Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frew Barn Vid

I finaly got a bit of time while the ratbags were asleep ta sort this vid from a bit of a roady Lowell,Pete & i went on a couple a weeks ago we hit up a tiny as mini mini in lumsden, Gore sk8 prk a fun park ta sesh, it waz completely empty when we hit it!! then it waz to the deep south central wop wops to see our buddy Dan Frew @ the Frew Farm.

It rained a hell of alot then it rained a hellof alot more ha ha !! We couldn't hit the dirt jumps or any of fun shit ta ride out doors, so it was into the Barn ( it's realy a sheep shearing shed that smells real sheepy baaahh!! ) Ben Finny has been workin on 2 1/4's (they join together into 1 1/4) that just make the set up flow real nice!!! abit of hammering an propin, then d 1/4 was sold ,apart from the 1/4 spliting open at the ground what a surprize i got as i ate shit hard!! we all had a fun as sesh.Nuff said check d vid!!! it's my first semi proper vid, i'm still learning all this computer shit but hey i think you'll like it!!! Don't get dizzy bah bah!!!

big up's ta The Frew Farmers fa putin in the time an creating one of NZ's funest spots,expect big things ta come from the deep south in the future!!!!!

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