Monday, September 29, 2008

Jareds Trails ARE !

untitled from on Vimeo.

you just gota watch this !! Hell yeahhhh Jared your trails are lookin super dope ! That red gold (dirt) is insane , i wish i had some ! RESPECT & i hope your face is sweet . Keep on digging !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tim Hales playin' skillfully

Untitled from Louis Bolter on Vimeo.

Here's a nice vid of Tim play'in skillfully in Melbs . RIP Tim , keep on shreddin & dancing man ! ONE LOVE

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 15 Nov 08

Ok i've set the date , for the" Tim Hales Wanaka BMX Shredathon " which will happen every year in november @ wanaka sk8 park & will help raise funds for the new extentions that will include LIGHTS !!! Oh yeah , i'll have the flyer done in a day or two (or as soon as i hear back from some of the possible sponsers) then it'll be sent out to almost every bike shop in NZ maybe , plus all over the web for you all to circulate....REBELYELL BMX MAG & REVOLUTIONNZ are onboard , cheers heaps guy's & FLY BIKES may also be helpin out, i'm just waiting to hear from Guiri who's at the Las Vegas Interbike Show ! Stay posted aaarrhhh 7 weeks & i never done this before mmm...should be heaps of time to organize this !!! If you can help out with any Prizes or know of someone/somebiz who also might be keen to get involved , Hola back : or send them to this blog !

Cheers , an make sure ya dig trails OK !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tim Hales - rest in peace bro.

Tim Hales shredding in Melbs show'in the auzzies kiwis do fly !
I was sadly just told of the loss of Tim Hales life in Melbourne , Kiwi's can fly man an Tim was a shredder for sure !! My condolence's go out to Tim's Family who will surly miss him , his extended BMX family in Melbs & to the whole Anchor BMX crew ! Sion & Jess had a nuthing but good tales to tell about this ripper when they came back for abit before flyin out for Wales, this is realy sad news , i hope everybody is supporting each uther & trying to remember Tim for his sound kiwi humour & his skills in a 20".
I'd just like to let everyone know that I'd like to dedicate the first Annual Wanaka BMX Jam I'm organizing to raise funds for the parks planned extentions for mid to late November in remembrance of Tim Hales , I'd also like to extend a warm welcome & invite any of Tim's mates to come an shredd in his memory & offer accommodation while you stay here in Wanaka , just talk to Sion or Greg about my kiwi hospitality , my son Marley & daughter Dharcy wont mind they love being around lots of BMX's !
I'll have a date soon for The Annual Wanaka Tim Hales BMX Jam when i've done the flyer i'll let you all kno !!! One love & Respect , rest in peace Tim.

Wanak Sk8 Park "ITS BEEN DONE" - art exhibition

Just in from Hayley @ the good room sk8 deck art to help raise funds for the Extentions @ Wanaka Sk8 Park !!! get involved people....... it's gona be a doper than dope park soon !! Here ya go check it out & get arty as !! Or just send us your money we need it !! More than you do , for get the new kicks or the blingin grill !!! An be a tidy kiwi , reduce , reuse & then recycle !!

"Its been done" is an art exhibition planned for Sat 18th Oct with a dash of community spirit.
We hope to ask as many artists and creative types to donate a little of their time and effort to a good cause- the extension of the Wanaka Skate park.
Its aptly named, because, lets be honest people, painting on skateboards isn’t new, and well, neither is fundraising. Doesn’t mean it cant still be fun.
There aren’t too many restrictions, the biggest one being all artwork must be on USED skateboards, they can be broken, in pieces or in good condition we only ask that they are used in keeping with the theme of the exhibition, saving the planet, and also creating a bit more of a challenging medium to work with.

I am asking as many artists as possible, and am happy with this email being forwarded to anyone who might be interested, it’s a come one come all situation, the only hitch is that all boards are donated- unfortunately there can be no monetary benefit for the artist- but lets not forget the glory and experience!!
All the boards will be hung and exhibited in The Good Room. There will be an exhibition opening night, where all decks will be sold for the same price- most likely around the $50-60 dollar mark, so that they are attainable to both the young and old, you know we are big on accessible art here at The Good Room.

