Wednesday, June 16, 2010

trails randomness & tunes...

rad new vid from lights in the woods, just random hahha!

Searlie, Cam & a bunch a boys killing TJ's yard in vagas....dam there's some fun lines in his yard.....check Searlie's last foam box stunt rad!

oh yeahhhh... a little helmet cam footy in TJ's yard b4 they rebuilt the roll in, you'd have to be dam psyched having this out the back, goodtimes

an if ya got some time to waste check d riddum section ..... best tune ever The Specials ghost town nuff said, check d rest out eclectic manic'ness..get a MD plug in & record!

version inna dubstep stlyie!

Tarantino hotness with Salma Hayek's table dancing scorching lush curves! Dark night -the blasters rock n roll mang!

now the dubstep remix

classic Pink Floyd from "The Wall" if ya ain't seen the movie were have you been....some sweet Gerald Scafe animation in 1st track & titties in 2nd track "Young Lust"

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