Monday, September 1, 2008

Fly Bikes -Australia trip - Prt 1 ! real sweet vid !

hit this link for a bigger screen & the HD version ya can save to your computer !!

don't waste ya time with this blog get the real shizel !!

Australia Trip Part One from Flybikes on Vimeo.

if you didn't know about it you do know ,don't bother with this blog hit a fly link an watch it on a bigger screen , so hita Fly bikes link man go on !!! i dig this nice new vid from Fly Bikes it premiered online 01/09/08 (today) , Thom Arkus ( the man behind "best of both worlds" another sick vid from Tom that kicks ass & is full of trails) put this sweet bit of footage together that Guiri shot of the Fly boys KP , Kevin & Dylan that mished it to Oz a wee while back , Tom makes nice vid's , the wild life is awesome & so is the riding , check it out !

it's so dope , nice tunes to ! part 2 online 8 September ! fly as man ! can't wait !

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