All proceeds will go straight to the Wanaka skate park, I intend to get as much sponsorship as possible to assist, so if you are someone who may be interested in sponsoring the event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch too!
If you need any decks to work on- please contact me also, as we have been gathering as many used decks as possible since this idea was just a seed, purely for this purpose.
This is just the first info sheet to get the word out there and get people excited and interested, Its been an idea in my head for too long now. There is plenty of time, and there may be a few changes along the road, but I think you get the idea for now.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

My devil machine bites !

Me , Marley & me devilish Pantera 2 after 3 days of rain & a whole lot a strippin !

raw as fuck oh yeah ! bring on the rust haha !

yes it's trubmx 4130 rawness !

gotta thank Adam Cornish & sydney TAFE for d hubgard chur chur !

Marley's soo stoked , if i kick d bucket he's hooked up haha , i think Marlz just digs d ride or it could be the sugar rush he's on , no more trainer wheels buddy !

Who remembers the scene from AGGROMAN callin his BMX a devil machine aye ?? Shit i am old haha !!! Yeah well i had get naked wit my ride & stripper her down , soo over puke Tony yellow , 3 hours , 3 flat whites , a hot stripper , some rags , a dvd , loads of toxic fumes & walah raw 4130 mmm , BIG big ups to Guiri @ for the treats , miss ya amigo , so does Marley & also Nath G @ for the original SLAMS i pinched of his pit bike, i just hope they don't end up in me guts haha they'll go in alot further this time Ouch ! Big ups to d Stony Hills Trail crew , the DOPEST trails in the South & all the trail diggers out there you know what up , keep that shit underground ! RESPECT !

if ya woundering what H.O.T. is all about keep on guessin haha no sorry Hide Out Trails there in Glendu bay on private land hiding out from nosey peeps , were i've been diggin with Elvis , yes he lives haha rock on & Dig suckaz , private trails rule...... more on H.O.T. later ! No never hehehehe !

Oh check out http://www.72psi/ , that's if ya don't already kno what James Watson's up to ! His latest post " My Fluzi wieghs a tonne "does hav a good point who realy cares if ya think ya bad ass on a bike ........ who cares how many stunts & tricks ya can do..... if ya ain't stylee ya suck haha !! As long as were all hav'in fun should'nt we all just get along & feed of each others energy ? Ya Dig ? TRAILS

Sunday, September 21, 2008

EDH - Local Assault Jam 08

here the flyer boys ! get to it an support The Mainlands BMX scene !!
i wanna try an make it up to CHCH for this but can't promise hhaha trails to dig & get ready for summer , but what's your reason.... if it ain't legit get yo ass to CHCH for a sick day of shreddin @ the dope Washington Skate Park !!! Check d flyer for all ya need to kno , right ! Dam moist & tasty free drinks if you enter the jam @ The Vic & Whale... after d comp ! Shall be a night a batterration hahahhaa only if ya old enough to drink that is haha what about the kids man ? some raro & coke whoaps i mean Mountain Dew or maybe a couple a shandy's !!

Waitaki Dam - giant 1/4 ?

The Wiataki Dam ! hows the size of the tranny here ! Matt Hoffman would be well into a tow in !

this is what i'm on about on the far side , take close look , hit the photo ! Good luck tryin to air this 50 foot monster bro's & bro ette's !

I've pointed this place out to a few boys in the past , finaly i thought a couple a snaps would be a good idea to maybe get a few boys ampted on the giant 1/4 on the far side , more of a giant wall ride an has by the look a perfect bit of a roll into the dam wall with some mad steeps to carve over !! The only reason theres water all over the place is cos it was so dam windy on sunday that the waves were overflowing the dam wall !!

