Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh yeah! The new dvd from those bad ass trail filled P.A. WOODS is out, you need to buy it & help the boys in Catty save their trails as there so under threat & they just kick ass big time , buy'in the dvd will help them raise funds for a fence & insurance which they so need to keep the Catty trails alive! So treat ya goodself to a copy, you'll be able to get it thru the boys @ Backbone BMX shortly (it should be in stock any day now) so just keep checkin it! I think there shut for abit over the new years batteration season, but only for a short time ! So get ampted , watch the Hawk & Robbo killin it at Catty, POSH & Digits backyard! DIG TRAILS!

chase robbo from woods on Vimeo.

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