Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sion enjoy'in his native Woods of Wales, what its all about after a winters worth a diggin, roast'in in spring but sadly Keesh trails are gone R.I.P. & Sion's now on his way back to Wanaka NZ to get his dig on. See you Welsh ratties soon!

a few pic's got sent my way this week, cheers guys! An the new LISMORE WORK NIGHT's start this friday 2nd July & every other friday thru winter, ride till dark then we crank the lights an get it done since everyone wants to go play in the snow on the weekends. So come help out it's not a school night kids. Bring tools if you can & dress warm right!

Jems with yet another sweet edit of Deluxe rider Pom pom chill'in @ la source, awesome vid! An check this out bowl to be a trail if you havn't already.

plenty a strawberrys at these Swiss trails, Claudio's digs are looking fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010

mid winter fin fun

Ollie's loving it & I'm loving Ollie's turndowns..sooo bad ass!

here's a few average pic's of the fin berm jump thang i finished off on saturday night along with a much needed drain, cos i've got no life other than dig'n & laugh'n @ drunks as they stagger thru the trails at night hahha it's amazing, like pack a zombie's navigate'n thru the woods & how stuff doesn't get trashed by them all i don't kno? No drunk girls tho a dam sausage fest. The fin will end up vert very soon, mellows good for everyone to get used to it some then it'll get corrupted. Cheers to the QT boys for coming over, fun sesh it's the middle a winter, ya gotta be psyched on that! MOTO's rolling this weekend! Braaaaaaauup! Lights in the woods this Wednesday night 30th June 7pm till late, so come help finish off the last lip/landing & return berm on MOTO if your a REAL lismore up!

it's dam cold here right now!

Claudio's fine swiss work was in the post today, so easy to put on your Deluxe & there ain't no shortage of spare parts! Thanks heaps digger, happy dig'n & watch that wine haha!

An a BIG GET WELL goes out to Pete'er! Heal ya can get back to this! SAFE!



i stumbled upon this as ya do...fuck yeah girls & bikes it's worth a nosey while PC chill'in

what it time to switch for springs, gears & more rings? ahhh NO

here's some H-cam footy, RH is a fun spot, it's been a long time since i rode there (2005 i think) it's sure looking dialed these days since it's now a legit spot

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

deluxe tech 2 stealth'ness

well my sexy new rad as stealth Deluxe XL tech 2 frame & XXL bars turn't up yesterday, so of course i built her up & i think i'm one of the 1st to do this on earth maybe......mmmm mmmmmm this is the last BMX frame i'll ever buy, straight up! This rig is soooo dialed & sooo ready to slay lines at trails any where on earth, so many many big thanks to Mark Noble @ deluxe for helping me out, i love your work dude! Big thanks also to Mike Daly @ Kickass bmx for getting this black beast to me! Now all i need is for more fine weather to dry out lismore, finish dialing in the last 2 on MOTO so i can really have a hi speed deluxe experience or get on a plane to Europe for there trail slaying day i will hahha! An those new fly bikes brake pads work soo good or is it just because of the fly lever, fly cable & fly brakes......100% fly braking! Don't forget your deluxe chain tensioners if you get on a deluxe.....100% 4130, made for trails, in dirt we trust!

new dialed as head tube on all new tech II Deluxe frames is sooooo good!

100% dialed for trails...dig it, stack it up, roast it & life it....trails 4 life!

for Claudio, my new rides just as sexy as wait my new rides way more sexy'er than
her, come on man haha!

A little trip to Devon and Cornwall with some team dudes, featuring Ashley charles, Jimmy Rushmore, Ross Head, Kye and Leo Forte, Russel Ward and more. Check Bicycle Union out!

sweet little self filmed session @ Brazilian Criminal Trailssss

some fun spots in this cali vid!

it's dam cold down here in Wanaka, coldest night last towns filling up with loads snow loving freaks...bring back summer mang!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

weekend digs & that

the morning post was full a dirt today, thanks for that Mark, psyched as! Such an amazingly awesome RAD as dvd, good tunes, sweet vibes, goodtimes....100% trails lifestyle! If you love 2 dig & love trails then you need a copy, Jem's did a sweet job filming local diggers roasting it at their own trails, the jamm'in at the trails intro is musicly that's how a trails vid should be! Get a copy HERE

The new Deluxe shipment is in at Kickass check it!.... see that sweet matte black Tech 2 frame & XXL chrome bars i got one of each in the post, should be here in a couple a days! Big ups to Mark Noble @ Deluxe & Mike Daly @ Kickass, thanks guys! I can't wait to build her up......stealth as! Get your swiss made chain tensioners for deluxe frames here!!! Claudio will send/post them any where on earth, they even come with chocolate i here, nice one. More semi naked girls soon, in the mean time check the vid & digs!

