!!!!
IF YA LOVE TRAILS REAL FUCKIN TRAILS (P.O.S.H & Catty) !! YOU DOON"T WANA MISS THIS VID !!! after the woods "Bushmaster" Matt Eddy's (Zuvuya & Interoots) phat bass hittin reggae/dub band is playin so, it'll be a well fun night of dirty bmx & natty congo roots dread !!!!! SEE YA THERE !!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lake Hawea Sk8 Park !!!!!

yep there planing ta build a $250,000 ish ( not finalised) park in Hawea by the lil wee bmx track near the community centre it's still in the planing stage so it'll be a while yet before i get my hnds on any plans to show ya all.
The Hawea Community Asssociation has put in a funding application thru the QLDC an lets hope they hook em up $150,000 well that how much there after roughly, then i guess it's down to loads of fundraising & approaching some of those phat private bank accounts that this area has for the rest of the $$$
So kids hassel ya nan & pops cos it's as much for you as it is for the rest of us who just love ta roll a bit concrete, wouldn't it be sweet if it could be a coverd park so winter ya could still shred it & the summer sun don't burn the f*#k outa ya!!!!

FULL PIPES @ Lammermoor Range wind farm ??

"what's dis then AYE mmm a PIPE!" Sion & his buddy, but if ya have a close look at these wind turbine poles (shafts) they look sweet as ta ride, how do i know there wind turbine shafts well Sion told me so an his word is sound as!!RESPECT! N IT!! there in Wales or england somewhere at the factory where there made ( they only get to ride these pipes on Boxing day as secrurity is tighter than ya......, hope ya don't mind me use'n the photo Sion, but i just gotta plant a seed 4 some criminal mischief !!!!!
Well there planning to build a masive wind farm in Otago (New Zealand) with loads of wind turbines on the Lammermoor range somewhere between lake Mahinerangi & Middlemarch, I don't yet kno when construction starts but i'll keep ya posted, when they do start building it'll be worth scoping out whether or not (we will ride them) ya can jump fences or what ever ta have a session in one ( no no not a bong a ride ha ha) shit it'llbe well worth the bust anyway just for the ride & footage !!!!!
Secrurity will be real tight i'd say as there's loads of over zealous greenies dead set against it!! Idiots!! i'm green as, i'd much rather windfarms than Coal power plants or worse still NUCLEAR power towers spilling radioactive steam out in to the crisp NZ air !!!
Time for some researching an i'll ket ya all kno what i find out !!! oh yer IF YA AIN"T USING IT!! TURN D POWER OFF AT D WALL MON!!!! Save power aaaahhhhhhhhh may be more dams ya can ride them checkout the far side whe ya drive past te Waitaki Dam one hell off a Giant 1/4 may be 100 foot !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Save the woods" !!!! Catty is dialed !!!

Gilly flattie at NAM (RIP) - unknown photographer - Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit, the PA Woods vid is SICK!!! Catty trails look dope as f*#k, the best trail vid i've seen for a while, it just turn't up 2day, so of course we had to watch it !!! well i think Marley(my son) an i watched it 5 times in a row !!!! i had to put one of my daughters bibs on ta catch the dribbles, that's how good this vid is i kno i'll be having catty dreams 2night ha ha !!!!
I spoke to Matty @ Revolver this afternoon an we should have a date sorted with in the next few days for the NZ premier @ Revlover bar (QT) !!!! Ha ha an there's a bit of randon trickery with the editing that'll trip you out!!!!! funny shit Chris !!! go check the trailer an buy a copy big ups to all the people that made this vid happen !!!
RESPECT TA ALL THE PA DIGGERS & TRAIL RULERS THAT DIG FA DAYS IN SNOW,RAIN WHAT EVA PASSION MAN!!!!!! that's one hell of a kick ass set of trails you guys have there !!! some people out there just don't get it!! TRAILS 4 LIFE!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

dirt 1/4 is shapen up sweet !!

Well Wanaka's lookin sweet lake side bit a snow up there, no trout tho!!! The dirt 1/4 is nearly finished,just want that trany dialed, but looking sweet ta blast the hell out of right now anyway!!!

