Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mike Aitken - Electronical vid !!!

oh an the quality ain't the best but Aitken's part rules !!!! TOOO ha ha , this i also found at youtube , there's some naughty boy's out there ha ha ha what eva !! just watch it !! an all the rest when this vids over, be sure ta check out ( scroll right ) Aitken's 50/50 part as well , the net is good & bad , go out an buy Electronical , it's worth it ( if ya got the spare $$) as ya realy geting 3 dvd's , i'm in no way say'in it's cool ta load shit on the net , but hey ya could call it Marketing if ya want !!! you be the judge !!! if it's on the web it'll get watched.

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