Monday, June 29, 2009

trubmx t's & hoodies?

who would even want to wear this?

yup i'm a screen printer i'll have a bunch a tee's & hoodies shorlty, limited edition runs, american apparel ,blk, brown, purple & green t's with a crappy creamy coloured print as above, more designs to come......more soon, big up 2 Loui 4 d arty stuff above, cheers bro!

trails etiquette dig=no ride

It's mid winter, dig'in is on, if ya into trails that is...or bitching that d parks & streets r 2 wet to ride? Build some trails then man! Cheers heaps to all the dirty loyal trail loving know who u are, is the NZ trail scene on the rise? The trails have always been here, just low key! Who the fuck cares & who's help'in? Who knows?.....So a few questions got put together by a digger 4 a digger so a few diggers around NZ & d world got to have their say on just how healthy/ill there scenes are ie trails of course & park/street.... unwritten laws & rules ie common sense ie NO DIG =NO RIDE. So i'm gonna start this off & start it local......with d owner/roaster/godfathermotodread of Stony Hills, so read & weap you slackers....even better wipe those tears & get involved, help build ya summer trail roast'in filled days to come! I wonder how much shit i'll get for this ......who cares, dig trails & start roast'in it up!

Henry D check'in d green, roll it roll in @ stony hills

1. NAME AND AGE? Henry Devereux, nearly 30!!!
2. BIKE ? yup
3. LOCAL SPOT -trails? Stony hills
- park?

5. IS YA YOUR LOCAL SCENE IN GOOD SHAPE-PARK? WHAT ABOUT TRAILS? i don't really think we have a local trails scene,you need enthusiasm and crew to create a scene, that dosent exist in Dunedin, there's a few that go ride the park and seem to get satisfaction from that but trails wise....very minimal crew, they are there but you need a tug boat to get them to the trals!!

6. IF YOU COULD GO TO ANY SPOT IN THE WORLD TO RIDE WEAR WOULD IT BE-PARK? TRAILS? WHY? At the moment im feeling eatskull, eastside, the Austin thing looks good,from the photos and interviews anyway,good attitude.......contribute or fuck off!.Also Mark Potoczny's trails look good and then there's about 10'000 other spots in the US that don't come to mind at the moment ,of course the UK also have sum epic spots and then France/Spain and no doubt the rest of Europe have it tucked away as well im sure,so round the world ticket (trails edition) would suit me nice. Park wise,i don't really know,i guess Burnside always looked cool,all the different angles and stuff,would be cool to ride there.

mid way thru stony.

7. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY FEATURE YOU WANTED AT YOUR LOCAL PARK/TRAILS ,WHAT WOULD IT BE?feature? don't you mean features.........i dunno....a 20 pack would be fun! laughter

8. HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET YOUR SHOES MUDDY DIGGING? i probably dig 2 or 3 days a week in the winter and then as spring hits i try and step it up to 3/4 or 5 days,depends who around and who's kumming to visit, if the boys turn up we will get a couple of full-time weeks pushed in there,summer we try and ride as much as possible but when you live wear we live summer dosent necessarily mean its the best weather,i really enjoy spring and autum riding,if we get summer its a bonus.Basically my shoes are muddy!


In a small town like Dunedin it hinders for sure because there is such a small amount of people willing to contribute, willing to give there own time up to dig, people just don't see it as an investment in there future, its kinda sad, but each to there own, if they are happy riding the same shit all the time then that's fine by me. What really surprises me is when the older guys are like that, i mean i understand the younger groms having no muscle or dedication to trails but the older guys are the ones that can make a scene grow and become better.
Ithink these rules are good if you have heaps of riders at the trails and riding them but if you are trying to get a set of trails going i think its risky because people flinch at being told to fix something, people flinch at hardwork! In saying that i'm all about these rules ,trails have to have etiquette, end of story!

11. WHAT IS YOU FAVOURITE TIME OF THE DAY TO RIDE? any times a good time

12. TYRES ON YOUR BIKE.....ALL ROUNDERS OR SPECIFIC?? I always have sum bite on the front,rear dosent seem to matter too much,something with a good casin, i guess they lean more to trails.