It's just a bit sketchy ta work on ya gotta time it right or you'll get jumped by the fat guy, ask Lowell he knows an he was just blasting !! it's right on a corner & the bank it's in has a golf course above it, a few people lookin as they smash their balls around & drive by!!! here's this guy slapin an shapen away, watering the dirt with his can!! ha ha ha!! Must look odd to 'em

So if it don't rain to much this week it'll be sweet for boostin, one or two more sneaky sessions an it'll be well dialed!!!!!! Cheers fa d help Pete & Lowell (top right holding shovel- Pete C man ha ha that's wrong)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


yo here be the trailer, well hit the link anyway for the new PA Woods vid "save the woods" (while ya there get a copy fa yourself,a must f ya collection!!!) trails trails trails with Brain Foster, Tony Cardrona, Brain Yeagle, Geoff Slattery, Robo & Brandan Pundai along with loads more off the style bosses that grace the Pennsylvanian woods!!! this'll get ya all ampted fa some winter diggin (best ta keep it legal too!!!! talk ta ya local council or friendly land owner as private is always better!!!)

There will be a NZ Premier at Revolver bar as soon as i get my copy, in the post so not too far away hopefully. It'll be a bit of a fundraiser for the new skate park & gorge rd jumps (winter extentions) in Queenstown, we'll split the $$$ raised 50/50, an may be a screeing in Wanaka at some stage to, may be @ Shooters bar, also a fundraiser for the new jump park & wanaka skate park ( new extentions to come for the park!!! more bowls more fun). Also Dudz mm just ain't looked into it, where to screen it!!! SHOOSH CYCLES (dunedins best bike shop,u noel that!!) may be, hey Sarge!!!!!

i just need to talk to the LWCI (lake wanaka cycling) an see if their into to abit bit of a fundraising,mmmm we'll see how that goes!!!! they don't like us bmxaz ha ha !!! what eva

Relax, QT sk8 park 20' friendly !!!!

Well after hearing about it, as you do when ya hangin out with the 20"crew in QT. There was a rumour that bikes were to be banned from the new QT sk8 park. So we jumped the startgate an started a online petition "equal rights in QT skate park", this lasted less than 12 hours ha ha ha!!

After a phone call to the QLDC's Russell the morning after seting up the petition, well it "was news to him about banning bikes from the new park". So i guess next time theres a panic about banning's of any kind, it mos def pays ta talk to the people in charge of the local bylaws!!!!

sorry no photo, but the new QT prk is looking real streety an all they need to do is pour all the flat concrete an make the peanut bowl,Big up's & Respect ta all the charitable ogannizations (they've givin loads of $$$) Sk8ters behind fundraising (wakatipu skate club) , an of course all the peeps doing all the hard work, can't wait ta have a roll.

The QLDC is also slowly tryin to remove all the fun little spots from it's queenstown streets, i guess that's why the new park is a street plaza look a like, real cool idea but i don't think it'll stop peeps from playin in the real street aye!!!! have fun how eva ya roll
we also heard the City Impact Church was given the old wooden ramps an they plan to do them up an put in place some where in Frankton, may be close to the impact church as they've got a few acres of land to play with, choice aye have a good ol prey ta the most high, then a nice ol shred around the revamped old ramps!!!

ooowww !! trubmx bro !!! ha ha

T.R.U.B.M.X. (trail riders united bicycle moto cross) yer it's a choice wee acranum (yer lets hope the spelling improves ha ha !!) well it's the start of the lower south islands input to what's going on an all that in 20"

winters back so expect a lot of digging to be done around these parts over the next 5 months wanaka, QT & Dudz have all got projects on the go. Along with new concrete being poured in QT & soon Lake Hewea more on that later !!!!!!

dirt, park, street, flat, ridin, grinds, flows, boosts, spins, spots, hops, pops, chinks, slams, chicks, who, what, where & when we'll try our best o keep you updated with alsorts of news to do with 20" antics, well local indeed from Dunedin-Wanaka-QT-Invervagas an all the inbetween spots!!!!!!

website soon ta come along with trubmx shop, yep online shoppin 4 all ya 20" bits an pieces, parts, vids, clothing, mags etc, well it's a big project an theres lots of shit ta sort out fa the online shopping!!! soon come.

nuff said fa now got go find what's d hap's, oh an try ta keep warm -3d last night bbbbrrbrbrr