Monday, August 31, 2009

beury patch..PA

stumbled upon this torturing myself today on the trails hunt, yup another nice set a trails made of that sweet clay found in the woods of PA....look out for the heathens man......ya gotta love the blue groove!

roastalicious Catty raaaaadness

just had a yarn to Caleb on facecrack, he's in his element man, he also just posted up some fresh shots of Catty & god dam it looks like he's having a rad time in those sweet PA woods, if ya wana see more bad ass shot's of Catty get to siligna woods NOW!! An if ya ass lucky as Caleb to be in PA, get to Catty Woods this sunday for the fundraising jam to help save them dialed woods!!

Wanaka BMX Inc. & willow st. trails

dam we've been gett'in some rain wanaka & that dam spring wind is back, so geek'in abit & dig'in out some nice trail footy of the dam intrudernet, could we all live without it? hahahah Cheers for the direction Randy, Willow St. looks fun man, ya gotta sweet spot....even a Texan local is roast'in 'em up.

right o then a small update with progress of the almost newly formed Wanaka BMX Inc. i'm form'in as a voice for the local BMX scene here in wanaka & also to push for land to build public trails (lismore is a mountain bike freestyle park & does not cater for BMX'ers at all! Even tho the majority of peeps riding it are BMX'ers WTF!), Kahu Youth's Kim & Rich are on the the committee so psyched to have them on board as this is all about the kids man & us big kids, along with few local riders & because ya gotta be over 18 to on the committee i've been talk'in & signing up a load off local kids parents to the committee also.......they all 100% support this move, which is rad for our scene which is tight & small...but constantly growing....

an all you local rippers it's only gona cost ya $5 to join the club ( rules & that's a lifetime membership to man)...more updates as i get thru all the paper work! So "don't hang out with me kids i'm gett'in a bad rep in wanaka" hahaha right o Dan (443 boss) your full of know what capital S ends with a T as for the rest of his ignorant mates (they know who they are vultures & cowboys) it's small town so i'd watch what ya say fellaz! as it all gets to my ears! So we'll do our thing & you can do your thang, an i guess until we get what were after we'll just have to ride Lismore & make it work nice once ya walk away you did the whole of the past year!'s so terrible

Terrible One is about to drop the bad ass cyclops stem in a month, i know i'm get'in one, it's dam terribly sexy, sooo traily, clean, no dam bulky clap/bolt set up to smash ya knee's into, just a well thought out dialed as clamp set up, so keep ya cyclops mono eye on T-1......... if ya wana be as terrible as Joe Rich........ i'd also be keep'in an eye on Backbone cos they stock T-1's terrible goodness!

do the rebelyell.......more more more

fuck yeah!!! the bad ass truth telling upsetting new rebelyell site is nearly up! Be sure to check it out, this mag kicks all the competitors ass's! WORD! Rebelyell rocks man

tim tam slam jam

There's a rad jam go'in down in Tim Hales's memory over the ditch boy's ... it's almost been a year since Tim saddly passed away & has been shred'in it up topside with the big guy, so if ya head'in over Melb's...get on down to d Tim Tam Slam Jam & help celebrate Tim's life............remember Tim R.I.P's it up 4 eva..........yyeeewwwwwww! Don't for the 2nd Annual "Tim Hales Wanaka Shredaton" is go'in down 20th Feb 2010......dope sponsers, goodtimes, i'll have a flyer out in a month or ride ya dam kids bike HARD & FAST!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

texan roast up!......yeehhaaa cowboys!

Here's a whole lota dam good roast'in from josh gordon, chad treanor, tommy cardiff, smeagel, mark, austin, noodles, kenny, mikey, and a few others @ eastside, 9th st & d wilcrest bowl, for more texan roast'in check dis out!

bicycle motocross @ wingham...braaaauppp!

nice bit footy from well it's ob v...wingham... & fade away fast ain't bad, the only thing bad is all the dam rain right now, i should be digg'in, i'm not tho? Why?.........hang'in with my family is pretty dam full a goodtime too, enjoy the wingham roast'in!

lil' trails vid.

it's piss'in down, i should be digg'in but i'm heres a nice lil trail vid, enjoy

Friday, August 28, 2009

blue bench

dope trails, goodtimes.....get dig'in & roast! Who cares if ya seen it watch over & will get ya home, got love a full chrome devil machine...... an god dam when the hell is Anthem 2 out......... sooo wait'in for it! mmmm new DIG's out, easy digg'in in wanaka cos of so much RAIN & sooo much more to come!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

roast'in kiwi @ catty

Siligna woods trail boss Caleb has been roast'in the big stuff @ catty man, god dam i'm down with the sore wrist & ankle club from roast'in catty all day, just gota get there first year maybe......check out more radness from catty@ siligna woods or pa woods, get out there an roast it up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanaka BMX Inc. begins! An about time!

boring paper work but it's gotta be done if ya wana be all legit!