13. WHAT HAS BEEN CHALLENGING YOU LATELY?TRICKS? never really been a trick guy, laughter.....flatties,whips,ground chuckkers are good to have in the bag but im about the flo bro!

14. IF DUNEDIN GETS A NEW PARK,WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE COMPEERED TO THE OLD PARK?? a toilet for all the shit talking that goes on down there...laughter

15. IN YOUR OPINION, HOW COULD THE BMX SCENE BE MADE STRONGER LOCALLY? (skip if ya not in NZ if ya want or talk about ya scene were eva ya be) well to me,for there to be a strong local scene here in Dunedin,we really need people with a vision of how they want the scene to be,not that is something you can say"oh i want my scene to be like this or that" but i mean,its not just gunna drop out the sky,y ou have to be enthusiastic and nurture it,if its a new skate park you want the you have to fund raise and have jams and BBQs ,if its trails you wanna ride then you have to be prepared to lug a few barrow loads and make them grow into a place that's special to ride, that's what makes a scene strong, when people pull together and build a new line or landing or whatever, if sum one was to organise a jam down at the skate park, i would go and support it, drink a beer and do a skid or 2 even though i don't really ride park, because that's what a scene is, not "oh my footjam is sooo much better than yours" or "did you see my tailwackflip" to me that's just shittalkn. To have a good local scene at the trails, riders need to realize building trails is an investment, the hard work has to be done but the rewards outweigh the sweat 10 fold! The trails don't want your life, just a day a week will get it done .

Well the first thing i think people have to realize is that if they are trying to get in on already existing trails,that means sum one has already done allot of work,so show respect! introduce yourself and let your intentions be know,i would recommend turning up with a shovel and soon after ,i would be bringing food or beer.Other than that,i think consistency is good,its all very well turning up and digging for a day,but people that really get shit done,they want to see you day after day or week after week,so if you decide you want to be part of the trails,i would recommend putting a couple of days per week aside for 1 month and if after that you are still into it,great and if not,well you gave it a decent shot.There is nothing worse than sumone digging for a day,then don't see them for months and then summer rolls round and they think they have a rite to ride.....i think this will piss most trail builders off. If you are into it but simply don't have the time to dig due to work or school or whatever then try donating sum tools,or something,ask whats needed,turn up with food and beer,keep it positive and just be stoked,i cant speak for anyone but myself but if you want to ride Stony Hill Trails ,follow this guideline and yall be aight.
I think people get confused about what is expected of them at trails,but really its simple.....trails need people to make them grow and become better trails, its not about who's the best rider or digger or trick guy or any of that shit,its about seeing it through,so come summer you have new,cool shit to ride....sure there are sum cold,wet days digging but this is what creates a scene,a crew.If you want in on you local trails this is a good realization to have.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

winter fun times

snow fevers back in wanaka, plus wanaka's also the green'est town in the country? That's pretty cool but ain't so true, if peeps ride more bikes it would be, but everyone drives cars everywhere in such a small town, plus they spray poison in the lake were wanaka get's it's water from...wierd but true! Anyway it's funky party time, dig's a going good & a little ride'nz being done! Have fun in d sun... when ya get to see it! Gotta few views/beliefs/opinions from a heap of dam loyal trail loving diggers out there....i'll drop'em soon....with out 'em there just wouldn't be any trails around the globe to help dig at & roast! Here's a sweet vid, enjoy! trubmx suma mash up vid....on it's way.................blow up ya car & ride ya bike! Ya dig?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ler dirty French roast'in

i don't know about their english sometimes but the French's can dig & ride! Ah ler wee wee bonjour no, mensuer? Has anyone one seen a sasquatch?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ruben be a Terrible One

Ruben rules hands down, i don't tho haha, we're the same age, we old yet still roast'in! Jay Bones rules man, one of the baddest diggers out there, roast'in it up @ one of the best trails in the world! You even get to see just how big the famous "Glory Hole" is, full a golden magic clay! The one & only spainish trail loving king a style roast'in those dope woods of PA!........if you know where you know right! Brup brup BRAAUUPPP!
Save them woods!
dig trails!

