Monday, January 9, 2012


bermfishy, as big Chris aka Stretch calls it, sick photo bro mmmmm i'm missing roostin n roast'in thru this, my fav line at the Gorge...BERMS..soon i will fly yeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooow! Dig on you rad as loyal Gorge diggers

ahhh the healing Wanaka sunshine

cheeky wee Big'E

go girl power 'lil D

arrh me loyal pirate son Marlz, horns up for Satan arrrhhh

so my email account has been hacked, it took me a day but i have managed to save it thank for your help, phew!!! So if anyone out there on earth has received a dodgy email writen in bad nigerian english today wanting 3000 euro & sumthang about Spain? Don't be a sucker tell 'em their DREAM'N, ignore it, delete it, or even better forward it back to me. Sorry 'bout this everyone, it's not my doin at all & not what i need right now at all arrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh me minds in termoil enough arrrhhhh hackers what r they upto? try'in to get rich at other peoples expense, not cool at all. In maybe 3-4 weeks i'll be roast'in & float'in thru the Gorge again with my good trails loving mates an i'll have some clarity again. I hav'nt forgotten about you dam amazing passionate diggers n roasters @ The Gorge, much love n respect goes out to you all Satan aka Nath G, Diggity aka Lowell, Camrad aka Cam, Big Chris, Young blood Hayden, Martin @ Bike Smart, LB, Henry D & Ely of course, i'll be in QT this week sometime.

I've been on the super DL since my bars snapped in two, it's been 4 weeks today since i went down & i'm still not a 100% more like 80%'ish. It's been rad hang'in with my massive much loving family in the North Island, my bro josh in CHCH hang in their bro, don't get stuck in a ditch dude & many many thanks go out to Rich'n'Tiff'n'Frankie in Wanaka thank you so much for help'in me out with try'n to see my 3 beautiful kiddies that i've only seen once in the past month, Much love to you all.

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