Wednesday, July 9, 2008


were's it's at 9-5 mon-fri & 10-4 sat !!! go check it out !!!!

get ya ride SHOOSH'd up fools , i love pointin ta this when idiots lose it at ya ha ha !!! just shoosh !!!

yo all !! just had a chat with Sarge (owner / legend) @ SHOOSH CYCLES an he tells me that he's got it covered if ya need any goodies fa ya 20" (24" 26" or what eva ya roll) !!! Sunday , S&M (blk mrkt) & Odyssey is what he can get ya at the mo but i'm sure he'll get what ever you want , just ask !! So get in there an show ya support for the best new little big bike shop in Dudz !!!! he might even let you watch PA WOODS "save the woods" if your lucky , don't be afraid of Sarge be VERY AFRAID ha ha !!!! nah Sarge be a real sweet as sound dude man !!! Respect (shit he helped save my life , sandfly bay surfin dramas a few years back heavy shit !!) Mention ya know SIRIS & he won't give ya discount ha ha !!!! Nope Sarge is try'in ta make a good ol livin out of the dream of havin his own shop , he'll hook ya up & help out as best he can , ask Sarge about UNITMAN ha ha shit i still hav'nt seen the film !!!!!

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