It's time to form a BMX club which will be a voice for BMX'ers up here in wanaka as the LWCI (which is a cycling club, which should be called a MTB club) just don't give a shit really, i just phoned up the president of LWCI & he was to busy to talk about us BMX'ers, it's to late then, are they blind? there's loads a kids switch'in from MTB to BMX up here daily, they don't see it cos they don't buy from the local wanaka bike shop's as they only carry crap completes with no technology in them at all & could be used as small boat anchors! So the local kids go online an shop with mum's credit card, get the good shit, fit the new shit & if they can't, i do it for them for free & show 'em how to keep there rides dailed. So we need a legit PC voice, not what this blog has to say! Next thing the lame homo MTB riders in wanaka will say i'm a pedophile cos i hang wit kids hahaha (there not all homo's here on mtb's only some & they know who the are) I've talked to the QLDC & Queenstown MTB club's pres an my mind is made up, we need a BMX club to get what we want! An we all know what we need..........

(for uneducated MTB trick huckers/riders to read -Trails are not single tracks - in the bmx sense of the word trails are sweet jumps that flow nice, berms, rollers, bombholes, transfers & hips yes those difficult to judge awkward angles hahah etc etc that you to can ride if ya get on a BMX or if ya remove some springs, i'd like to see that haha)

The latest crap to come out 443's dumb ass bosses mouth Dan is this " if you want to build BMX jumps, do it somewhere else" yep Dan is talk'in out his ass alright (i don't like this guy either so this must be a personal attack, nope he's 15 years behind man) about Losemore which he has flattened & shut down to rebuild which is fine of cause as it sure needed some major rebuilding & drainage put in, props to him maybe? But it is a public jump park which is albout the kids & should be catering for all types of bike riders aye? So if the LWCI will not cater for us BMX'ers or listen to the local kids about what they'd like to see built we will just have to go for some of the funding the LWCI goes for & get us a public piece a land thru the QLDC to build some public trails & maybe a BMX race track (it's a Olympic sport now! think big picture summer training will bring $ into the small wanaka economy), even let the kids have there say that's what it's about man the youth of today are the future! Queenstown has ie the gorge rd trails! Which we all know caters for the kids, big kids & even bigger kids plus MTB & BMX! UNITY!

all the words below are just boring local political biker shit that i put up with in this retarded tiny hick kiwi town yes i was not born here & neither were most of the people that live here, imports like me, so what's local then? 2, 5, 7 or 10 years liv'in here in wanaka hahaha, thought i'd post up anyway, kinda needs to be said!

The LWCI's draft strategic plan for 2007 & beyond that Jewels (443) gave to me back 07 when we were all kinda friends while we were all originally planning losemore (then all that sticky forest shit went down, we all lost loads of hard work & i broke my pelvis @ do'in dumb shit at d skank park) did not include a word on BMX but i noticed they were to try an contact some roady dude to include road cycling, bmx is apart of cycling isn't it (check pics below, yes a took pics of all pages of that strategic plan draft) So i wrote a very nice piece to complement this strategic plan on BMX, i gave this also to the president of LWCI, lamely it was never included in the final here goes the wanaka bmx inc, 1st it was trubmx totaly un pc & now wanaka bmx inc which will be totally PC & legit, it'll be known as the wanaka BMX club & we'll still help fund raise for the skank park for sure...but we need crete & dirt to roast, yes i'm still building my private trails but i don't wont every dumb ass riding 'em,plus it'll not be kids stuff & the land owner does not want loads of people on his land riding them unless i'm at my trails, for legal reasons a disclaimer will need to be signed to ride 'em also. Only a small local crew will be welcome an they know they must dig if they wana ride 'em woods!

page uno below
page dos above

page 4 possibly,if ya read above 4.0 strat & imp sum, ya'll see what i'm dribbling on about. No mention of BMX, i'll post the rest of the pages up if it's needed there's only 5 all up, keep in mind this was a draft 2 years ago, i'd hate to see the final amended version......not a mention of BMX in it i bet! nuff said.....i'm go'in dig'in

trail perspectives..prt 5

Matt in the woods somewhere? is he in the gnar?

