Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Save the woods" !!!! Catty is dialed !!!

Gilly flattie at NAM (RIP) - unknown photographer - Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit, the PA Woods vid is SICK!!! Catty trails look dope as f*#k, the best trail vid i've seen for a while, it just turn't up 2day, so of course we had to watch it !!! well i think Marley(my son) an i watched it 5 times in a row !!!! i had to put one of my daughters bibs on ta catch the dribbles, that's how good this vid is i kno i'll be having catty dreams 2night ha ha !!!!
I spoke to Matty @ Revolver this afternoon an we should have a date sorted with in the next few days for the NZ premier @ Revlover bar (QT) !!!! Ha ha an there's a bit of randon trickery with the editing that'll trip you out!!!!! funny shit Chris !!! go check the trailer an buy a copy big ups to all the people that made this vid happen !!!
RESPECT TA ALL THE PA DIGGERS & TRAIL RULERS THAT DIG FA DAYS IN SNOW,RAIN WHAT EVA PASSION MAN!!!!!! that's one hell of a kick ass set of trails you guys have there !!! some people out there just don't get it!! TRAILS 4 LIFE!!!


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like t nkow that 'nam' got flatted a few years back. So they were the old trails, the new ones dont go by that name. Nice site, peace.

TRUBMX said...

they do still call it NAM/Catty (the town where they are) Chris Janis is one of the local diggers there an i guess if ya local it's hard ta let a good thing go,back ta NAM!! ha ha cheers tho anonymous