Thursday, July 31, 2008

DMR DIRT JAM - Wanaka 27 September 08

Filmed @ Wisley Trails- DMR king of Dirt, UK there all mostly on 24" & theres some nice style in the vid , see if a can spot it ha ha !!! All the trix look soo much better on those real little 20" bikes tho !! you can even laugh if ya want ha ha !!!! It's all ways fun pay'in shit out, if ya dish it out ya gota take it tho, bring it on !!! hey i ride a little kids bike & it's fun as fuck !! One day i might grow up ...... Nope i don't think so !!
There's gona be bit of a dirty trick fest hap'nin 27th September (accordin to SPOKE) in Wanaka at the Jump park.( that's if the jumps don't slide away & fall apart as there's cracks all over the place , bit of a rush job with machines , straight up!!) DMR ( NZ's distributor anyway) has there name all over it & no table is bigger than 20ft so expect to see loads of kids on all sorts of bikes throwin themselves all over the place , hug'in a few tree's while they're at it , oh & some funny lookin trix goin down ha ha if were very lucky we might see some nice style to ,i wish i had style !! some one help me ha ha ha so come on down to wanaka an have a extreme time !!! OOOHHHH !! the E word !!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Queenstown Bowl Update 1

Under cover operation at the new QT (Sk8) Park.
I got flowed this photo a week ago or so of how the new peanut bowl is looking , kinda like Walthem ? in christchurch but deeper & a bit tighter , either way it's gona be nice ta play in on a 20" . I'll see if one of those 20" boys in QT can send me a current shot of it as concrete has either been poured or ain't far off being poured !!! go ride sumthang man !! As soon as it's open i'll let ya all kno !! Reefton & Wanaka bowls still kick ass tho !! Hopefuly QT's new bowl will also kick ass !!

Monday, July 28, 2008

S.H. Trails - clay heaven & escaping death !!

The lucky last wheel stud kept the Grim Repper away ,we live 2 dig another day !!

Phat fun lines & this is only a small view of what's here to roll !! S.H.

Go d Hobbo fire , home sweet home fa d S.H. diggin crew !!!

After arriving on the east coast an nearly dying cos of 4 wheel studs shearing off an nearly losing a rear wheel which left my van fucked & imobilized ( big ups ta H for helpin on that drama), an luckly i was going slow when it happened & we escaped death ha ha ( the dirt god was with us!!) a whole lot of diggin got done !!

The coast was in pridictable form with constant drizzly weather the whole time down there ,the edge of a bloody cyclone that slammed the north Island hard!! So no riding trails just diggin , coffee, food & verbal dribble ( mostly from me ha ha ) which is always a good thing ta get ya charging behind a wheelbarrow & shovel !!! Investing in summer trail filled days is what it's all about , diggin at ya mates trails with ya mates over winter , that's what trails is all about & keeping ya hard work secret is another hard thing unless ya got a good crew that understands what trails are all about !!! Come summer an S.H. is gona be a fun , fast , tech , good time on ya bike no matter how ya roll !!!

Only 3 locals showed up ( 1 the owner of the trails) ta help with the diggin & that waz a real let down as all the uther boys (5 of us) that dug over the past 4 day's were from Timaru , Geraldine , Wanaka & Queenstown , jus a few 100 km's away aye !!! there are alot of boy's that roll 20'' 24'' 26'' at S.H. an they all live 20 mins by car from d trails where were they, it wasn't to wet ta not dig fellaz !! Dig trails & make ya scene grow !!! SO BIG UP'S TO ALL THE DIGGERS WHO SHOWED UP !! RESPECT !! alot got done , playin with clay is a fun sticky boggy time !!! Go slap a lip HARD. Oh yeah an thanks to H.D , N.G. & Elvis for the treats & a roof !!

Check out the bizniz side of thangs !!! theres a few nice photo's ta check out ( i like the top main shot ,epic backdrop)!!! have fun how ever ya roll !!! but remember ta just keep it all PHAT & PHILPHY EH !!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

computers are gay !!! but not the Blood Pit !!

i'm sure the blood pit will be in a state all full of glass , Pete's a good sweeper !!

