Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh yeah! The new dvd from those bad ass trail filled P.A. WOODS is out, you need to buy it & help the boys in Catty save their trails as there so under threat & they just kick ass big time , buy'in the dvd will help them raise funds for a fence & insurance which they so need to keep the Catty trails alive! So treat ya goodself to a copy, you'll be able to get it thru the boys @ Backbone BMX shortly (it should be in stock any day now) so just keep checkin it! I think there shut for abit over the new years batteration season, but only for a short time ! So get ampted , watch the Hawk & Robbo killin it at Catty, POSH & Digits backyard! DIG TRAILS!

chase robbo from woods on Vimeo.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dirty Dunedin Stunt Jumps to be Built !

The rumour that's been floating around for a couple a months about Dunedin's EXTREME BMX PARK (what's with the E word? forester park BMX track) getting some dirty stunt jumps is a fact ,that's awsome but the prob/bonus? is the builders of Wanaka's Lismore Fresstyle Mountain Bike Park seem to be the crew building them or are they? hang on if Lismore Freestyle Mountain Bike Park or Hawea Flat's Pump Track/jumps are anything to go off well i really hope that they get it right in Dunedin cos it's all right there, a pro job is expected as racers kick ass & already know how to jump a dirty tranny.

Well who ever gets the job will have loads of good clay so that's a start as theres a mountain of clay next to the track, but don't ya think some diggers/builders that know about BMX or at least ride BMX (abit) should be building the new lines in Dunedin? Let's hope the racers/jumpers (not the wool kind either) are involved! $75,000 for Lismore & $35,000 for extensions @ The Gorge Jumps in QT.......mmmm you only need to look at either to see were the quality & pride in workmanship is. The Gorge kicks Lismore's ass ! Straight up anyone who says it don't is a bit retarded possibly hahah, Lismore's maintenance has been up to a couple of young kids an there doing a much better job , they actualy now how to pack dirt! Go the kids for showing some initiative!

But bring a broom & a rubbish bag if ya wana roll Lismore as it's a sand pit, rubbish all over the place, seriously lackin water & really has not been finished (if ya gona spend a heap of $$$ like what has been spent on Lismore you'd at least expect the job to be completed 100% , not the case at Lismore tho is it, a half assed job,! That's my opinion anyway an if ya don't like it tough & yes i do spend sometime patching tranny's, picking up rubbish, sweeping sand/stones & watering, the LWCI needs to pull finger sort a few bins out & run a course for the kids that use the jumps on HOW TO NOT LITTER! I'm sure somebody asked me for one haha an opinion that is, what's yours? or is it just a big bad romour? Stay posted.

oh and beware of THUNDER BIKES if your in wanaka an need ya BMX fixed their the dodgiest, don't know what there on about (BMX wise i'm reffering to) & will most defiantly rip you off, i've seen their work ie since when do ya glue headset cups into a BMX frame or any frame in fact or tell a kid he needs to buy a new rim , so it's easier to lace a new hub into the old rim haha spokes maybe but not a rim when there is nothing wrong with it , BMX's are so simple man no rocket science here! Support a real NZ BMX shop that know their shit Revolutionnz ! they wont rip ya off, they'll hook you up with what ya need, check them out & shop online with ya moms credit card it's so easy..... just don't get caught hahah DIG TRAILS !

Dirty Hills

i want a loader !! a real one hahaha!

Kane O'Hagan whip'n some ass @ Stony Hills on his way to the Farm Jam! YEHAA COWBOYS!

Photo stolen off Sam , who was 3'in at the hills , nice one bro, i told ya Stony Hills is sick didn't i, see ya there sometime! So for all ya juicy tuti fruti BMX treats peeps check out Revolutionnz & support NZ's biggest & badest BMX shop! Revolutionnz has it covered! Dig trails & have a sweet new years all !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FU STOLEN ! Stony Hills is private property so keep out !

a nice fresh cap on this tranny well slapped & a trusty piece a 4130

my last photo of Fu & the crime scene the day b4 the Fuglary !

