Wednesday, June 17, 2009

big up's to Rhysty @ Backbone BMX

hell yeah! Dig trails

you got some Backbone, one dope ride if Aitken rolls it well it's gotta be, get well Mikey! I heard
Mikey's been flow'in trails again! RAD!

planning's under way for the 2nd annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton", it's go'in down on d 9th january 2010, lock it in boys! Flyer out in a month! Yeah i know it's early day's, i got 3 kids to take care of, trails to dig, riddums to spin, fundraising jams to plan then i gota try squeeze'n a ride in here & there, so i gotta plan ahead! So I thought it would be cool to get ya psyched on what's up for grabs. Big up's go's out to one hell of a loyal rat Rhysty @ Backbone BMX , full time boss, trails are Rhysty's life & he's one hell of dam passionate dad & digger, i hope those new spots are go'in well bro, roast 'em good man! Keep'em hidden! I'm sure we rode together a few times @ hazelbrooke trails years back, those were some fun filled hot as fuck sweaty Ozzie days.

So basicly 1st place in d boys section will be the above FIT TRL SIG- Mike Aitken's signature beast, so who ever scores it will have to give there old ride to someone who is in need of a slightly beat up but better than what they've got ride! Or give the Fit to someone needy on the day if they don't wanna give up own ride! Simple! More updates & teases as they come! Tim Hales rides on, ghost rider in the sky, shred'in it up 24/7! R.I.P Tim! BMX 4 LIFE!

HUSH from Brendan Boeck on Vimeo.

last session @ HUSH trails, digg'in ground for Rhysty & all those loyal diggin rats in Canberra! R.I.P HUSH.........ya can't keep a good digger down tho... good luck with d new trails boys! DIG TRAILS!!!!!!

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