Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hidaz new ride !!

Hids & his new 20" settin d table.

wanaka park has a very nice view oh YEAH.

Hidz & new Subrosa Trails.

one of the twins, nice eh!!!

Hidz needed new cranks, an asked his gran to buy him some, he must have used his manners as Gran hooked him up wit a complete Subrosa trails, what a choice Gran aye!!! she nows what up !!! Hidz is as local as they come in wanaka an the kids got talent, i gota watch out ha ha !!

I had ta chuck a shot of one of the twins ripping his sk8 up, some of the kids around here so full of talent,not too caught up with fashion ha ha !!! An then theres the dumb ass's that think there famous ( yeah in wanaka ha ha ) an try an snake everyone, what happened to park etiquette!! We all hate slaming yeah & using ya eyes can help out aye!!! sk8ters are brakless & so are 20's these days so come on lets use our noodles abit more aye !!! I dig watching peeps rippin on what ever !!! as long as were all having fun & getting along !!! Peace

Each to their own duhduh !! I personaly find no brakes helps with ya flow, makes ya ride smoother & an improves ya control!! Don't kick it until yav try'd it !!! It ain't fashion or a trend cos when ya havin a good ride an ya brakes die, who's realy gona stop riding, ya just adapt!!! an if ya like it ya run it!! It's personal choice an not a safty issue at all !!! brakes at the trails ( if ya need 'em & no brakes for everything else)


hidz said...

Hey james its hidz the one with the subrosa bmx.i went to gorge road and dream track and 360 some jumps.i went with finley and elmo.

john_hart said...

sup james its John! thanks a bunch for the movie its so sick! just remember next time to pick my forks up ya forgetful man. just kidding james. but yeah im planning on going riding in duners as soon as possible with elmo so it would be real swell if you could get onto them as soon as ya can. yet a gain thanks a bunch for the movie at some point i should give you a movie... hmmmmm yeah cool laters