Pete Cooper rollin the Pit (Mornington Bowl, Dunedin NZ)

yeah i had issues wit me dam computer there fix'd & all is sweet now !!! Were headin ta Dunedin ta dig , ride trails & hit a few choice spots like the Blood Pit , the streets & a few curved wall rides i saw last time i waz in Dudz ( that's if the weather lets us ha !!) will hopefuly get some nice footage & Photo's ta post next week some time !! just not sure whos' in on the mish Nath , Ben & Me so far still waitin ta hear from Lowell , Kelly & John hola bac fellaz so i can pick ya up !!!!

There's been loads of rain & our drainage at the new trails is sweet as !! not one puddle anywhere !!! diggins slow at the mo & i could be able ta post a few snaps of the new trail spot in a week or two !! but the location will remain unkown for obvious reasons aye !! go ride & dig ya own trails !!!! have a sweet weekend punks !!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mike Aitken - Electronical vid !!!

oh an the quality ain't the best but Aitken's part rules !!!! TOOO ha ha , this i also found at youtube , there's some naughty boy's out there ha ha ha what eva !! just watch it !! an all the rest when this vids over, be sure ta check out ( scroll right ) Aitken's 50/50 part as well , the net is good & bad , go out an buy Electronical , it's worth it ( if ya got the spare $$) as ya realy geting 3 dvd's , i'm in no way say'in it's cool ta load shit on the net , but hey ya could call it Marketing if ya want !!! you be the judge !!! if it's on the web it'll get watched.

Chase Hawk - Electronical vid !!!

if ya ain't seen Odyssey's new vid " ELECTRONICAL" here's Chase's section , hey i found it at youtube , so i had ta post it !!! Hella good i must say !!!

Long Is. Trails - July 4th 2008

mmm trails oh yeah Bruce rocks ha ha !! There's always loads of fun in the woods on july 4th , i'm sure there's a reason ??? Do ya realy need an excuse ta ride fun trails ?? ahhh NO !!! Enjoy the vid !!! Start diggin ya own trails , Where eva ya be get on it !!! An it's good ta know that the trail scene in the south Island (NZ) is still slowy growin secretly , Scott ( north otago, i kno where ) has some trails in his yard , good shit digger i look forward ta helpin ya dig & ride a little aye !!! keep up the good work !!!! I here there's gona be a jam soon !!! there's a big new hip also , i'll see if Scott has some photo's of his trails ??................................................................. i'm not sure what the deal is with the jam but i'd guess invite only as trail heads like keeping trails on d down low , savy ????? Trails 4 Life , screw NIKE , just dig it !!!!

ahh the mountains ..... rainy days & sunshine.

bring on the rain !!!

1/4's rule with back drops like these , Ezra floatin abit , photo ?

There's been alot of weather like d greyness uptop & it's all good fa diggin d earth , an diggin in the rain is even better so with a well good sesh behind d shovel's & wheelbarrow's over the past few weeks the trails are takin shape nicely , so with in a week or so hopeful we'll start rollin the line , an yer fellaz if you are keen to help dig abit Saturdays ( you've got me digits , so hola at me ) are best for everyone. Night diggin is about ta kick off during the week ,light's shovels & action !!!

It's always sweet when the sun comes out an dry's up d concrete , well it don't melt the permafrost in d bowls at all , but it makes the 1/4's & mini all sweet ta roll & do skids & tricks on ha ha ha !!! A big welcome to wanaka !! all you outa town hobo'in BMX' az !!!!! If ya see any asswipes smashing glass at the park hold ya ground an tell 'em ta " fuck right off " , as the boy's that clean it up get sicka sweepin up the glass !!! Bad Karma to them !!! That's the problem with no lights at the park ya get idiots doin stupid shit an they ain't seen do'in it , WANAKA SKATE PARK needs lights not only so ya can ride at night but ta mostly stop dorks shitting & smashing glass all over it !! Yep shit i've cleaned up human shit twice , WTF !! why don't they go shit on the grass like the mungrels they are !!!! ha ha !!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

BMX Masters 08 - dirty tricks & dirty boys oohh !!!

