Thursday, July 31, 2008

DMR DIRT JAM - Wanaka 27 September 08

Filmed @ Wisley Trails- DMR king of Dirt, UK there all mostly on 24" & theres some nice style in the vid , see if a can spot it ha ha !!! All the trix look soo much better on those real little 20" bikes tho !! you can even laugh if ya want ha ha !!!! It's all ways fun pay'in shit out, if ya dish it out ya gota take it tho, bring it on !!! hey i ride a little kids bike & it's fun as fuck !! One day i might grow up ...... Nope i don't think so !!
There's gona be bit of a dirty trick fest hap'nin 27th September (accordin to SPOKE) in Wanaka at the Jump park.( that's if the jumps don't slide away & fall apart as there's cracks all over the place , bit of a rush job with machines , straight up!!) DMR ( NZ's distributor anyway) has there name all over it & no table is bigger than 20ft so expect to see loads of kids on all sorts of bikes throwin themselves all over the place , hug'in a few tree's while they're at it , oh & some funny lookin trix goin down ha ha if were very lucky we might see some nice style to ,i wish i had style !! some one help me ha ha ha so come on down to wanaka an have a extreme time !!! OOOHHHH !! the E word !!!

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