big up's to Rhysty @ Backbone BMX

hell yeah! Dig trails

you got some Backbone, one dope ride if Aitken rolls it well it's gotta be, get well Mikey! I heard
Mikey's been flow'in trails again! RAD!

planning's under way for the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton", it's go'in down on d 9th january 2010, lock it in boys! Flyer out in a month! Yeah i know it's early day's, i got 3 kids to take care of, trails to dig, riddums to spin, fundraising jams to plan then i gota try squeeze'n a ride in here & there, so i gotta plan ahead! So I thought it would be cool to get ya psyched on what's up for grabs. Big up's go's out to one hell of a loyal rat Rhysty @ Backbone BMX , full time boss, trails are Rhysty's life & he's one hell of dam passionate dad & digger, i hope those new spots are go'in well bro, roast 'em good man! Keep'em hidden! I'm sure we rode together a few times @ hazelbrooke trails years back, those were some fun filled hot as fuck sweaty Ozzie days.

So basicly 1st place in d boys section will be the above FIT TRL SIG- Mike Aitken's signature beast, so who ever scores it will have to give there old ride to someone who is in need of a slightly beat up but better than what they've got ride! Or give the Fit to someone needy on the day if they don't wanna give up own ride! Simple! More updates & teases as they come! Tim Hales rides on, ghost rider in the sky, shred'in it up 24/7! R.I.P Tim! BMX 4 LIFE!

HUSH from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

last session @ HUSH trails, digg'in ground for Rhysty & all those loyal diggin rats in Canberra! R.I.P HUSH.........ya can't keep a good digger down tho... good luck with d new trails boys! DIG TRAILS!!!!!!

d fresh 20/20's out!

the fresh 20/20 is out, did i allready say that? Just got my copy in d post, Goreki's kill'in it, 180 barspin down some stairs in Canberra, nice cover shot, if only there was more dirt in the shot haha if ya wanna see more dope shot's like this hit this or just go buy a copy! There's loads a pic's, words for you readers out there & no girls? Dig & ride on!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Final Plans 4 Wanaka Sk8 Park! Finally

theres gonna be some fun lines to flow & roast it up on!

the 6, 8,10ft clover, bowl section & most to the right behind is all gonna be new! So many lines!

13ft of verts gonna scare the shit outa ya & 1oft capsual is gonna get ya loop'in out!

Scotty @ Kia Whakapai, persuaded his crew to give up their tips for a week or 2! They also got kick ass coffee & local micro brewed beers on tap...30 seconds from the park....ahh a pint!

got my hands on the final plans today, sooo very dope! 3d plans all ways look sweet & dam theres gona be some fun lines to roast once it's all built! More on the cocrete pouring dates as they come! Big up's to Sarah @ Kai Whakapai for her sweet idea & giv'in up all their tips for the park fund'in efforts, 4 cup's to full & vote who ya like best hahahha i rekon keep them BMX's & sk8'ers of the streets hahaha! Build the Park!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BJ's anyone?

trails are so fun, more boy's roast'in that dope'ness in Cali! Enjoy! Oh the weather in wanaka is quite shitty, perfect for digg'in tho ,so what else is there to do when ya a little broken, finding vids is not a bad time! Maybe trails TV would be a better name for this site?

eastside trails! BOOM!

yep i got no life. i just wanna here's a little dirty raddness full a boys roast'in & a lil etiquette for ya.... get in d woods, dig trails man! dig ,dig! No dig=No ride!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


this is dope, Slattery roast'in it all!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Casselberry radness! Fun times!

Casselberry Trails Jam

this is a fun vid! Rock & roll man! Right that's it no more post'in shit up for a while, i got to much to get done & the internet is a big waste off time hahahha.......go ride or even better go start some trails somewhere secret is always the best man, don't waste ya life away watching such radness! Enjoy it & live it up! Dig trails!!!!!!

white walls

click it & read the text....bmx is sooo fun, but we already know that don't we?

normally i wouldn't put up Joe's freaky friday T-1 madness, i'd just have a few laugh's at 'em, there awesome, but after hang'in out with Ryan Corrigan a few months back & put'in him up when he rolled thru Wanaka we all got talk'in about these mysterious elusive"white walls" in Arizona somewhere, i think we were talk'in bout the Lake Pukaki Wall ride & all those concrete structures thru to Ben Moore & waitaki dam, that's how we got on to the white walls, John had heard about 'em, so had i, but neither John (Wells) or i had seen them..... well it seems there real alright!