under d bridge for a ...... a few highlights & a few tricks fa ya ta go oohhh & aaahhhh !!! Auzzie Jake Toohey (is he Scott ? ) managed ta skab a ride to em & placed 4th , d roo's got game !!! check d middle step up step down jump thing , i bet that wasn't hand made ha ha !!! there's even a bit of Taj rollin thru em !! Sorry the music is very gay indeed !! ha ha but the tricks arn't aye !!

we love d sunshine !!! NW Justin Inman - Solame

Justin Inman - Solame from Lotek on Vimeo.

what brakes , who said ya need brakes at all ?? Gavin or Norman ha ha , not lame at all it's Lotek , fashion & trends what eva it's personal fools !!! bit of NW trails for ya'll hillbilly diggaz out there !!! ride it, throw it , pile it , wet it & smash it aahh DIRT !!!! just dig it man !!! WTF !!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saltash trails ! look real fun man !!!

Cheers Sam , ya got love facebook aye folks !!!!! Sam sent me this from youtube an man saltash trails look real fun , with lines hip'n & loopin all over the place !! cliff rides oh yeah !! i think there in d UK some where ??? do ya dig ???

lil ol vid for ya'll inna NZ steez !!!! CHOICE !!

What's Marley up too !! oh bmx man ha ha !! Turn this shit up !!! it's bangin !!!

When it's rainin & the kids are in bed, it's always a good time ta muck around & work out how ta ya use vid gear . It's a bit of footage i had in d PC that i filmed in Wanaka ,QT & Timaru while i was all broken ( pelvis snapage ouch) , aahhh ya can't miss Greg lipsyncin funny as fuk ha ha !!

Some of d fun times of last sumer & winter with Sion , Greg , Pete ( an Lowell who's hangin in QT still) well fellaz i hope ya travels have been sweet as , Greg i'll be on the rewind when he see's this shit ha ha i'm still hav'in a laugh ha ha !!!! see ya'll back in NZ ! 2010 should be a sweet year as wanaka sk8 park shall hopefuly have been made heaps bigger !! I'll get around ta editing those uther 6 tapes soon ha ha it's just so time consuming !!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

QT SKATE PARK - Bowl update

Lowell O'Boostssowell sendin it @ the old QT park (R.I.P) offa 4ft 1/4 !!!! Hell yeah !! Photo Jess d Rattie

Word up pool lovers !! The time for concrete to be poured at the new Bowl ( which is at the new sk8 park) can't be far off as the pit is all under cover now !!! Everyone seems to be havin loads a fun at the new sk8 park as 100's of lil kids are all over it , sendin themselves that's right all over it ha ha , but it's gona get way better once the bowl is all done as there ain't realy any tranys at the new park ( it's a street plaza park, don't chip those edges wit ya pegs ?) except for a 2 ft one ha ha jus a bit small fa blastin tho, as soon as the concrete is poured & the bowl is open i'll let ya all kno !!! Cheers Lowell O'Boostssowell !!! Word up


were's it's at 9-5 mon-fri & 10-4 sat !!! go check it out !!!!

get ya ride SHOOSH'd up fools , i love pointin ta this when idiots lose it at ya ha ha !!! just shoosh !!!

yo all !! just had a chat with Sarge (owner / legend) @ SHOOSH CYCLES an he tells me that he's got it covered if ya need any goodies fa ya 20" (24" 26" or what eva ya roll) !!! Sunday , S&M (blk mrkt) & Odyssey is what he can get ya at the mo but i'm sure he'll get what ever you want , just ask !! So get in there an show ya support for the best new little big bike shop in Dudz !!!! he might even let you watch PA WOODS "save the woods" if your lucky , don't be afraid of Sarge be VERY AFRAID ha ha !!!! nah Sarge be a real sweet as sound dude man !!! Respect (shit he helped save my life , sandfly bay surfin dramas a few years back heavy shit !!) Mention ya know SIRIS & he won't give ya discount ha ha !!!! Nope Sarge is try'in ta make a good ol livin out of the dream of havin his own shop , he'll hook ya up & help out as best he can , ask Sarge about UNITMAN ha ha shit i still hav'nt seen the film !!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

REBELYELL BMX MAG !!! Cover shot

Rick Hayward - Melbourne brocolli power !! Photo Chris Polack
I had ta post it again for a few peeps as this shot so rad much radder than you ha ha !!!! So go get ya greasy mitts a copy of the new end of summer 08 issue of REBELYELL now !!!! have it in stock NOW !!! only $10 plus postage to were eva ya dwell & smell NOW!!! mmmm there's soo many more amazing photo's by Chris Polack , Raine Turnball , Nick Gascoine , Seaton Spratt an more of BMX trickery inside ! Big ups to Chris Polack (editor/photographer) , he's workin hard on the next issue right NOW ! OH YEAH !!

