Tuesday, September 16, 2008

REBELYELL - open road issue

the cover of yet another dope issue full of bmx truth !

one of many dope shot's of boys sending it ! Yeah Rusty (auzzie russ) www.backbonebmx.com

Tazi is so nice , i spent a week there 4 yrs ago.... i wish i'd taken my 20" & Greg kept a log of what mischief him & all the Anchor ratties got up to while...... checkin out the tazi map... go on show us ya tazi map...hahha i had to say it ! www.anchorbmx.com

Rusty don't need Redbull to fly ! Rusty killed d Dirt Pipe he's so such a Terrible 1 , words & shots by Greg Barnes & Chris Pollack

Yep i just got my hands on a copy of the new Rebelyell , you can get ya own mint as copy from www.revolutionnz.com ! As always Chris Pollack has another issue looking as dope as ever , yeah Chris knows how to use a camera & how to crack a whip to get the job done haha ! Respect Chris , i'll send ya a Otago scene article some time , you have my word ! Loads of roadies are covered in this copy , it'sgood to see some good mates havin fun in Tazi that south island of OZ is soo beautiful , GUNNS can go to hell tho , killing the ancient forests for $$$ burn ya twats burn !!

Thanks again for the Anchor BMX hoddy , i wear it wit pride ! Jess that chain brain is sweet as ! Plus theres a real dam good interview with Flatland genius Simon O'Bien , Flatland is most def due some respect fa sure , shit so many flatland trix & stunts are done on the streets , at the trails & at all the ramps , bowls , parks & pools ! Flatland you could say is the backbone to freestylin it up on ya 20" ( even all those uther bike riders are doing all these trix on there big bikes ie 24" 26")

Like i've said in the past REBELYELL is one of the best bmx mags at there , Nice artwork , fuck all adds , loads of real sweet big photo's , heaps of good reading haha i just say at this point "Nice one bruv" Greg you never surprise me , i was rollin around laughin so much while reading d Dirt Pipe thread tho ,72 hours of dirty fun , 9 hours sleep..... red bull will do that to ya , how was the Taurine trip man haha ! who needs photos of hot girls in bikini's when dope BMX porn kicks ass !

GET A COPY YOU WONT BE BUMMED AT ALL ! just stay away from Sydney haha gayest capital of the world hahaha random !

DIG TRAILS !!!! live by the shovel , sleep with ya shovel ?

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