Happy search'in out there boy's & keep on find'in new & fun stuff to ride....adaptation is what BMX is all about, if you can find it, you can ride it, it's just a matter of work'in out how to, ride on! Sign up to the T-1 freaky friday, email
...with 'Freaky Friday' as the Subject Header. There's some entertaining stuff goin on! Confusion & weirdness!

d sasquatch is real

Saturday, June 6, 2009

stony beginings......96 flashback

Hayden Bell, workin on the last on the outside line... was tiny back then & there were loads more tree's.

outside 4th landing back then

1st in d outside line & what we used we used to call Mt Vesuvius (left)

the old bottom section, the tranny in the middle claimed a few back in those days it was evil!

dam stony's evolved over the years, the pics say it all, big up's to those boys who started PUSH back in the day for inspiring Henry & i to start one of the oldest & dopest sets of trails in the South Is.(the Gorge kicks ass to Nath, respect!) along with the help of the Brighton boys. Everyone who's been lucky enough to ride Stony have nuthang but goodtimes, good memories & get psyched on the place! Much respect & a massively huge big up go's out to Henry Devereux as he's been the driving force behind the progression, maintenance & love that's gone into stony thru all the years. With out Henry stony would not exsist! Thanks also to all the boys who have helped dig over the years, they know who they are, it's just a shame some have forgotten what trails etiquette is, help out, dig & ride trails..........nuthang feels better does it? bring on summer 2010...the dirty odyssey goes on!

this is pretty dam shady dopeness!

I found this search'in for some trail radness, it's prettyshady, a jazz thang & locals french fry'in a sweet new line @ Peynier, go d french's! dig trails! au revoir monsieur! wee wee dig d dirtyness!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hazo trails... 9 years ago

front line step up, that S&M Bennet was a beast back then & still is now!

big line Hazo, i'm behind him, what was his name?

might ram me seat back up, suicide's arn't that gay after all haha!

tabo!..........check the hand rail out bottom right, there were 2 @ hazo d other rail even had steeps dug out!

i was sort'in thru an old box a shit & found stash of old snaps from d 7 years i spent liv'in in Sydney, i've been back in NZ for about 3 now, Hazo trails (hazelbrooke in d blue mts.) were the 1st real trails i ever hit up, wentworth falls trails(R.I.P.)were up the road a bit latter on, built by BMXers 4 BMXers, militant locals that lived to dig trails, big up's to those boys Newland, Marix, Cousins, Biffin, Boorman, Turbo & Adam Cornish, i got some shit off him that day "he's a fuck'in kiwi, they can't fly, fuck off" hahaha you smart ass Adam, shit i even meet Lowell there, then remeet him in QT years later! These snaps are the from the 1st & 2nd days i ever spent there, 2nd day was on a spiffingly new blk S&M Bennet way back in July 2000, funny shit 9 years ago! No dig no ride! Dig trails!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


BOOM! Render BOOM!

how clean is this.. it'll render ya speechless

Hot shit man psyched as on the new EDH Render, one hell of a dam dailed sexy piece a 4130 fa sure, clean & looks like ya can run it brakeless if ya into that steeze! Trav (if ya don't know owns/runs EDH) has an eye fa detail & design that kicks ass, he's even got a bang'in top load stem in the pipe line not to mention all the uther sweet parts EDH already makes, he'll want give me the 'ol SA beat down for steal'in these shot's, but i'll risk it! Sorry Trav, but d Render is bang'in! Not sure on the specs but keep an eye on Robbie Brown he'll rock'in & kill'in it on one of these sexy beasts soon! So dope to see a Kiwi based BMX compnay making a bang'in frame, if it comes in a 21 i'll be keen on roast'in & blast'in shit fa sure on one! Hit Trav up @ EDH if ya wanna know when ya can get ya grubby hands on one of these sweet rides! Support the NZ BMX scene punks!