Thursday, July 3, 2008

WANAKA JUMP PARK - is ready ta roll !!!

ya might even find a girl around that might let ya jump her , what do you think !! in a puffer maybe ha ha ha

Well that is as soon as it stops raining & snowing ha ha ( i want it to keep raining !!) an gets a chance to dry out & pack abit more, the local kids will be up ta Lismore Park an i bet ya they'll start throwing themselves in all sorts of directions mostly up skyward ha ha ha !!!! Yep Wanaka jump park is finished !!!! Well that's according to what the word on d street & d local paper anyway, but don't believe everything ya hear or read , right ?

Well as soon as it's dry enough it'll be a roll or 2 on that big line ( i didn't see any 30 footers tho?? maybe half that, don't believe d hype ha ha !!) it wont take much tho as it's well packed & hard an the big line seems to work alright !!!!! just abit of wind will do it, as for the rest of the place/jumps it'll be soft & slow for a wee while yet, so i'd say keep off those wet, soft lines an if see any puddles don't ride thru 'em !!! Skids are way more fun ha ha !!

Cheers to the QLDC for the land & the L.W.C.I. for perservering an get'in legal permission to build the jump park , as we all know what happens when ya don't get legal permission to build bicycle tracks on Maori land etc etc....... so after a big reality check for everyone who rides or digs around wanaka !!!! some good always comes outta some bad, like the new jump park, supply on demand !! Oh yeah & thanks to the 123 crew for buildin the place !!!! i hope it all works out nicley for ya !!!! i hope the fall is good & the drainage is sweet ???? we'll find out with all this rain,who's up for some mud sliding !!!! so go get dirty.

So check out the next issue of SPOKE magazine, the word is there's gonna be a some pic's some of those trick's they do on dirt jumps & an a few words ha ha ha i think i missed the trick's , eitherway pilgrims it's thank's ta all the diggers out there , keep on diggin , where ever you are !!!! it's snowing on my window right now !!! (4:30 pm Kiwi time)

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