Some right asshole/assholes stole Fu (& lead) from the hut @ Stony Hills on Saturday night 20th December 08!! AARRRHHH WTF! this kinda shit is a real bad buzz & sucks bigtime! Any trespasser's at Stony Hills Trails will be well beat'n painfully with a blunt object, tied to a tree, gagged, finger nails pulled out, de-sexed, have their car keyed & wish they had never been so stupid to cross the line/fence! Best ya believe it too! Private Property OK! Simple as that

We/I need Fu back as he's the best diggin buddy ever hahaha no realy we've hung & dug heaps over the past 4 years , even tho he'd always would dig in the wrong places , like a fresh tranny hahaha or get stuck in a rabbit hole hahaha Fu is such a bad ass & checky as fuck! Fu has a place in the hearts of those who got to meet his snuffly grunting puggle Fu'ness! If anybody has seen him or knows where he is get in touch with me ASAP! trubmx@yahoo.co.nz Any leads are better than no leads & a nice reward is offered!

If ya see FU grab him man , FUnapp his ass back or call the cops they know about Fu the pug dog! Cheers all , don't forget to dig & ride the summer away!! No Fu has not gone back to Tatoween (Star Wars) for his yearly hangout at the space freighter bar with Chewy & Han Solo, i wish, nope just some loser/losers burgled our trails & took the FU , along with Henry's & my helmet, that's how we know it was a burglary & not Fu doing a runner (with his lead)

It's a GIRL !

We had a girl , she's healthy , all the bits are in the right places & we only need to think of a beautiful name for her , that's not gona be easy..... good things take time tho aye !!! Dig trails & have a very merry time.... dig trails OK !!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

happy trailmass !

in the hut with bike,beer & crap.

But before that we hit these two dirty sweet virgin trannys well hard & had a blast !

A few photees of what H & i just got running last night, very fun & totaly in control ! So the organic goodness of Emersons was well earnt ! So everybody out there have a good time !! keep on riding, play with dirt & have one hell of a naughty 'ol merry time !! Oh yes an get very battered on beer maybe!! That's my plan ! RIDE TRAILS ! Dig .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lights in the woods !

lightsinthewoods trailer >>

OK one more traily vid , it's winter in d UK right now & well cold , wet , boy's diggin, this is what some of them got up to over summer , dvd out soon. DIG ! Yes I'm a tripper hhaha what ever, thats real original aye haha there are some even wierder wierdos than me out there that don't have balls or names hahaha get a life , most of us have them aye man ! Yes that was abit random but there are some freaks out there leaving dumb ass comments on this blog ! Stop wastin ya time man , cause if they are wack i don't publish them EVER, They know who they are ! go ride a donkey or ya buddys ass or even better goggle your name hahaah to many peeps out for fame & fortune , that's just wack ! Have a sweet new years & dig trails

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prettyshaddy 5

prettyshady, trails. from josephrobert on Vimeo.

mm Prettyshaddy 5 will be out soon or is it already out , start searchin for it !! ! dope footage from trails , ya know mounds of soil slaped so hard, ya can send it ! Shot on location man around d UK , France , Italy & US ? i think theres some trails in the US aye ?? Alright then that's the last you'll hear from me for a month !! hahha find ya own trail treats oh & DIG !! Till next time , um stay RAD & RIDE ( but make sure ya dig & tell no one who don't dig where they are ! Keep ya trails hidden & secret, no dig no ride !) Party time 2009 is com'in ! Ride on !

Cotty Woods

cotty woods from howies on Vimeo.

i found this randomly punchin words in at Vimeo, chill times waiting for baby 3 , nuthing like finding new footage after a bit a digging aye !! Cotty Woods (Cothills trails) be in d UK somewhere well hidden no doubt, check the moss on the sides of the nicely shaped piles of soil ! Well old by the looks of the lush greeness !! Enjoy, dig !


Robbo's got a nice trails (vid) project on the go "Who Knows?", check d riding & trails , P.A & UK steeze !! Get ya dig on slackers , dig trails ! Hittin dirty tranny's daily is soo fun !

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aitken wanaka jam postponed , I'm hav'in a BABY !

While i'm down here hopefully there'll be time for some of this & a bit of trails action!

