Monday, July 28, 2008

S.H. Trails - clay heaven & escaping death !!

The lucky last wheel stud kept the Grim Repper away ,we live 2 dig another day !!

Phat fun lines & this is only a small view of what's here to roll !! S.H.

Go d Hobbo fire , home sweet home fa d S.H. diggin crew !!!

After arriving on the east coast an nearly dying cos of 4 wheel studs shearing off an nearly losing a rear wheel which left my van fucked & imobilized ( big ups ta H for helpin on that drama), an luckly i was going slow when it happened & we escaped death ha ha ( the dirt god was with us!!) a whole lot of diggin got done !!

The coast was in pridictable form with constant drizzly weather the whole time down there ,the edge of a bloody cyclone that slammed the north Island hard!! So no riding trails just diggin , coffee, food & verbal dribble ( mostly from me ha ha ) which is always a good thing ta get ya charging behind a wheelbarrow & shovel !!! Investing in summer trail filled days is what it's all about , diggin at ya mates trails with ya mates over winter , that's what trails is all about & keeping ya hard work secret is another hard thing unless ya got a good crew that understands what trails are all about !!! Come summer an S.H. is gona be a fun , fast , tech , good time on ya bike no matter how ya roll !!!

Only 3 locals showed up ( 1 the owner of the trails) ta help with the diggin & that waz a real let down as all the uther boys (5 of us) that dug over the past 4 day's were from Timaru , Geraldine , Wanaka & Queenstown , jus a few 100 km's away aye !!! there are alot of boy's that roll 20'' 24'' 26'' at S.H. an they all live 20 mins by car from d trails where were they, it wasn't to wet ta not dig fellaz !! Dig trails & make ya scene grow !!! SO BIG UP'S TO ALL THE DIGGERS WHO SHOWED UP !! RESPECT !! alot got done , playin with clay is a fun sticky boggy time !!! Go slap a lip HARD. Oh yeah an thanks to H.D , N.G. & Elvis for the treats & a roof !!

Check out the bizniz side of thangs !!! theres a few nice photo's ta check out ( i like the top main shot ,epic backdrop)!!! have fun how ever ya roll !!! but remember ta just keep it all PHAT & PHILPHY EH !!

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