1. NAME AND AGE? matt gasper 21

2.BIKE ? standard 125r



get'in those boots muddy pays off all you slakcers out there!



11.WHAT IS YOU FAVORITE TIME OF THE DAY TO RIDE? before 11am after 4pm

cheng shen

tabo by Matt

just start riding flatland down town, u'll get more girls

cheap clean green transport.

right o Matt, nice, but ya missed a few ? out bro......short & brief, not like my long winded dribble i post up aye, by the way check this wee vid out & this one & this one, enjoy ya bike & dig trails.....those there trails are SCREAM"IN OUT! Dig or Die!


Underground is out bitches, it's a good mix of street, park, trails & everything else BMX, it's rad to see a bang'in NZ BMX vid made right. Ya can thank flow visuals for the goodness & all the boys shredding which make it worth watching, all kiwi home grown kick ass rip'in, watch the trailer, get psyched & to buy a copy... NOW!! Contact Volucid man only $20....cheaper than a new part for ya already dialed ride or flowers for the misses?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

dirt bike co

yup i know i'm sooo outta touch, who cares that's what happens when ya hang in woods digg'in aye, dirt bike co is kiwi owned & run, they just dropped a sweet frame a while ago, it's a trails frame & the specs look sweet, who cares about weight, only paranoid girls do man?....just ride, leave ya scales at home ya trend whores .....$500 if ya want one i hear, nice price, not sure were they are made tho? Click over here for dirt bike co pics & dribble................dig trails, new stony line pics shortly maybe or has stony been flattened aaarrrhhhhh....................? Fuck no, i've been here since tuesday & a shit load a dirt has been moved around! If ya wanna roast 'em ya got help dig.... or bring beer?

Monday, August 17, 2009

lazy weekend ride & stoke'in the fire

funtimes @ wanaka sk8 park

step off @ losemore


t-bog @ losemore, where's that beef?

i meet very nice french girl on the weekend, she even had a camera, her name is Stephanie B & she is from France, were the have loads of dialed trails, an losemore (lismore) jump park is not to dialed at all... i get in there an do maintenance, like lip'in shit so ya don't land flat, an spend endless hours picking stones that turn into rocks out of trannys/landings/berms etc etc, keep'in shit wet over summer & a sweeping like a beast, i guess if ya roll it ya make what ya roll work nice & get the local kids in on it & motivate them to help out & learn some trails etiquette.

The local mountain bike club's president said it's " all about the kids" so listen to the kids man, neither the builders (443 crew) or the LWCI get in there, the work bee's ie maintenance days never happen, unless it's to put a drain in, that should have been put in when the place was 1st built, i'm sure ya can still buy drainage pipe aye, ya know dig a ditch, add some fall = drainage, what kind of club builds a public jump park & does not look after it, the local kids who ride the place don't even get to have any input with new lines. I thought it was all about the kids man (i quote LWCI's president again) maybe he speaks some strange gibberish language i'm yet to decipher, so get in there kids & keep it running nice, no one else does, slackers. I'll get some hate mail for this, bring it on & i bet it'll all be anonymous. If only losemore was not built by mountian bikers with little experience.

What's needed is a combined effort of both BMX's & mountain bikers that know what their do'in ie building jumps etc etc, maybe then this place would kick ass, i has so much potential....but don't hold ya breath, i just can't see it happening, i hear a jams go'in down on d 24th October at losemore, a new line is to be built in the next 2 months sometime, let's hope it's not a repeat of weirdly spaced out lines built outta some graded up road waste like whats already there, i'm still pull'in out chunks of road & stones/rocks, i'm serious man, they could at least screen the dirt, build it right! There's just too many lame excuses as to why lismore ain't on the same level with the gorge rd trails, there public & yes it has lines for all, big or small & cost half the price of losemore (hence d nick name) the big prob is LWCI (local MTB club) don't out source builders & keep it local, get with it man & get some dope builders in or nuthing will ever change! Just like the Sticky forest more bad management, Call the LWCI (03) 443-2558 to have your say about losemore, locals especially, maybe the LWCI pres might even pick up & listen, goodluck! Oh yeah by the way crank those tunes, you don't need a permit for music either, if there's more than 200 people/event/jam @ lismore only then do you need a permit for some tunes to roll to, call Lakes Environmental an check it out, nuff a my banter, go ride & dig.....look after what ya got!