WANAKA PARK - use ya eye's & have a safe roll !!

This time last year , Greg, Pete , Lowell , Mo & Sion full moon sesh on's

Yep with winter comes loads of peeps wantin ta sesh up d local concrete slabs & bowls an why not as it all rules !!! Just watch out for the ice in the bowls as it's brutal !!! It's real bizy at the mo so if ya wana tip from me get ta d park before the ski fields shut (4pm daily) as after 4:30pm it get's real packed an that's when ya gota either leave or switch ta big city mode & get ya mean street eyes on , to just ta get a clean roll at anything , well frustrating if ya wana roll the whole park !!! Most peeps are tired from snow boarding & ski'n all day by the time they turn up at the park they be half baked & asleep ha ha an just don't use their red tired eyes, just plain STUPID !!!

no matter how ya roll & have fun !!! PLEASE EVERYBODY USE YOUR EYES !!!!
or somebody is gona get hurt real bad soon!!!! It's just common sense realy , come on fools !!!

I unfortnatly skooled 3 euro's the hard way as i held my lines ( when ya 10ft above the park what else can ya do) , no one realy got hurt just a bit a blood , bruising & crushed egos ha ha . It's gotta be heavy when from above steel & flesh is flyin at ya aye !! If ya got eye's it pays to use them !!!! I even put my brakes back on just ta feel a bit safer with all the out of towners around ( oh & for the new trails were dig'in !!!) ha ha is english so hard to learn ??? PEACE.
Enjoy the rest of winter cos the snow is gona go , as quick as it falls it melts back to the sea !!!!

KP - fun line @ San Angelo Prk

Kp San angelo line from Flybikes on Vimeo.

real short & sweet , if ya like the look of KP's lines , just think about Wanaka Prk & how off the hook it's gonna be soon with all the new bowls etc etc ..... cheers 2 Guiri @ for all the goodies past & present .... hope ya savin $$$ & make it back 2 NZ soon buddy !!! BONKS

Ruben Alcantara (grounded)

yeah i kno we've all seen this , but hey i hav'nt watched it for a while an it still is one of the best sections in a vid ever !!! Hell Yeah , Ruben sticks it ta d walls & the rest of what ever he rides , i hope ya back is all good these days ( back injury's suck big time ) !!!! Good luck with the new trails in d north west (Spain) , Guiri tells me the view from ya land is beautiful , what more can want surf & trails !!!! enjoy d dirt boy's

20" & sk8 larking ??

a good ol mash up !!! destroy & ride ???

WHOA!! Frank Lukas flatin it up !!!

i love stubling upon amazing vids on youtube like this one !!! so get out there & try do'in flatland on a 26" ha ha i don't think so , flat is so full a mad skills , RESPECT !! as this shit takes years ta get dialed , unlike throwin yaself off phatdirtylips eh ha ha !! Mad Dedication !! So if ya just can't appreciate flatland , just go hang ya bike up an don't you ever ride again !!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blue Bench Trails !!! mmmm trails 4 fun !!!

jus had a good day diggin an putin some the big wooden structure's in place that'll be acting as backs for the dirt 1/4's/ wallrides an pocket jump set up's, a few more days diggin an we'll have a few lines ta roll, it's gona be good ta roll the woods for the first time ha ha always a good laugh hit'in shit blind ha ha !!!! check out this sweet trails vid i found , California dreaming , nice fun trails !!! enjoy & dig trails daily!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

WANAKA JUMP PARK - is ready ta roll !!!

ya might even find a girl around that might let ya jump her , what do you think !! in a puffer maybe ha ha ha

Well that is as soon as it stops raining & snowing ha ha ( i want it to keep raining !!) an gets a chance to dry out & pack abit more, the local kids will be up ta Lismore Park an i bet ya they'll start throwing themselves in all sorts of directions mostly up skyward ha ha ha !!!! Yep Wanaka jump park is finished !!!! Well that's according to what the word on d street & d local paper anyway, but don't believe everything ya hear or read , right ?

