Wednesday, July 9, 2008

QT SKATE PARK - Bowl update

Lowell O'Boostssowell sendin it @ the old QT park (R.I.P) offa 4ft 1/4 !!!! Hell yeah !! Photo Jess d Rattie

Word up pool lovers !! The time for concrete to be poured at the new Bowl ( which is at the new sk8 park) can't be far off as the pit is all under cover now !!! Everyone seems to be havin loads a fun at the new sk8 park as 100's of lil kids are all over it , sendin themselves that's right all over it ha ha , but it's gona get way better once the bowl is all done as there ain't realy any tranys at the new park ( it's a street plaza park, don't chip those edges wit ya pegs ?) except for a 2 ft one ha ha jus a bit small fa blastin tho, as soon as the concrete is poured & the bowl is open i'll let ya all kno !!! Cheers Lowell O'Boostssowell !!! Word up

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