Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hazo trails... 9 years ago

front line step up, that S&M Bennet was a beast back then & still is now!

big line Hazo, i'm behind him, what was his name?

might ram me seat back up, suicide's arn't that gay after all haha!

tabo!..........check the hand rail out bottom right, there were 2 @ hazo d other rail even had steeps dug out!

i was sort'in thru an old box a shit & found stash of old snaps from d 7 years i spent liv'in in Sydney, i've been back in NZ for about 3 now, Hazo trails (hazelbrooke in d blue mts.) were the 1st real trails i ever hit up, wentworth falls trails(R.I.P.)were up the road a bit latter on, built by BMXers 4 BMXers, militant locals that lived to dig trails, big up's to those boys Newland, Marix, Cousins, Biffin, Boorman, Turbo & Adam Cornish, i got some shit off him that day "he's a fuck'in kiwi, they can't fly, fuck off" hahaha you smart ass Adam, shit i even meet Lowell there, then remeet him in QT years later! These snaps are the from the 1st & 2nd days i ever spent there, 2nd day was on a spiffingly new blk S&M Bennet way back in July 2000, funny shit 9 years ago! No dig no ride! Dig trails!

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TRUBMX said...

if ya woundering, yes there all old school prints that i took photos of just recently, digital camera's were to pricey for a broke ass BMX'er like me back then, yes it's me james in all the shot's, blury yes, who really cares bout some old guy still rid'in BMX.