Well as soon as it's dry enough it'll be a roll or 2 on that big line ( i didn't see any 30 footers tho?? maybe half that, don't believe d hype ha ha !!) it wont take much tho as it's well packed & hard an the big line seems to work alright !!!!! just abit of wind will do it, as for the rest of the place/jumps it'll be soft & slow for a wee while yet, so i'd say keep off those wet, soft lines an if see any puddles don't ride thru 'em !!! Skids are way more fun ha ha !!

Cheers to the QLDC for the land & the L.W.C.I. for perservering an get'in legal permission to build the jump park , as we all know what happens when ya don't get legal permission to build bicycle tracks on Maori land etc etc....... so after a big reality check for everyone who rides or digs around wanaka !!!! some good always comes outta some bad, like the new jump park, supply on demand !! Oh yeah & thanks to the 123 crew for buildin the place !!!! i hope it all works out nicley for ya !!!! i hope the fall is good & the drainage is sweet ???? we'll find out with all this rain,who's up for some mud sliding !!!! so go get dirty.

So check out the next issue of SPOKE magazine, the word is there's gonna be a some pic's some of those trick's they do on dirt jumps & an a few words ha ha ha i think i missed the trick's , eitherway pilgrims it's thank's ta all the diggers out there , keep on diggin , where ever you are !!!! it's snowing on my window right now !!! (4:30 pm Kiwi time)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Del Sur- FLY BIKES vid

Flybikes Del sur from Flybikes on Vimeo.

nice wee vid edited by Tom Arkus ( ) .Filmed durin the US winta daze in Austin,TX by the Fly Bikes fellaz KP, Dylan, Luke, Stefan & Kevin while they were all havin some fun on their 20's !!! Ride ya bike, plant tree's & destroy ya CAR !!! NOW !!!

if ya wana bigger screen hit d " HD off " & follow it or just hit this

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Bowls & mini set up dis day & 1 a d twins ripping it up (rest of park outa shot 2 d right)

Here's Eddie, roostin it @ Newton's playground 08, hittin The Dipper @ 65kph & there's 3 peeps outta shot in his wake !!! DH Sk8'in !!! RESPECT !!

Well this is how it is with the wanaka sk8 park extentions, had a chat with Eddie Spearing (president/ wanaka sk8 club) down at the park today , an it turns out that the size of the planned new extentions are gona make the park almost 3000 square meters in total area (Reefton is 2100square meters , i think ?) so that's real good news an will mean during winter it'll spread out the load as it gets soo packed with all the sno bunnies around . The size of what's there right now is just on 850 square meters , so if ya do d math wanaka sk8 park will be 3 times the size of what's all ready there !!!! Hell YEAH

So all that's needed now is loads of $$$ to build it all , so expect to see a few dates soon about bmx & sk8 Jams & comps soon etc etc !!! There's lot's of fundraising to do indeed !! The planed completion for all this is buy 2010 (hopefuly), but ya never know what could happen between now & then aye , as there's plenty of wealth in wanaka & the fact that the wanaka park is the district park for the QLDC region means loads more council funds are to be allocated (maybe) !! I hav'nt heard exactly how much $$ is needed, the plans they have are a bit old an need updating so once the new plans are all drwn up maybe then the cost will be known!!! There's definatly gona be more bigger bowls that will add on to the existing two (6.4 ft & 4ft) via the mini oh yeah , 10ft will be the max depth the bowls will go due to hight & building restrictions (QLDC's rules i guess), so as soon as new plans re drawn up i'll put them on here for ya all ta dribble over.

there's a meeting next week so i'll let ya all kno what up after it & i'll post a link ta d Wanaka sk8 park site when i find out what it is, until then go ride ya bike & stop being such computer geeks like me ha ha ha !!! PEACE