The flow of the Waitaki River after the dam is not to bad & theres a perfect spot to ferry across about a 1 km from the dam & with water levels being so low , some time in the next month or so would be a good time to get a couple of rafts/kayaks an ferry a few boys & bikes over along with a few brooms to clean up the roll in an sesh it !! It's well worth the bust if ya get busted that is , i had a good snoop around an jumped a couple of fences an i saw nobody around & i was tresspassing forsure ! It's not a full pipe but still it looks like ya can roll it for sure !

I'm back there in a week or 2 to cross the river an roll/ scope it out !!! Anyone keen ! Hola back @ if ya wanna come check it out ( no paprazzi please) just riders ! I have gear to film it tho don't worry bout that !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catty -shocktoberfest

What you need to know & who's involved.

Robbo made it from d UK , well tucked @ Catty

just incase somebody is lucky enough to be in the Penn state area Catty Trails is hav'in a jam man to raise funds for the on going drama of getting insurance & a massive fence around their trails !! I'd be thinking that some nice footage from the nice day's of riding & the comp would help make a sweet dvd , easyway to raise funds also ! Yeah i know what's it got to do with NZ ? everythang man ..... if you've seen "save the woods" or Vinyl BMX's 'best of both worlds " you'll see that these trails are dam incredible & so inspiring , an a set of trails like Catty that get BMX's from all over the Earth hangin out , dam it would be a colossal dam loss to the world of trail loving people !!!! Good luck to all the Catty crew !! Check out for some nice shots,vids & news !! They dig & u should to !
mmm i'm getting a bit chessy with the dig calls maybe maybe not ?

REBELYELL - open road issue

the cover of yet another dope issue full of bmx truth !

one of many dope shot's of boys sending it ! Yeah Rusty (auzzie russ)

Tazi is so nice , i spent a week there 4 yrs ago.... i wish i'd taken my 20" & Greg kept a log of what mischief him & all the Anchor ratties got up to while...... checkin out the tazi map... go on show us ya tazi map...hahha i had to say it !

Rusty don't need Redbull to fly ! Rusty killed d Dirt Pipe he's so such a Terrible 1 , words & shots by Greg Barnes & Chris Pollack

Yep i just got my hands on a copy of the new Rebelyell , you can get ya own mint as copy from ! As always Chris Pollack has another issue looking as dope as ever , yeah Chris knows how to use a camera & how to crack a whip to get the job done haha ! Respect Chris , i'll send ya a Otago scene article some time , you have my word ! Loads of roadies are covered in this copy , it'sgood to see some good mates havin fun in Tazi that south island of OZ is soo beautiful , GUNNS can go to hell tho , killing the ancient forests for $$$ burn ya twats burn !!

Thanks again for the Anchor BMX hoddy , i wear it wit pride ! Jess that chain brain is sweet as ! Plus theres a real dam good interview with Flatland genius Simon O'Bien , Flatland is most def due some respect fa sure , shit so many flatland trix & stunts are done on the streets , at the trails & at all the ramps , bowls , parks & pools ! Flatland you could say is the backbone to freestylin it up on ya 20" ( even all those uther bike riders are doing all these trix on there big bikes ie 24" 26")

Like i've said in the past REBELYELL is one of the best bmx mags at there , Nice artwork , fuck all adds , loads of real sweet big photo's , heaps of good reading haha i just say at this point "Nice one bruv" Greg you never surprise me , i was rollin around laughin so much while reading d Dirt Pipe thread tho ,72 hours of dirty fun , 9 hours sleep..... red bull will do that to ya , how was the Taurine trip man haha ! who needs photos of hot girls in bikini's when dope BMX porn kicks ass !

GET A COPY YOU WONT BE BUMMED AT ALL ! just stay away from Sydney haha gayest capital of the world hahaha random !

DIG TRAILS !!!! live by the shovel , sleep with ya shovel ?

Monday, September 15, 2008

vinyl - best of both worlds !!

this vinyl is mos defnatily for the trail heads out there & dvd player, not the 1200's !

