Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wanaka/Lismore Mountainbike/Bike Stunt/Trick/Jump Park ?

it's a day for punchin random words in at youtube as it's a good shity rainy day here in Wanaka , good for the trails & rainy dig'in rules. I found this wee vid of the jump park here in Wanaka , T.P's work i think , it gives you abit more of an idea as to what this place is like & has to offer, you don't realy see the whole place but i think you'll get the general idea ie dirt jumps , berms, bikes , kids all over the place , boys sending themselves ! the slow motion is a bit cheesy tho haha !

It's all official i read the press release haha the jump park is open so come an get ya thrashed out krang bebop shredd on.......Ninja turtles man the bad guys hahaha it's always good to be able to roll somethang while ya diggin trails , that pump track will help get me to the next olympics , that's if you wanna ride tho , not much time for that way to much digging to do ! I've had a few rolls & the kids need to be taught a thing or two about safty , awareness & how to pull the carpet up , i spent a bit a time draggin carpet , watch out for fleas haha LWCI should be good at that as it's up to them manage the jump park properly...time will only tell. Is there a new president yet ?

I don't know what Seb's on about he's a good 'ol pommy gezza haha an hangs in QT wit a bike between his legs , he rides a bike good tho , welcome back Seb see ya at Stony Hills ! It looks like ya bought that pommy weather with ya cheers for that !! hahaha bike gangs ? Town rivalry ? Fresh of a the boat & has a case of jetlag messing with his noddle hahaha the only gangbanginboozeduptrailwreakin crew on bikes around here are those 445 or is it 442 no it could 123 yeah that's it , look out there badasses & their way sicker than you man on those big wheeled thangs hahaha ! Sausages/baggers/snaggs seem to be gettin some exposure around these parts mmm nice one Trevor , sheep arses & cow's titties so what realy goes into a sausage, all the shitty reject bits , must be why they taste so rotten , i would go as far as Trevor tho calling the jump park "wanaka trails" but good try buddy , the only trails in OTAGO are Stony Hills man , H's private trails , no moneyshot cameras allowed hahaha !! Dig REAL Sick tech trails H does ! So should YOU ! Go dig

i'm such a lonewolf manic trouble maker i've been told hahaha what eva !! nuthang like a bit of skitzo humour even if it's only me that gets it hahaha ! Go ride a ditch like a bat out a hell !


sam said...

who was on the 20 cant wait for a roll will be up around the 20th help dig and ride

TRUBMX said...

that would be John rollin d 20", sweet as dude who's hangin in QT , 20th mmm i'm gettin my whole right calf & shin blasted with a tattoo gun ! OH YEAH buzzz buzz fresh ink mmmmmmm so i wont be diggin agian till at least the 22nd !!! see ya soon !! Get out to Stony Hills & help H dig , go on get out there !