Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon vid

Tim Hales Shredathon 08 from Zeros&Ones on Vimeo.

It's been almost 2 weeks since the shredathon went down , $ 640 was raised so the SPCA & the Wanaka skate park are a little bit more $$$ up , an i hav'nt posted a dam thang , what a slacker aye , well NO life's hectic at the mo gettin ready for baby number 3 , some words by Micheal & me (James) for Rebelyell on the jam ( D.I.Y. issue out soon), hang'in wit family , lookin after the kiddes , try'in to ride when i can plus any spare time in between all this madness it's behind the shovel @ the Hideout (trails) which i've been neglecting & planning next years 2nd annual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 09 !
So it's dope to be able to share this vid Tim put together ! And for all the rest of us to either revisit that hella windy dope day or just for those who didn't make it , to get ya hyped for next years 2nd Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon 09 !! Biggest hop @ the shredathon went to Tom from Timaz , 40 inchs man !! Yeah & since the shredathon it's been roadys to Stony Hills (trails) , QT, Frankton, Glenorchy & Crompton film'in , ride'in & just get'in into the summer ride'in steeze with a my brother Tim and that dam smiley dude Micheal Lebrevasomething ! The ripper who took out the mens 1st @ the shredathon !! Asher blasted it up to take out 2nd ( along with best slam , but he got up an kept blastin shit RESPECT bro & an Robbie Brown who threw down some dope tech stunts & gaps an got 3rd , everyones a winner in my book man as they were here shred'in it up in a fucked up wind ! The yougest a little 8 year old Bayden ? to the big kid at 37 (Richard Hill , don't hate me bro !! i'm old to 34 hahhahha ) Word up to the Revolutionnz crew & all the CHCH boys, Dudz boys , Timaz boys , QT boys who all rode & showed up , Big ups to the judges Henry D , Simon Hellier & Robbie brown , My brother Tim for helping out all day , the Wanaka Skate club an any one else i forgot , i'm sorry haha ! The sponsers Fly bikes , Rebelyell , Revolutionnz , Anchor BMX , Black Lotus & Demon Energy ! Enjoy , stay super bad & as radical as ya can .... ride on man


Unknown said...

Nice filming, the film didnt do the day justice, tim must have forgot to film all the other riders that killed it on that windy day. I guess we need our own bmx superstars.
Fuck that keep it underground.
Dig or die.

TRUBMX said...

yeah Si you do have a good point man ,all you boys should have been in that vid but i guess Tim over looked try'in to capture the essense of what BMX is all about , he's a MTB rider after all & all about d $$$$, Demon paid him for it that's why there name is on it an none of that $$$ has been giv'in to the skate park YET! Time will tell tho !Yep even when you try to not get political it happens any way !I've got a vid i'll be loadin up to show what realy went on on the day & the future shredathons will NOT EVER have any corpirate sponsers only 100% BMX rider owned companies, shop & mags !! We are BMX not them , so we gona keep it under ground !!! Fuck money man it's gay than gaids !!! don't let $$$ change ya !!