Thursday, July 10, 2008

lil ol vid for ya'll inna NZ steez !!!! CHOICE !!

What's Marley up too !! oh bmx man ha ha !! Turn this shit up !!! it's bangin !!!

When it's rainin & the kids are in bed, it's always a good time ta muck around & work out how ta ya use vid gear . It's a bit of footage i had in d PC that i filmed in Wanaka ,QT & Timaru while i was all broken ( pelvis snapage ouch) , aahhh ya can't miss Greg lipsyncin funny as fuk ha ha !!

Some of d fun times of last sumer & winter with Sion , Greg , Pete ( an Lowell who's hangin in QT still) well fellaz i hope ya travels have been sweet as , Greg i'll be on the rewind when he see's this shit ha ha i'm still hav'in a laugh ha ha !!!! see ya'll back in NZ ! 2010 should be a sweet year as wanaka sk8 park shall hopefuly have been made heaps bigger !! I'll get around ta editing those uther 6 tapes soon ha ha it's just so time consuming !!!

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