Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stony Hills tease eh !!

d wanaka BMX cartel on d stony roady ! Ida Valley 1/2 way pose.

Henry get 'ol flat in his yard !! Love ya trails bro , ya shralper !

Henry's trail daycare centre , Marley tho just could'nt sleep with all the action go'in on

James not stunt'in over a dirty tranny , just flow'in thru is fun enough eh !

this cowboy shaped , packed , slaped a dirty tranny good then hit it up after his bro Tim broke dis vigin lip in !!

just a wee little tease !! D smiley man Micheal t-bog'in it @ Stony Hills somewhere in another space & time ! Soo... dig trails all you none diggin slackers out there !!

After the shredathon is was down to Stony Hills for some sweet chill time with my brother Tim , Micheal & Marley (my son) along with the Stony massive haha 5 sweet as sunny days , a few good servings of Emersons , coffee , loads of good kai an that demon stuff helps ya get ya dig on to man !! God dam Micheal gave H his slab of Demon he won at the Shredathon.... kinda was a good thang but ya start gettin all twitchy & manic if ya drink to much hhaha !!! So a fun as traily time was had by all d locals , along with us !!! Dig 'em trails man an keep ya life filthy !

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