Monday, January 30, 2012

lakes, volcano's & trails...roasty toasty.

Diggity float'in some...u kno where!


alrighty then i'm sooooo out of touch ha!...or am I? The REDBULL "ROAST IT" is going down on the 18th Feb @ The Gorge, Qtwn, check out the teaser HERE OR THERE! Most of ya in the loop kno what up & no doubt everyone who's into TRAILS will be dragging their dirty ass minds down to the Mainland ie The Dirty South Island over the next week or so to to check the REDBULL "ROAST IT" & the "FARM JAM 2012".....yup 'tis the season to be slaying dirty trannys daily....i can't wait to get back to Gorge float'in, i'll c you evil satanic trails slaying locals real soon, it's gona be good to get home, I miss my flattie, my hands on the hose, my BMX & my loyal digging trails loving buddies!

Dig 'em & roast 'em!

Since I haven't been riding & do'in the recovery thang over the past 6 weeks I went for bit of a walk with a dam good friend from South Lake Tahoe, Mariah. We hit the "Tongariro Northern Circuit". The peeps @ DOC office said it would take 3-4 days, we nailed it in 2 1/2 days, camping for free the KIWI way & a birth right! (500 meters from a trail or out of site, you don't need to pay a cent unless you use a hut, research it if ya keen). Check out all the pics below there from day 2 of the mission. Enjoy.

We hung in Taupo for 2 days, then got to it, 1st day from Whakapapa Village to Soda springs, low cloud all day & rain that night. Day 2 was a blue bird & stinking hot we legged it from Soda springs to Waihohonu River/Hut it was like walking across Mars so barren & massive lava flows dwarfed us. Day 3 Waihohonu to Whakapapa Village in shitty cold wet weather, soaked legs & boots full of water, goretex is water proof but only if water is not running down ya legs into ya boots. Then we hitched 2 sweet rides back to Taupo to chill for a few days & get some swimming in the Waikato River in, so many rope swings! A dam choice mission to end being grounded to an end.

If you havn't done either "The Tongariro Alpine Crossing" or "The Tongariro Northern Circuit"...get out there man & DO IT! It's one of New Zealands Great Walks, in New Zealands oldest National Park ''Tongariro National Park" an it has dual World Heritage Listings. Thanks go out to Mariah your awesome with out you i couldn't have done it!! JJ & Mary for there place in Taupo, big ups to ya!


this pic does no justice at all, this section is steep n sooo dry n loose. Peeps were slip'in n slide'in all over the place an they had light weight packs. Mariah was loaded with 12kg & i was pack'in at least 2o+kgs so traction was shitty as. So sketchy in fact that if someone took off & took you out with them, it would not be pretty man. Either side of the trail was a dam nasty drop. Stand aside an let 'em thru.

big ups to Dean Hunt & Amber for the roof in Wellies, thanks heaps guys!

Lake Wanaka & Hawea....way way down below.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Siligna n PMP are clayfests!

Mikey wing'in his way to Qtown, see you soon you dam 'lil beast! Look'in 4ward to tuning back into the Gorge with you buddy, drive safe! Yeeeeeoooww!

In try'in to catch up with what's go'in on in the NZ trails scene i stumbled upon these & poached 'em from dirty rotten facewastebook today, hope you don't mind Caleb, arrrh i'm a pirate aarrrhhh......Big ups, keep up the good work digger! All that clay just turns me on!

life in dirt.

Siligna Woods boss Caleb after tweak'in tabo's like Foster?............the truth is out there HA! Dig on boys!

Monday, January 9, 2012


bermfishy, as big Chris aka Stretch calls it, sick photo bro mmmmm i'm missing roostin n roast'in thru this, my fav line at the Gorge...BERMS..soon i will fly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooow! Dig on you rad as loyal Gorge diggers

ahhh the healing Wanaka sunshine

cheeky wee Big'E

go girl power 'lil D

arrh me loyal pirate son Marlz, horns up for Satan arrrhhh

so my email account has been hacked, it took me a day but i have managed to save it thank for your help, phew!!! So if anyone out there on earth has received a dodgy email writen in bad nigerian english today wanting 3000 euro & sumthang about Spain? Don't be a sucker tell 'em their DREAM'N, ignore it, delete it, or even better forward it back to me. Sorry 'bout this everyone, it's not my doin at all & not what i need right now at all arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh me minds in termoil enough arrrhhhh hackers what r they upto? try'in to get rich at other peoples expense, not cool at all. In maybe 3-4 weeks i'll be roast'in & float'in thru the Gorge again with my good trails loving mates an i'll have some clarity again. I hav'nt forgotten about you dam amazing passionate diggers n roasters @ The Gorge, much love n respect goes out to you all Satan aka Nath G, Diggity aka Lowell, Camrad aka Cam, Big Chris, Young blood Hayden, Martin @ Bike Smart, LB, Henry D & Ely of course, i'll be in QT this week sometime.

I've been on the super DL since my bars snapped in two, it's been 4 weeks today since i went down & i'm still not a 100% more like 80%'ish. It's been rad hang'in with my massive much loving family in the North Island, my bro josh in CHCH hang in their bro, don't get stuck in a ditch dude & many many thanks go out to Rich'n'Tiff'n'Frankie in Wanaka thank you so much for help'in me out with try'n to see my 3 beautiful kiddies that i've only seen once in the past month, Much love to you all.