Gorge road trails, it's totaly public, legit, dialed & built by Phatlines , they know their shit, i rest my case!

this vids a little old but still a sweet watch....bring on summer!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

chunky bj's any one?

i just can't help myself i'm a internet whore & chunky bj's is soooo sweet! An so r nice hot girls oohhhh arrhhhh! Am i allowed to do this? who really knows, just don't think about it to much, beautiful trails & girls go together maybe?Go dig & roast some trails!.......ya perverts.......ya might try to get a life while ya at sure to use ya imagination & ride on!

ok more trails, then i'm gone!

do'in time in here was a laugh, 90 prisoners, unocked gates..... smoko anyone?

how is was treated, dam Russian guards, yup that's my stupid ass praying

it's pay back time, rambro jim's gona kick some comrades ass's

yup it's still winter, it's warm'in up tho, snow is now slush, being an extra on a Japanese film bout' a Siberian Russian run POW camp is how ya fund summer roadies, springs in d the air & i'm off to stony hills for 5 days, yup for a lil 'ol dig fest wit Henza, so here's me last post till i get back from dem hills, a little trails footy from aversion. Ya dig?

wingham woods

this is a sweet dialed set a trails in UK woods somewhere? why would you not want to dig & roast trails? ride & dig on man............were the fuck is summer, bring it back & for more dope trail goodness derelict has ya coverd! Go roast some dirt............

Saturday, August 15, 2009

slip'n'pool gap?

this has nothing to do with BMX what so eva apart for the size of the gap, yeah right good luck huck'in a gap this size on a kids bike aye hahaha straight up death defying shit! Just like trails man alot of thought went into this stunt! Enjoy....if ya ain't already seen this maddness!

Friday, August 14, 2009

one terrible matador

Yeah Ruben hahaha so Joe's the bull? This is to funny & dam sweet at the same time, ya gota love T-1 freaky fridays & that nice big ol hip in Malaga, dig & ride on suckers!

Joe Rich's words: This was something fun I had an idea for when I went to Spain to film the Fox Andalucia series. This idea came to me one night while lying in bed. I thought it would be a cool way for people to see Ruben's hip for the first time. I thought that the matador was fitting due to the fact we were in Spain. Then, I heard this song by Beruit and it fit together perfectly in my mind. But due to music rights issues, I never got clearance, therefore the idea couldn't be used for the Fox vid. For those of you that have seen the riding in the 3rd part of Andalucia, this contains a few clips from that, plus one pretty funny ending one. These clips never get old to me. We laughed for awhile with this one. Hope you dig it

bloodpit.... helmet cam

if ya to scared to ride the mornington bowl or ya just ain't seen the bloodpit, heres a choice little vid that Clinton Smith filmed & edited.....just for you pussy's out there to get a vert loving riders view of the gnar! Nice work Smithy, even tho the song put me to sleep hahahhaa! Ride on

Friday, August 7, 2009

inspiration......grab a shovel & dig!

don't ya just wanna be roast'in this......... catty woods, pocket, rider ?..............dig trails, ride fast & roast! Good luck with all the drama's @ catty fellaz, save those woods god dam it! Look out for d rentman rentmaaaaaaan talk'in bout d rentman.

shotgun! BOOM!!

stumbled upon this little gem being a geek on the net, shotgun trails (UK) , it's worth a watch if ya into trails, springs in the air man, nearly time to get some local trails running for summer..... roll on more roast'in stony daze at the hills..... ya dig? If ya don't help dig @ ya local trails your a loser man, were you gona roast this summer eh? No dig no ride bitches!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

tour d villj wit robbo & frog

this is sweet, uk raddness from enter the treehouse bit a villj roast'in & some strret kill'in!

