Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunny days in Wanaka !!

took some time out from being a at home dad & diggin yesterday (saturday) for a bit of riding !! shot a few photos with Eddie Spearing ( president of Wanaka Sk8 Club , ex half owner of DIG mag ! Word !) down at the park for a local paper/zine/noticeboard thang "The Messenger" . The Wanaka Sk8 Club , cheers to ABE !! scored the front page ,top work bro , to help promote the 1st annual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon , realy cool for BMX in wee ol Wanaka & the Sk8 park as now i'd be guess'in theres gona be a much bigger crowd watchin the shredathon & giv'in us there $$$$$$ !! Fundraising is fun , cheers to all the sponsers for the dope prizes & the awsome team on the Wanaka Sk8 Club Committee !! BIG UP"S !!! Thank you very much ladies & gents ! See ya all next Saturday 15th November for the 1st annual T.H.W.S. !


Anonymous said...

thats a sik pic!!! yeah bouy
fae stu

TRUBMX said...

that sounds welsh ? eh rattie pla fir craka !