Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wanaka Jump Park

4th on the big line a nice ol left hip, i can see this from my back door!!
one of the S berms that lead to the basin
1st lip at the top, small lines left & the big line right
lookin from the end of the basin runs, watch out for doggie poo's!!
packing away eh!! 2nd tables in right medium/big basin line
The Wanaka Jump Park is coming along well an lookin alright, it has some fun interesting lines also that could definitely lead to a collision or two with someone on a busy day!!! ha ha !! Transfering /jumping outta berms into other lines is what i'm talkin' about. There's lots of berms, hips & tables !!! If only it was all made of clay like the Frew Farm!! , so horay for water & carpet, with out it these jumps would just perish, gota keep d dirt here moist aye (this is a QLDC public park built & designed by the 26" 443 Crew for riders of all skill levels, if it ain't big enough for ya QT has the Dream, Mini Dream & D Gorge PHATLINES indeed !!ya gota love small town rivalry ha ha ) so it's gotta be safe as well as provide fun for kiddies & the big kiddies. So there's no burly 30ft doubles here there in ya back yard at home if ya lucky!!

The big line the trailest of the lines & (racey table, table, right hip, a mean s berm, left hip, racey roller double , big left berm, table, table) is the only line not leading into the "basin" jump area, it looks like it'll be fun. All the other lines lead via berms, there's a real sk8 prk like 90 degree left hip on one of the lines & a few small tables down to the main 'basin . There are four lines in this "Basin" area (two rows -left -smaller & small on d right-medium/bigger) theres about four tables to each of these lines an then ya can either transfer back out onto the big outside line (get ya street eyes on if ya do this) or chose from a few other lines,an are still.
It looks like d 443 crew (contracted in by the local bike club L.W.C.I.) are at the tuning stage of construction an are still adding jumps to the lines.Boy's are mos def natly rollin it all & fine tuning it all . Once opened it'll be another spot ta roll in the beautiful deep south. The only problem i can see with this park is you can't see all of what's going on from the roll in, an that's a bit dodgy/dangerous!! (maybe over looked by d builders) At most Trails/jump parks ya can see all the action, Safty in other words, if someone slams & K.O's on a line here your gona have ta either hop 'em or hit 'em ?? If ya running no brakes here your gona DIE or hurt a nice big tree!!! ha ha , if ya slam on a 20" or 24" those 26" bikes will just soak ya up with all that travel ha ha !!!
The date for the open day jam a rama can't be to far off , unless it dumps a shit load of snow an the builder's have a powder clause in the building contract!!!

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