All right folks the Help Mikey Jam is on hold, so don't turn up to wanaka sk8 park on 13th , an wounder why there ain't no jam happin'in as i'm down on the east coast HAV"IN BABY 3 !!!! So as soon as the little ratbag shows it's cute little face to us all i'll be able to sort the jam for Mikey out! Is it a boy or a girl ? WHO KNOWS! I'll keep ya all updated with the news as soon as i know , I'm off to the hospital right NOW!! Hopefully all goes well with the birth & sanity prevails, I'll look at sortin the Help Mikey Jam out for the end of January as i'm gona be busy help'in 'Chelle out with the our baby ,an my usual clients Marley & Dharcy, right oh gota go !!

The Gorge Open day & QT sk8 park open day vids , are gonna have to wait , till i find some time to put it all together , but i edited all the sections an the footage looks sweet as for ya to reminisce 'bout the days fun !! Stay RAD !!! I'm hav'in another kid AAARRHHHHHHH ........hahahahaha all good 2 kids is fun 3 well that's just gona make it well crowded!!! Being a dad is full of fun & a bit nuts at the same time !!!Sleep is good ! Slap abit a dirt daily i still do !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gorge Road Trails & QT Bowl Open Days 08

Gorge Road Trails, Queenstown, New Zealand !

this is me (James Keane) not doing a stunt & hav'in abit a fun with some dirty 'ol tranny's

Micheal Lefebvre , sendin it , tight as in the middle man !

Jason Parks , Hand plantin d big end, the mind & builder of the coolest & scaryest bowl in NZ !

yeah surfs up man !

BIIIIGGG UUPPPSS ! to Nath Greenwood, QT MTB Club , QLDC & all the loyal diggers that helped Nath build one hell of a fun as f*#k public jump park !! OOOHHHH yeeaaahhhh no uther public park can even come close to the dopeness at the Gorge, straight up !! All day the biggest line was seshed hard , if you build it they will come & they did from all over the south Island ! As most of us got tuned in to all the fresh trannys & lines ! TJ Lavin & Jake were thrown down some sick stunts on there little kids bikes !! Yep party's on a few tranny's went down with some cool as transfers by Nath , TJ & Jake ! Shit the first thang i hit to warm up , well along with most the uther dirty minded boys & girls ( yes girls , an pretty too !) was the big left line !!! Fun in d sun , only a couple of nasty slams went down , Karl , bro i hope ya head's feelin good bro , your a battler man & well me with a heavy over jump to hi tail to beating , then back into it, I'll have a small vid up in a day or 2 of some of the dirty action !

Nath , Henry , Micheal , Simon & me got to the Gorge well early to set up stuff & to hose the place down & once we started riding we just couldn't stop riding so so much fun , 9am till 9pm , long as & a hot killa sun blast'in d whole time, so it was a slappin' sesh then to Revolver for.....beer, nope to dam sleepy hhaha off to bed. Come Sunday it was down to the new concrete bowl/ sk8 park open day , time to chill watch some dope sk8'in ,well good to watch this bowl get'i n seshed hard by some coo as old skool rippers & legends Eddie Spearing , Jason Parks, Dean Hunt & that Brazilian dude who kills it man , soo fast ! Micheal could'nt help himself an had to have a roll on his little sisters bike & open a few boys eyes to how to hit it up on a BMX ! , he's got some cool lines in that pit fa sure !! Big up's to Jason Parks (hopefuly Jason will be help'in with the Wanaka Sk8 park extentionz to) , Wakatipu sk8 club, QLDC & all the extra help'in hands for gett'in the bowl & park built !!

Was super cool to catch up with everyone at the Gorge & sk8 park over the weekend, summers here so get dirty man !!! My 3rd kid is due in less than 15 days ,AARRRHHH ........ i just hope i can get a few more rolls at d Gorge before it comes !!! Then well my life is over......... hahhhaah what ever !! Ride on 4 eva man !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lima rippin it up - Austin, TX

sick little vid of UK ripper Lima flow'in round some trails in Austin Texas , yeeehhaaaa !

Arron - Bones bowl

bones bowl >>

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on a lighter side FUZILLA !


yes it's raining & we should be diggin but the kids are in bed, poor Fu he helps us with our boredom !! hahahhahha

Gorge Trails ! Queenstown NZ Dec 6th open day ! YEEPEEEE !

oh yes look at all the philphee phat dirty trannys everywhere !! Hit dis image for steriod vision !