Tom Arkus.... shredder , filmer , artist & editor of his nice site & the " best of both worlds" is one real sweet dvd that ya gotta have in ya stack !! Mostly filmed around Austin TX & d north east US , from Austin play'in in & on the streets & parks then d best part (trail head for ya) some of the locals from 9th st , Boner , Eastside , Catty & Posh trails stylin it thru some of the dopest rulin trails the world has !Oh Yeah ! You can get a copy from . Yep 10/10 man , as good as "save the woods" well i don't think anything beats "save the woods" hahah 99.8% TRAILS
All the QT , Rad trails & Stony Hills diggers were all loving it ! Shit it was one of the driving forces behind keepin us all focused while diggin @ Stony Hills over the weekend ( more on these trails sometime soon , maybe) ya gotta love dvd's eh rewind.... run it from the top none stop ! Big ups to the diggers who helped out this weekend , H is gona have some fluffin to do with all the new lines evolving ! Go Dig !

check the post last month ( or is it this month ?) for d sweet preview , it's worth a look & good luck findin it haha this blogs editor is a messy manic ADHD jubbled up wierdo who needs some kinda braintwistin physcoanalizing who dreams of piles if soil ? OH YEAH ! Trails

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

tiki trails jam LDTV

bit a trails action for yo !! it's a oldie but has it's moments, nice berms & tranny's mmm tranny's not the male kind the dirty kind haha !! dig trails !

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fly Bikes - Australia trip vid prt 2

Australia trip part two from Flybikes on Vimeo.

! The second installment , KP , Dylan & Kevin , struth mate more bloody dope shredding from there mish to Oz !! truth & oath digger ! Hit the Fly Bikes link an down load d HD version from thier site, you can save the HD version to ya computer , if ya don't know !! Big up's to Tom Arkus for the cut & Guiri for the nice footage , oh yeah an to all the peeps that helped make the trip happen ! GO BUILD A PHILPHY PHAT LIP ! dig trails !

Mulville from d underground !

Were would we be if there isn't some footage @ trails aye ! Pittsburgh style !! Mulville's nice UGP vid , some of ya might have seen it , i'm sure you'll watch it again tho haha ! For those who hav'nt helped build trails , i hope this helps ya want to get out doors , find that sweet spot & dig or even help at your local trails , all the hard diggin always pays off , no regrets , just mad bad ass calauses ( is that spelt right ?) & fun times !

Dope Empire vid ! Dopeness lol !

Suckaz it's real dope ! It's worth the wait , let it all load then watch it ! Pure dope freshness ! Dope mini sesh , Dylan Smith kills it !! everybody kills it @ Empire !
pure dopeness !! go on a roady.... & dig trails !! Now that's dope

Friday, September 5, 2008

haha vid season-KP Orchid vid

ya might have seen it , ya might not of , what everyone should do at lunch time if ya ride wether ya work or not haha all filmed by Kevin Porter , Austin lunch seshON , how to get from Empire to 9th street ! mmmmm trails & coffee !! OH YEAH !

PresenceBMX trailer

Presence Trailer from Jeremy Deme on Vimeo.looks like it'll be a nice vid due out december 08 , nice tunes !

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VinylBMX "best of both worlds" QT screening !!

Vinyl_Woozy_Promo from Vinylbmx on Vimeo.

I finaliy got a copy of this sweet as sick dvd coming , it's full of TRAILS gallore , 'lil park & street but mostly TRAILS !!! Tom Arkus put it together , yep the same dude who edited the "Australia Trip" vid .You canget your own copy from the boy's at in OZ , nice chaps they are & a pretty dope store to.

But Don't forget if your in NZ has got you covered , so show your support an shop at for all ya BMX treats . I'm already sorting a night out with Jono & Matty @ REVOLVER BAR , Queenstown so ya can watch it on their DOPE as giant screen , lounge in a sweet sofa & have a couple a beers OH YEAH see you there ! They'll be a gold coin entry to pay to help pay for my gas from Wanaka to QT to Wanaka haha that's 200km man , that gas shit ain't cheap now is it & i got 2 kids , a FU dog an 2 fluffy pigs to feed haaha no date just yet tho , soon come !!

