Sunday, September 21, 2008

EDH - Local Assault Jam 08

here the flyer boys ! get to it an support The Mainlands BMX scene !!
i wanna try an make it up to CHCH for this but can't promise hhaha trails to dig & get ready for summer , but what's your reason.... if it ain't legit get yo ass to CHCH for a sick day of shreddin @ the dope Washington Skate Park !!! Check d flyer for all ya need to kno , right ! Dam moist & tasty free drinks if you enter the jam @ The Vic & Whale... after d comp ! Shall be a night a batterration hahahhaa only if ya old enough to drink that is haha what about the kids man ? some raro & coke whoaps i mean Mountain Dew or maybe a couple a shandy's !!

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