Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gorge Road Trails Open 6th December !! dirty party time

An now here's a few new nice phat trannys to shralp, hit d image for a closer look !

An before all d fresh diggin, the old lines & d dirtfarmer in d loader about to get his monster dig on !

The Gorge ! open day is 6th december yes that's right 6th december ! Be there ! Had a yarn to Nath today whilist he was play'in around with his loader & fresh pile of topsoil , the above top photo ain't so fresh a few weeks old , today tho with the fresh cappng of nice topsoil over parts of the trails well it gave me goosebumps !! The Gorge is loookin pretty dam RAD ! Most of the tranys & landings are to be capped with the goodness ie topsoil (unlike the $75,000 !!!! WTF !!! Lismore/wanaka jump park , with free dirt how's it cost $75,000 to build ? LWCI dodgy maybe ? the truth is out there tho haha Lismore is getting abit wierd tho, gaps are gettin shorter ? Trannys gettin bumpier/flatter/rocker along wit d landings, it's still kinda fun aye if ya spend a few hours sweeping gravel of the lines haha or get in there an fix a few things , just adapt to the place an stop changing things everyweek haha build it once, build it right, cap it, dial it in & roll it ! whoops did i just type all that hahha)

So it's gona be a dope day of dirty fun indeed , @ The Gorge Road Trails , Queenstown , it's gona be very silly with loads of trickery & stunting going on i think aye haha , on all sorts of bicycles ya know big & small plus bbq ( snags, patties & Tofu?) , raffles (it's a fundraiser peeps) , tunes ( yeah Revolver Matty bom batty) , beers (BYO) , prizes ( for what ever Nath decides is worthy of one) & bring ya bikini an ya might win the big tranny hop comp haha !! If ya diggin what ya see or have ridin around Queenstown hit Nath up at Phatlines as he'll come build ya dream for ya !!

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