OH YEAH ! Saturday 6th December , $10 to ride ( fundraisin for more dirt man , so be cool) 3pm onwards if ya wana get dirty & ya shralp on , bring ya wallet & helmet !! The Gorge is lookin super fresh man even TJ Lavin is pumped along with the rest of us dirty tranny lov'in bikers, an there will be stuntin on trick bikes no doubt , choice, bring ya moms she'll be fizzin on it hahaha !!! And as long as the weather holds , it'll be a RAD as day tuning into all the new lines & man look at all the transfers ( Mr Dirtfarmer already has some big transfers going on) that will be possible if ya got some balls or ya boost on can't wait !! See ya there !!! PRIZES , TUNES, BBQ, GIRLS in bikinis & boys in lycra ?? Dig trails & lycra on hot girls yeowwww !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Help Mikey Jam 13th Dec Wanaka Sk8 & jump prk !

Yep Mikey's a dad to ! Come on ,come shredabit an help him out !

Don't forget that Mike Aitken still needs our help with his ever escalating medical bills since his nasty slam @ POSH , Penn. State USA, check here for the latest on how Mikey's get'in on wth his recovery. So if ya down & respect what our man Mikey has done for BMX , an want to help him out to get that little bit closer to gettin back on his ride !!! Be @ Wanaka Sk8 park (NZ) 13th December 1pm ish , for a roll on d concrete , then i guess if were all feel'in it we'll head up for a sesh @ lismore jump park , after a good dam clean up tho !! An remember to bring ya wallet, helmet & positive vibes , see ya there !! All funds raised will be sent to the 50/50 BMX Help Mike Aitken fund . If anyones got any ???? hit me @ trubmx@yahoo.co.nz

Monday, December 1, 2008

Shredathon vid & 100% BMX future !!

the over view of the 1st annual Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon , good vibes all day !!

plan , white area is what's here now & the maroon/blue areas are what where raising $$$ for !

Tim Hales ruling it !! no handed foot jam

Tim Hales & his dope side hack !!

Alright peeps there's been alot of people around the globe commenting on the Demon- Tim Hales Shredathon vid , yep there were more than 3 boys at the comp , but you don't see that in the vid footage from the shredthon at all really , the footage is good & so is the editing but the essence of the day was not captured as such, so i'll be loading up a vid to Vimeo shortly & on this blog !! I really hate politics even when you try to avoid 'em , well it still happens !

The Demon name on the vid happened cause the producer of the vid made a private deal with them an got paid , the president of Wanaka Sk8 Club, Eddie Spearing ( top bloke man ) made a good point "What did demon do for the event/park" well the answer is this , they were at the shedathon handing out drinks , which were much loved by the kids , they supported the event along with all the other sponsers with product/prizes. Demon are not being singled out at all , but they were the only non BMX/corp sponsor tho , an this whole mess is bit of a communication break down by all involved , learning curve fa sure ! The vid mos definatly helps to expose the event (globally) which is cool , but i'm not into big corp-pirate sponsers they might have $$$$ but it's not about $$$ for me & yes we are raising $$ for the park , confused yet i am , leave a comment, it's always good to hear what everyone has to say, you don't have to use your name if you don't want to! (it's about fun on bikes) , I am the organizer/ dude running The Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon & maybe some of the $$$ Demon paid out for the vid needs to be put back into the community ie Wanaka Sk8 Prk extensions fund mmm yes maybe as that would be the right thang to do, time will tell !

So with all this going on i'm gonna make it really clear that for the future Tim Hales Wanaka Shredathon's there will be NO big bizz/corpirate sponsors EVER !!! This event will remain 100% BMX only !! We BMX's are the industry BMX is owned by BMX'ers these days !! 100 % Rider owned brands , company's , mags as sponsor's an maybe a few small local operations/businesses from the local Wanaka community, gotta hang on to it an keep it underground , an not sell out man !!!! gota keep it real man !!! Ride on !! An remember it's about raising awareness & remembering the late great Tim Hales , R.I.P. brother ! PEACE !