Footage from our trails in North Texas. Can't Tell You where.
Riders: Travis Kincaid, Joseph Carroll, Kevin Gentry, Dale Daniel, Murphy Chapman, Brandon Villarreal, Nick Winsett, Hunter Bilbrey, Joe Ladd. Song by: the Black Angels.
Edit by: Travis Kincaid

7th landing on MOTO is stepped up now/steeper to & the 8th is now a mellow left hip with a new lip to be dialed in, a longer stepper landing with a berm to be built after it to send ya back up the hill to stop those dam braking ruts that rattle ya brains.

we extended the end & beginning of the 1st berm some on MOTO & deepend it to help it from geting so trashed from us all braking into it, no brakes needed hopefuly. See that tree on the inside of the berm i scraped my head on it b4 we changed it, scary shit, i hope it works haha

new fin berm jump thang thru the middle, inspired by the gorge rd fin cos it soooo rules!

a few pic's from what got tweaked & stacked up over the weekend in Lismore, the sun is shining for the rest of the week & the lights will be out during the nights this week (tues, wed & fri if ya kken to help out) to dial it all in to roast on the weekend....maybe as the weather is BOSS right now!

my boy Marley is now 5 years old & off to school next week.

an here's a couple a crappy pic's Pete took of Marley's dad roll'in thru MOTO

yes that lip is messy cos were widening it some in progress

tea shack, B.W.T. & digs

boys chilll'in in the woods having some goodtimes, check out the berms at this spot, so fun.....the english summer is lookin's all drizzle here right now lots a diggin going on oh yeah!

There was good turn out a locals (us old men) at saturdays Lismore work day, a car load a QT boys came an helped dig some, Dan had the loader all weekend so the last 2 landings on MOTO got stacked up, 2nd berm got more dialed, a new berm fin lip thing got built into the mainline & a dam sweet late arvo sesh went down, it's the middle a winter an were still riding trails fuck yeah! Not many young bloods helped out only Hunter, Ollie, Callum & Mark you guys rule, props to ya, such good etiquette unlike the rest of those slacker youngbloods! Sundays drizzle came down all day an more dirt was stacked in the right places........all we need now is some fine weather to dry it all some, dial it in & roast! Cheers to everyone who helped out (you know who you are) another dam productive weekend digging trails yeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

you've gotta watch this....the title says it all, summertime goodtimes in Europe with some deluxe & soul help.....there's alot a trails over there, the scene looks dam healthy & sooo much a clay! I have gotta book a flight sooon....i need a night job that pays so i got one, so cheers Tim @ Trout Bar it's goona be mad hang'in in a kitchen again with ya bro hahhahaha I'll be think'in of my ticket the whole time.

24'' cruizers go good!

an here's a few hottie's for Claudio way over in Switzerland, i told you dude just for you!

Cluadio makes these sweet chain tensioners for your deluxe

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

trails randomness & tunes...

rad new vid from lights in the woods, just random hahha!

Searlie, Cam & a bunch a boys killing TJ's yard in vagas....dam there's some fun lines in his yard.....check Searlie's last foam box stunt rad!

oh yeahhhh... a little helmet cam footy in TJ's yard b4 they rebuilt the roll in, you'd have to be dam psyched having this out the back, goodtimes

an if ya got some time to waste check d riddum section ..... best tune ever The Specials ghost town nuff said, check d rest out eclectic manic'ness..get a MD plug in & record!

version inna dubstep stlyie!

Tarantino hotness with Salma Hayek's table dancing scorching lush curves! Dark night -the blasters rock n roll mang!

now the dubstep remix

classic Pink Floyd from "The Wall" if ya ain't seen the movie were have you been....some sweet Gerald Scafe animation in 1st track & titties in 2nd track "Young Lust"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

helmet cam.......

a little helmet cam footy with a digger from a much loved place he loves to dig at/roll! DIG TRAILS! GET INVOLVED!

hit the link........digs

why? It's sooooooooooooooo RAD man! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew into the woods of PA.....
The motherland of TRAILS!

don't piss Jimbro off, or out with your local scene ie lismore needs more of ya kno the drill!

Now this Saturday 8am is yet another work bee @ Lismore, the forecast looks good for digging & not so good for riding. So it would be dam good if more locals pulled finger & turn't up this week, Dan's getting the loader again so we can up size the last landing (8th) on MOTO, plus we need to build up the 7th landing ie finish what you started kids, dail in the 1st berm not to mention there's still a heap of packing that needs to be done ie sides of new stuff. An plenty a sweeping & cleaning up to it's not all hard work GET INVOLVED! Bring flatheads, rakes & shovels

we sooo need to build one of these @ Lismore soon, Jems roast'in a sweet pocket in France. Photo by Pom Pom

Marley's gonna be 5 on Sunday, that's my boy off to school buddy,1 down 2 to go haha!

Ewok blast'in a small Mt. in Roxbourgh the home of Jimmy's pies mm mmmmm

summer's only 4 months away....bring it back!

Mikey blasting his local bowl in Belgium

time to sweep the leaves up then?