Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Help Mikey Jam 13th Dec Wanaka Sk8 & jump prk !

Yep Mikey's a dad to ! Come on ,come shredabit an help him out !

Don't forget that Mike Aitken still needs our help with his ever escalating medical bills since his nasty slam @ POSH , Penn. State USA, check here for the latest on how Mikey's get'in on wth his recovery. So if ya down & respect what our man Mikey has done for BMX , an want to help him out to get that little bit closer to gettin back on his ride !!! Be @ Wanaka Sk8 park (NZ) 13th December 1pm ish , for a roll on d concrete , then i guess if were all feel'in it we'll head up for a sesh @ lismore jump park , after a good dam clean up tho !! An remember to bring ya wallet, helmet & positive vibes , see ya there !! All funds raised will be sent to the 50/50 BMX Help Mike Aitken fund . If anyones got any ???? hit me @ trubmx@yahoo.co.nz

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