Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lights in the woods !

lightsinthewoods trailer >>

OK one more traily vid , it's winter in d UK right now & well cold , wet , boy's diggin, this is what some of them got up to over summer , dvd out soon. DIG ! Yes I'm a tripper hhaha what ever, thats real original aye haha there are some even wierder wierdos than me out there that don't have balls or names hahaha get a life , most of us have them aye man ! Yes that was abit random but there are some freaks out there leaving dumb ass comments on this blog ! Stop wastin ya time man , cause if they are wack i don't publish them EVER, They know who they are ! go ride a donkey or ya buddys ass or even better goggle your name hahaah to many peeps out for fame & fortune , that's just wack ! Have a sweet new years & dig trails

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