Wednesday, June 9, 2010

an it feels good!

sweet little vid by Mike Gonzalez with a dam good vibe to it, it sure is nice flowing thru trails! Ya can't beat the feeling.

couple a sweet edits Robbo put up over the past month, the goodtimes must be cranking up north side with summer in full effect, cheers for the inspiration Robbo.

this is pretty sweet also...trails trails trails..concrete?

On the local wanaka front, the weather forecast for this weekend is looking grim yet again, most of the rain will come thru friday tho (maybe), with drizzle on Saturday. I think were sorting out some drainage (laying pipe) & building up the last landing on Moto (big line). I ain't seen Dan all week so not 100% sure if it's gonna happen this week or the next, weather always dictates right! I'll be at Lismore most of Saturday & Sunday capping & shaping up a lip or 2 either way so come help out if ya not to scared of a little rain!

holy shit this i stole this pic of Fungass dam rad oldskool mid 90's shit in Mosgiel haha Clinton doing what he does best over my lame ass...check out those Bully bars i'm running haha! Gonna have to a mossy boys reunion'll be a messy one haha!

Mikey sent me a few pic's of his new trails in Belgium, "no straight lines any where" sounds good to me, enjoy ya 1st summer roast'in em up ya little ripper! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

planing a trip? eastpak's sweet as bike bag...gotta get one & a sexy Asian babe to go with it haha!

oh yes we all like a little cheek!


mike said...

yo jimmy got your comments man i will send you and your friends some pins on monday. fuck that 9 degree bull shit its sounds like whiskey drinking time

TRUBMX said...

sweet as Mike, yeah whiskey sure warms the does diggin aye haha!

fungus said...

Fuck that chick would warm me up nice mmmm.... thats some sweet ayass!