Monday, August 3, 2009

trail perspectives...prt 4

prt 4 is NZ local as, Caleb Davison has some passion & dedication man, lone wolf in his woods, build'in sweet trails, seems that no matter were ya live on earth, it's the same shit, peeps wanna ride trails but not help build'em! Except for a few who understand! The 1st time i seen this trail roaster roast'in it up was a year ago or so in the back of 20/20, a clicked turndown with lush ferns all around him, i got excited as to see more dope trails in NZ, Siligna woods just proves if ya love to roast trails & ya on ya own, well it can be done, keep up the good work bro! RESPECT! Dam your in PA right now arn't ya Caleb? roast'in posh ya lucky boy! Have fun man!

hell yeah bush tabo, where's ya swandry at?

1. NAME AND AGE? Caleb Davison 20

2.BIKE ? fit hawk 21.25, many of different parts

3.LOCAL SPOT-PARK? whangamata skate park
-TRAILS? siligna woods trails


5.YOUR LOCAL SCENE IN GOOD SHAPE-PARK? WHAT ABOUT TRAILS?.....WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE ARE RELUCTANT TO DIG, HOW COULD THE SCENE BE TIGHTER WHILE KEEPING SUM LEVEL OF EXCLUSIVENESS? there isn't really a scene anymore in whanga its just me. I think most people would rather just go ride a park than spend there spare time in the woods digging. I mean if you wana build good trails you have to be prepared to do a shit load more digging than riding, unless you have a large crew.

Caleb turn'in those bars, whanga park

6.IF YOU COULD GO TO ANY SPOT IN THE WORLD TO RIDE & HELP DIG,WHERE WOULD IT BE-PARK? TRAILS? WHY? catty, posh and villij. I should be at catty or posh digging and riding by this time next week. Yipy

7.IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY FEATURE YOU WANTED AT YOUR LOCAL PARK/TRAILS ,WHAT WOULD IT BE? Probably like a 6ft tall, tight 270 berm. I think that would be super rad.

8.HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET YOUR SHOES MUDDY DIGGING? not often, i get a little bit of dirt on my shoes but the clay at siligna just doesn't stick to the bottom of your shoes like most dirt/clay dos.

clay tomb stones, termites or roastin heaven?

9.DO YOU OWN YOUR OWN SHOVEL/SPADE? Yea got like 4 shovals a spade a rake, broms, weel barow and watering cans.

10.WE ALL KNOW THERE IS HANDFUL OF WRITTEN/UNWRITTEN RULES OF ETIQUETTE SURROUNDING TRAILS PARTICULARLY,PROBABLY BECAUSE OF THE AMOUNT OF WORK THAT GOES INTO THEM COMPARED TO CONCRETE......DO YOU BELIEVE THIS ETIQUETTE IS A GOOD THING? ie "NO DIG NO RIDE" OR THE IDEA OF "BREAK IT FIX IT" POLICY'S THAT ALLOT OF TRAILS HAVE IN PLACE........DOSE IT ENHANCE OR HINDER?? I think these rules are a must. But also i think that most people that are going to ride someone else's spot have their own or have had their own spot and no what it takes to build and maintain trails and are willing to help out with digging.


12.TYRES ON YOUR BIKE.....ALL ROUNDERS OR SPECIFIC?? dirt monster on the front, animal glh on the back. I will probably get a maxxis max dady for the front soon tho

siligna roast'in, it's a kickout fools not a bloody whip!


14.IF DUNEDIN GETS A NEW SK8 PARK,WHAT CHANGES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE COMPERED TO THE OLD PARK?? (if ya ain't seen the existing park hit this) some big tranies, there always fun

I guess more jams. there always fun and bring people together.

I KNOW YOU LOVE RIDING TRAILS AND HAVE DONE ALOT OF DIGGING IN THE PAST, WHAT IS YOUR RECOMMENDATION FOR RIDERS WANTING TO GET IN ON THERE LOCAL TRAILS, BUILDING AND RIDING....,CAN YOU LIST 3 THINGS THAT YOU FEEL ARE IMPORTANT? Just rock up to the trails and ask if you can help. Help dig every time your there and remember trails ain't there for you to ride, there there because others have built them for themselves to ride. peace.

look at that clay mmmm! get digging out there! It can be done solo, look at what Caleb's done for himself! Big ups! Dig & ride on!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

603 trails

it's a couple months old but still fresh, 603 is look'in dailed fa sure, enjoy & springs com' dig!