Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wanaka Skate Park Needs Lights Petition update 1

Anyone can sign this , heres the link if ya ain't been a good boy (or Girl , do they check this blog ? i like check'in them out tho haha) www.petittiononline.com/trubmx/petition.html i still waiting to here back from the QLDC about this as i ain't heard a thing from them , even tho i gave them my contacts with the link i emailed them , Please make sure you sign it with your whole name ie Paul Robinson or it wont be a valid sign i've bee told , i'm still waiting to hear back from Petition online about this , untill then if ya ain't signed it get on to it & let all ya friends know !!! dig trails !!

thanks heaps for helpin out !

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