So while ya waiting heres a tease for ya the & put this little vid on Vimeo a few months ago , watch it !! i think yo'll like it ! Go blast a 1/4 man !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wanaka/Lismore Mountainbike/Bike Stunt/Trick/Jump Park ?

it's a day for punchin random words in at youtube as it's a good shity rainy day here in Wanaka , good for the trails & rainy dig'in rules. I found this wee vid of the jump park here in Wanaka , T.P's work i think , it gives you abit more of an idea as to what this place is like & has to offer, you don't realy see the whole place but i think you'll get the general idea ie dirt jumps , berms, bikes , kids all over the place , boys sending themselves ! the slow motion is a bit cheesy tho haha !

It's all official i read the press release haha the jump park is open so come an get ya thrashed out krang bebop shredd on.......Ninja turtles man the bad guys hahaha it's always good to be able to roll somethang while ya diggin trails , that pump track will help get me to the next olympics , that's if you wanna ride tho , not much time for that way to much digging to do ! I've had a few rolls & the kids need to be taught a thing or two about safty , awareness & how to pull the carpet up , i spent a bit a time draggin carpet , watch out for fleas haha LWCI should be good at that as it's up to them manage the jump park properly...time will only tell. Is there a new president yet ?

I don't know what Seb's on about he's a good 'ol pommy gezza haha an hangs in QT wit a bike between his legs , he rides a bike good tho , welcome back Seb see ya at Stony Hills ! It looks like ya bought that pommy weather with ya cheers for that !! hahaha bike gangs ? Town rivalry ? Fresh of a the boat & has a case of jetlag messing with his noddle hahaha the only gangbanginboozeduptrailwreakin crew on bikes around here are those 445 or is it 442 no it could 123 yeah that's it , look out there badasses & their way sicker than you man on those big wheeled thangs hahaha ! Sausages/baggers/snaggs seem to be gettin some exposure around these parts mmm nice one Trevor , sheep arses & cow's titties so what realy goes into a sausage, all the shitty reject bits , must be why they taste so rotten , i would go as far as Trevor tho calling the jump park "wanaka trails" but good try buddy , the only trails in OTAGO are Stony Hills man , H's private trails , no moneyshot cameras allowed hahaha !! Dig REAL Sick tech trails H does ! So should YOU ! Go dig

i'm such a lonewolf manic trouble maker i've been told hahaha what eva !! nuthang like a bit of skitzo humour even if it's only me that gets it hahaha ! Go ride a ditch like a bat out a hell !

Wanaka Skate Park Needs Lights Petition update 1

Anyone can sign this , heres the link if ya ain't been a good boy (or Girl , do they check this blog ? i like check'in them out tho haha) i still waiting to here back from the QLDC about this as i ain't heard a thing from them , even tho i gave them my contacts with the link i emailed them , Please make sure you sign it with your whole name ie Paul Robinson or it wont be a valid sign i've bee told , i'm still waiting to hear back from Petition online about this , untill then if ya ain't signed it get on to it & let all ya friends know !!! dig trails !!

thanks heaps for helpin out !

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fly Bikes -Australia trip - Prt 1 ! real sweet vid !

hit this link for a bigger screen & the HD version ya can save to your computer !!

don't waste ya time with this blog get the real shizel !!

Australia Trip Part One from Flybikes on Vimeo.

if you didn't know about it you do know ,don't bother with this blog hit a fly link an watch it on a bigger screen , so hita Fly bikes link man go on !!! i dig this nice new vid from Fly Bikes it premiered online 01/09/08 (today) , Thom Arkus ( the man behind "best of both worlds" another sick vid from Tom that kicks ass & is full of trails) put this sweet bit of footage together that Guiri shot of the Fly boys KP , Kevin & Dylan that mished it to Oz a wee while back , Tom makes nice vid's , the wild life is awesome & so is the riding , check it out !

it's so dope , nice tunes to ! part 2 online 8 September ! fly as man ! can't wait !