Wednesday, June 23, 2010

deluxe tech 2 stealth'ness

well my sexy new rad as stealth Deluxe XL tech 2 frame & XXL bars turn't up yesterday, so of course i built her up & i think i'm one of the 1st to do this on earth maybe......mmmm mmmmmm this is the last BMX frame i'll ever buy, straight up! This rig is soooo dialed & sooo ready to slay lines at trails any where on earth, so many many big thanks to Mark Noble @ deluxe for helping me out, i love your work dude! Big thanks also to Mike Daly @ Kickass bmx for getting this black beast to me! Now all i need is for more fine weather to dry out lismore, finish dialing in the last 2 on MOTO so i can really have a hi speed deluxe experience or get on a plane to Europe for there trail slaying day i will hahha! An those new fly bikes brake pads work soo good or is it just because of the fly lever, fly cable & fly brakes......100% fly braking! Don't forget your deluxe chain tensioners if you get on a deluxe.....100% 4130, made for trails, in dirt we trust!

new dialed as head tube on all new tech II Deluxe frames is sooooo good!

100% dialed for trails...dig it, stack it up, roast it & life it....trails 4 life!

for Claudio, my new rides just as sexy as wait my new rides way more sexy'er than
her, come on man haha!

A little trip to Devon and Cornwall with some team dudes, featuring Ashley charles, Jimmy Rushmore, Ross Head, Kye and Leo Forte, Russel Ward and more. Check Bicycle Union out!

sweet little self filmed session @ Brazilian Criminal Trailssss

some fun spots in this cali vid!

it's dam cold down here in Wanaka, coldest night last towns filling up with loads snow loving freaks...bring back summer mang!


fungus said...

Nice looking ride james... Last frame you'll ever buy?? hmmmm!!

TRUBMX said...

cheers & it's the truth dude i'll not ride anything but a deluxe from now on! Trails bro 100% that's all i wanna ride & build!

Parks have to much traffic & i hate the politics or when sk8'ers drop in on ya, don't get me wrong there's some sk8'ers who rule it & have common sense, respect to them but then there's the sk8'ers who have a death wish death ie not using there eye's man hahaha trust me i hit a few here in wanaka an i've been way up in the air when they've dropped in & BOOM 100kg slams right into 'em. An they try an blame you/me WTF?

mike said...

lets get those trubmx stickers in the states

TRUBMX said...

oh yeah i'm keen on that Mike i'm just waiting on a bunch more to get made i'm sorting out some tee's also Mike, i'm a screen printer so will have them all sorted out sometime soon. Hit me with you postal address, send it to my e-mail.

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